Falco Tauvits

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Personal Information

Name: Falco Robert Tauvits

Terran Age: 44

Date of Birth: 2338

Place of Birth: Blythe, Northumberland, England, Earth

Species: Human/Andorian

Rank: Civilian

Position: Mission Specialist

Marital Status: Divorced

Family Information

Father: Mark Tauvits (Deceased)

Mother: Jar Vali

Half-Sister: Lieutenant Lara Tauvits

Step-Mother: Emma Duvall

Ex-Wife: Gina Veers

Daughter: Claire Tauvits

Uncle: Lord Gregory Thorne, 26th Duke of Northumberland (Deceased)

Cousin: Lieutenant Michael Thorne

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 163 lbs.

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Appearance: With his blue skin, it is quite clear that Tauvits is not fully human. Despite his quite 'normal' dark eyes and black hair, his neatly trimmed beard is still the colour which, like his skin, his Andorian ancestry demands, which suggests that his hair is more the produce of a dye bottle than a natural shade. Regardless, his facial structure and everything else about him draws heavily from his Human side, and comparisons with old family portraits of the Thornes show that he bears not just a little resemblance to them in his human appearance. Tauvits has always exuded an air of mystery and yet authority, and it is not just his faintly exotic appearance which allows him to draw attention to himself if he wishes it.

Personal Interests

Music (Classical, Jazz, Rock); Literature (British, Andorian); Fencing (Foil, Broadsword, betleH); Earth History; Alien History; Drinking; Socialising; Rock-Climbing.

Starfleet Records

Decorations, Reprimands, Commendations and Achievements

Purple Heart (2366)

Battle of Wolf 359 Medal (2366)

Medal of Courage (2368)

Legion of Honour (2373).

Service Record

2360 – 2363: USS Voyeur; Cultural Sciences Officer (Ensign)

2363 – 2366: USS Churchill; Deputy Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant JG)

2366 – 2369: USS Trojan; Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant)

2369 – 2371: Starfleet Academy; Instructor (Lieutenant Commander)

2371 – 2374: USS Atlantis; Executive Officer (Commander)

2374 – 2376: USS Chimera; Commanding Officer (Captain)

2376: USS Thunderchild; Commanding Officer (Captain)

2376 – 2379: USS Thunderchild; Commanding Officer (Commodore)

2379 – 2380: Extended Leave of Absence

2380 – 2381: Project Theseus; Director and Commanding Officer (Rear Admiral)

2381: USS Redemption; Commanding Officer (Rear Admiral)

2381 – 2382: Director of Raeyan Sector Intelligence Operations (Rear Admiral)

2382 – Present: Mission Specialist; USS Horizon

Background Information

Although marrying between species is not that much of an oddity in the 24th century, with the vast mingling of the Federation, offspring of such unions are rarer always very dependent on chance and medical support. The child of an Andorian and a human is even more of an oddity, but Falco Tauvits was regardless a product of such a union, courtesy of some innovative medical assistance. Regardless, there are always to be more than biological obstacles to overcome in an interspecies marriage, and those went on to defeat Mark Tauvits and Jar Vali, for the Andorian woman found herself leaving her human husband and cross-breed son before he had reached his third birthday.

As such, Falco Tauvits was brought up in Blyth, Northumberland, by his father alone – though this was not in as depraved circumstances as it might have been, for his uncle was one of the last members of the nearly-dead British aristocracy, and thus the family had enough inherited wealth for his upbringing to be in adequate luxury. Mark Tauvits remarried when Falco was six years old, and later had another child, Falco’s younger sister Lara. A more stable family situation emerged, and Falco was brought up in this environment until he was eighteen.

Starfleet had never been a dream of his from childhood, as it had been for many other of his future colleagues. There was no family tradition of Starfleet, and only a smattering of ancestors had been officers in the service of the Federation. As such, it was something as minor as a presentation – or a thinly-veiled recruitment effort – at his school by Starfleet officers that won Tauvits’ imagination over, and focused his ambition on joining up.

