Federation Marshals Service

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Federation Marshals Service
General Information
Agengy's Governing Body: *Starfleet
*Federation Department Of Justice
*Federation Council
Agency's Role: *Federal Law Enforcement
*Joint Starfleet and Civilian Agency
Agency Information
Agency Abbreviation: FMS
Agency Head Title: Federation Marshal
Parent Agencies: Federation of Planets Department of Justice
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The Federation Marshals Service is the one of the law enforcement service in the United Federation of Planets which has general jurisdiction over the entire Federation territories. Similar to marshal services from years past within Federation and Earth history, the Federation Marshals Service is responsible for apprehending wanted fugitives, transporting high-level prisoners, protecting endangered federal witnesses, anti-piracy and managing assets seized from those pirate and criminal groups. However the Federation Marshals responsbilities are also coupled with things that Starfleet and Starfleet Security are responsible for as well including general law enforcement. Because of this, many marshals also serve as security officers in Starfleet.

The Director of the Federation Marshals Service is also the Chief of Starfleet Security, and therefore the Federation Marshals Service is partially a department of Starfleet Command and Starfleet Security, and Federation Marshal's are always Starfleet officers. Terms in the Federation Marshals Service varies, however some have been known to serve until the end of their Starfleet careers.

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