Faltan III

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Faltan III
Grid G4, Beta Quadrant
Basic information
Star System:

Faltan system


Raeya Sector Block

Planetary Class:

Class M

  • Luna


Political Information



Faltan City

Faltan III, is home to the Falteans and where the Starfleet base 'Faltan Station' is located. Located at the far end of the Raeyan Transit Corridor and beginning of the Raeya Sector Block. Faltan is seen as a strategic location to gain access to vital areas. Governor Dreyem Taga is currently the governor of Faltan III. She is the head of government and exercises executive power through their mayor-council, similar to the role of a Prime Minister in other parliamentary democracies.


With the advent of the Raeyan Transit Corridor, Starfleet recognized a deficit in coverage of Task Force 93's newly expanded area of operations. While Deep Space 6 could service the task force's old area of operations and the western side of the Corridor, there was no comparable base along the eastern edge of the Corridor in the Raeyan Sector. Most of the bases in Raeyan Sector had been decommissioned, with the exception of Hawkeye Island, and the Raeya System where it resided was simply too far from the Corridor to service the region. Starbase 911 might have served this purpose from the Union system, but, lacking foresight, it had been destroyed a year earlier when the Federation believed they were pulling out of the Raeyan Sector. The Faltan system, which formerly housed an administrative facility to oversee mining operations on the sole moon of Faltan III, was thus activated as the new regional operations facility, additionally supporting the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Federation Diplomatic Corps and the Starfleet Marine Corps.

The Faltan system is in a strategically important region of space, three light-years from the eastern edge of the Raeyan Transit Corridor and ten light years from both the Romulan and Klingon borders.


Four hundred years ago, a technologically advanced humanoid species from the furthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant attempted to test a subspace folding technology. While the drive worked, it did so unpredictably and flung them over 100,000 light years across the galaxy into the Raeyan Sector. Unwilling to risk another attempt, the crew elected to wait for rescue, setting up a small outpost in a large desert valley on the third planet of an otherwise uninhabited system.

Faltan Colony Unfortunately, as the years went by, it became clear that there would be no rescue. They were on their own, forced to build a new society far from their home across the galaxy. Using advanced technologies from their vessel, the small outpost grew into a thriving metropolis, their original crew growing to over two hundred thousand across sixteen generations. In Federation common, this species became known as the Falteans, derived from the proto-Germanic word for "fold" based on their method of arrival in the region. In 2375, an independent mining company arrived in the system while surveying the sector. They found that the sole moon of Faltan III had highly concentrated deuterium deposits, and they wanted to set up a facility to refine the ore. However, the Falteans had already set up a facility on the moon to support the growth of their colony on the planet below. With technology appearing on par with that of the Federation, although very limited in scale, the decision was made to approach them directly to elicit mining rights. The Falteans shared a bit about their history and explained that they were focused on survival with little interest in the affairs of others. As such, they informed the mining company that they were free to set up shop so long as it didn't interfere with their own vitality.

Faltan Lunar Mining Facility Unfortunately, as the mining colony grew, it quickly became a nuisance to its gracious hosts. With a population of workers growing to over fifty thousand, the lunar mining colony became ridden with crime, and their profit-focused techniques were considered dirty and wasteful by the Falteans. This tension came to a head by 2380, and Starfleet was brought into the region to mediate. In the outcome of this negotiation, it was decided that Starfleet would set up a small base on Faltan III to ensure that the lunar mining operations confirmed with both Faltan and Federation standards. This base was located in a mountainous region roughly forty miles from the desert valley where the Faltan colony was located.

At first, this arrangement seemed to have restored the peace. The Falteans co-existed well with the Federation, sharing many of their idealism, and the mining operation cleaned up its act. However, with the withdrawal from the Raeyan Sector in early 2386, only a small administrative staff was left on the Faltan III base to maintain order. The mining colony continued to sprawl out for new digs, and they began reverting to some of their old ways, tension returning between the Falteans the Federation and the mining cooperative. Following the Treaty of Nelvana in late 2387, Faltan III became a subject of interest again as Task Force 93 needed a base that could service the eastern side of the Raeyan Transit Corridor and the southern portion of the Raeyan sector.



1. Urbanisation

The following locations are known to Starfleet Intelligence, in time more locations will be added towards the given list.

The table's caption
Continent Region City/Location Function
Xeilipios Vlubeafin Faltan City Capital City
Xeilipios Baukrivon Atuginia Farming/Food Production
Xeilipios Jeowrela Jaifnard Trade/Mining Production
Xeilipios Chayox Kolrhia Trade/Tourist
Xeilipios Chayox Faltan Station Starfleet Base
Xeilipios Daufias Vravale City Trade/Fish Production
Irun Qortran Ichorwatch Trading Hub/Pirate Haven
Slayica Swarect Mydalr Industry/Minne Production
Slayica Vekird Grimsdalr Farming/Food Production

Intelligence Report

The following information has been gathered by an intelligence unit that is deployed at Faltan III, the unit primary duty is to gather intelligence about the Falteans and report this to Faltan Station. More information is to be followed and updated while new information is gathered. This information is only available to Starfleet personnel with the right authorizations and clearances.

1. Red Guards

The Red Guards is a private mercenary company that is made up by former militia officers and enlist that served the Faltan Government. Their contracts are focused on Escort and Guard duties. They are deployed all over Faltan in various locations, most major cities, and some towns.

2. Sacred Bones

The Sacred Bones are a religious group that spreads their beliefs through fear tactics. With the spread of their believes they try to recruit new people into their cult. They use propaganda tactics and public executions to gain new followers.

3. Jades of the Suns

The Jades of the Suns are a decentralized criminal organization that used to operate in Vrayvale City. A covered operative has dismantled the faction by attacking the leaders of the organization. Rumors, however, go around that they are still active and trying to get a hold back again. They used to steal, beat and threaten the citizens for their protective money.


Warning the following people are a member of the infamous PMC group named Death Squad. These people are highly dangerous to due to their long list of crimes against the Federation. They are wanted Alive or Death. If you are in close range of the high profile target, please alert your Chief/Team Leader and await further orders. DO NOT ENGAGE ON YOUR OWN, this will result in certain death.

  • Victoria Saracenti - Codename: Fallen Angel
  • Natalija Vlahović - Codename: Phantom
  • Francisca Colombres - Codename: Doc
  • Rivka Käser - Codename: Skinner

Unaccounted for:

  • Phatchara Veerapol - Codename: Shadow