When Tauvits entered the Academy, his departmental focus became more difficult to decide upon than his career had been. His passion in life had always been history, both of Earth and of alien species, but he lacked any particular talents with engineering or computers. Ultimately, his passable grades in the sciences prompted admissions officers to nudge him to take a blue shirt, and so after four years, he graduated in the upper half of his Academy class, qualified as a Cultural Sciences officer.

Tauvits had also, inexplicably, managed to stumble into a foolish marriage to a spirited architect called Gina Veers, a civilian who, despite his best efforts at changing her mind, was intent on staying on Earth to continue her career as he headed off into space. But as Tauvits’ first assignment was to the USS Voyeur, a small Sabre-class ship charged with minor duties in Sector 001, he could still maintain passable contact with his wife for the first few years of his career.

However, distance did not help matters particularly, and when, after three years, Tauvits broke to his wife the good news of his promotion and transfer to the USS Churchill, her reply was one that had been a long time coming – a request for a divorce. It was only later that Tauvits discovered she was pregnant at the time, only months after their separation giving birth to his daughter Claire.

But Tauvits still moved on to his new assignment, settling down in his career for the long term. The Churchill was destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359, Tauvits injured and decorated, and he continued to move up the career ladder for another few years until an offer came from Starfleet Academy to take him up as an instructor. Weary of his constant travelling at that point, he jumped at the occasion to return to Earth for a few years. It also gave him a chance to bond more with his young daughter, who lived with him during his brief teaching career in San Francisco.

Despite Tauvits’ reasons for returning to Earth, when the next offer of a transfer to the USS Atlantis as an Executive Officer came, he was quick to take it. Perhaps he missed the stars; perhaps it was the promotion, but whatever the reason, active duty was the choice he made, even if it meant leaving his fledgling family behind.

Until then, Starfleet had always been more of a companion than a family to him – he had served diligently, been decorated in the past, and was dedicated to his work, but there had always been something missing, something holding him back from having enough passion in his career to be truly devoted. On the Atlantis, he discovered Starfleet as a family, and it seemed to be down to the colour of passion itself – red. Or, more precisely, a red shirt.

Tauvits excelled as the Executive Officer of the Atlantis, and within three years was offered a command of his own; the Ambassador-class USS Chimera, a ship with a two-year mission initially devoted to science and exploration. The Dominion War changed that.

Falco served as the Chimera’s CO until the Battle of Cardassia Prime, where his ship was so badly damaged that she needed to undergo heavily refitting. The war had left wrenching scars across the quadrant, and although Tauvits was uninjured, the marks were still there. A scant twenty-two months as a captain had left him as a seasoned commander, battle-hardened and savvy on the running of his ship and his crew. As such, the prestigious command of the famed USS Thunderchild was a logical next assignment for him, and proved to be both the crowning glory and bitter failure of his career.

Tauvits' uncle, Lord Gregory Thorne, the holder of the title of the Northumberland dukes, had been suffering from a grave illness for some time. There had been much discussion in the family as to who would inherit the peerage; Gregory had argued for many years with his son Michael, and had unofficially declared that he would not inherit the title, but many were sceptical this decision would actually become reality. Yet it seemed it was doomed to be so. In Gregory's will, his only son was not outlined to inherit the Thorne family title. Falco was, and all Tauvits could do was reluctantly accept and suffer the displeasure of a cousin he had never particularly liked. Having been taught all of his life to stand up for equality and a belief that one earned greatness and authority rather than being born with it, the title was a family responsibility he could not turn down and yet which contradicted much of what he felt.

Three years of ups and downs in his command brought Tauvits into the eye of his superiors, and the Thunderchild gained a reputation as being a ship capable of doing extreme things in strange ways. However, a certain encounter proved to be too extreme for the Akira-class vessel, for combat with rogue Klingon raiders signed the death warrant of the Thunderchild. She was left crippled, all hands on board lost. The only surviving crewmembers were Tauvits and his Marine CO, Robert Wood, both of whom were off the ship at the time. When they fled the Klingons in a stolen shuttle, Tauvits was able to slave the computer core to the shuttle’s and prompt the dying wreck of a ship to follow them, hoping that members of his crew would still be alive. When they hopped the handful of light years to the safety of the USS Iliad and came on board their vessel, all they found was a graveyard.

Tauvits and Wood returned to Starfleet Command to report the loss of the Thunderchild. Tauvits narrowly avoided a court martial, but the burden of the loss of his ship was too much for him, and he took an extended leave of absence. But it was during this LOA that he gathered resources and friends from many years of Starfleet, and went to personally hunt down the pirates responsible himself. He almost single-handedly wiped out the Kahless' Blades pirates, and returned to Earth with his trophy to prove it - the only trace of the criminals left, one of their B'Rel-class ships.

It was about this time that the undercover operation known as Theseus was being devised to combat the growing danger of criminal elements within the Federation. Tauvits, with his history, experience, and ship was an obvious choice to be involved in such a project, and the man who had first conjured up the idea, Captain Chris Sanders, approached him immediately. Tauvits had been facing a court martial for his flagrantly defiant use of Starfleet property in his hunt for the pirates, and not only did Sanders offer him a way out, he offered him a chance to carry on his work of fighting the criminals.

Officially, Rear Admiral Falco Tauvits was court martialled for his defiance of Starfleet authority, and dishonourably discharged from the service. According to professionals, this shock on top of losing his crew in horrendous circumstances unbalanced him somewhat, prompting him to blame Starfleet for what had happened to his crew and his life, and he gathered a group of misfits to take his ship and disappear for parts unknown. When he would return, it would be as a dangerous criminal and pirate himself, in command of the B'Rel class SS Theseus and on a crusade to make those he deemed responsible for the death of his crew pay.

In reality, Tauvits took his ship and gathered together officers and friends with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake a dangerous mission. The Theseus was charged with going deep undercover to infiltrate criminal elements that presented a threat to citizens of the Federation, gathering information and eliminating them if at all possible. With only Sanders and a handful of other select individuals other than the crew themselves knowing the truth, this was a mission to safeguard the Federation from within, and returning to former lives may not be an option.

The project enjoyed an intense success for it's year-long run. The deaths of criminal mastermind Marcus Doyle, Federation traitor Robert Wood, and illegal informant Adrian Forrest are all attributed to the project. The derailing of the operations of the Dark Sun Coalition in the Triangle was their crowning success, putting back the smuggling and piracy several years after feeding key information back to Starfleet - but also at the cost of the project's cover.

The media were all over Project Theseus once the story escaped. The once vilified Falco Tauvits was hailed as a hero, as were most of his crew - save those who managed to slip away and avoid the limelight. Tauvits himself was grabbed by Command quickly to return to former duties in Starfleet. A brief tenure as the Commanding officer of Task Force 58 followed, but ultimately, it was decided that his expertise would be of more use in a more universal position, and he was laterally shifted into the post of Director of Raeyan Sector Intelligence Operations, supervising covert Starfleet activity in this most troubled of areas.

Finally, however, Falco tired of the desk duty, ever having been a man of action. It took only a little manipulation of his superiors to allow him to take detached duty, hanging up the uniform indefinitely, keeping the support of Starfleet Intelligence but getting to act in the field.

The field chosen for him? The flagship of Task Force 58, and the stomping ground he was ever-so-familiar with in the Raeyan Sector.

Personality Profile

Enigmatic, gregarious, and tenacious, it shows very much that Falco Tauvits has been serving Starfleet for over half of his life. Starting out as a naïve teenager won over by well-honed recruitment efforts by SF Command, he matured into a competent officer and, eventually, a top-level CO. There are many things that have driven him in his life. Initially, he had ambitious aspirations, dreams of going far in his career, of honour and glory. These faded in time to be overtaken briefly by a desire to focus on his family, and when his family crumbled, a quieter, more dedicated devotion to work overtook.

Tauvits was not, for the first parts of his career, the most typical of officers. His love of historical studies and his quick mind made him originally suited more to being an academic than to wearing a Starfleet uniform. Yet that which made him an unorthodox – if competent – science officer has held him in good stead as a commander. His fascination with all cultures, Earthly or alien, makes him quick to try and understand any race he interacts with, adversary or ally. His academic mind has helped him to be a skilful diplomat, for he is more fond of talk than battle, and his ability to understand the cultures he is dealing with lends him much ability to ingratiate himself with them.

However, when battle does arise, Tauvits is rarely found wanting. As a veteran of Wolf 359, Sector 001, the war with the Klingons and the Dominion War, he is no stranger to combat. Commanding a warship like an Akira-class and having to captain his vessel through a heavy galactic war have taught him much of battles. He has a personal fascination with military history as well, and has studied tactics of many species and cultures throughout the ages, showing an impressive flexibility in adapting old strategies to new situations.

Out of uniform, however, Tauvits is quite a different individual. Fond of socialising and relaxation, he is quite quick to shrug off the bonds of duty when necessary and show the man behind the job. He has always hated the fact that his crew would creep around him socially, and it took several years before the Thunderchild crew began to accept him as a friend as well as their captain. Many people have discovered that they either get on with Tauvits’ easy-going nature at once, or they find him highly irritating because of it – there is rarely a middle ground in interacting with this man, and it is hard to be neutral towards him.

His Andorian heritage has lent him many advantages over human friends – he is stronger and faster than most of them, and as a result he developed a great interest in sports in his youth. He has since shrugged off team sports, disliking the constant changing of team-mates his varying life made a necessity, and has taken up mostly solo or directly competitive sports. He finds rock climbing to be one of his best ways to blow off steam and to get away on his own, though will avoid resorting to using the holodeck if he can – regardless of how realistic it is, the knowledge that there is absolutely no risk and that the environment is totally controlled saps his enjoyment from the sport.

He is, though, an avid fencer, having taken part in the sport for much of his youth – and Tauvits originally saw it as a sport rather than as a martial art, being more comfortable with an epee or a foil in his hand than any broadsword. Despite this, he took part in all three Bravo Fleet Annual betleH Competitions, with only a mediocre result in the first year but landing the third place spot the year after, the highest ranking of any competitor who was not a Klingon. He has since developed a far higher interest in Klingon styles of fighting, and now is much more prone to practice with a betleH than a foil - what was once a sport from the safe confines of a Starfleet starship has now proven to be a valuable fighting style, and one he practices heavily.

Tauvits is incredibly uncomfortable with the latest family developments, and the results of his uncle’s death – namely, his inheritance of the Dukedom of Northumberland. He was never particularly close to Gregory Thorne, and feels a little guilty and resentful that he was named as the first heir in place of his cousin Michael, the Duke’s son. The title in itself is an inherent contradiction to many of his principles, and it is his devotion to family rather than what he considers to be an archaic tradition that prompted him to accept the aristocratic title.

But this is not that which weighs on his shoulders the heaviest. The Thunderchild was devastated by matters beyond his control, and this has tortured him for many months – although Starfleet Command absolved him of all responsibility, he is heavily guilty that he didn’t stop it; or, more precisely, that he couldn’t stop it. With the only other survivor being a man who later turned out to have been a traitor, what was effectively his life, his friends, and his second family all died as the crew of the Thunderchild. As such, Tauvits is a much more burdened individual than ever before, more sombre, even tortured by the loss.

It has been over a year since the disaster, and he has had time to come to terms with the initial loss and the desire for vengeance - he has dealt with everyone who held any responsibility for the massacre save himself. As such, he is determined to ensure such a disaster will not happen to others again, shouldering far more responsibility than he truly should.