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| name = Anchorage
| name = Anchorage
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*USS Hopper
*USS Hopper
*USS Zumwalt
*USS Zumwalt
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* [ FOB Anchorage] Sim Site
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Delta Quadrant

Technical Details



Forward Operating Base


Anchorage is located outside The Jathlin Arm, in a remote region of The Round Table near a Star Desert.  A highly secured facility, Forward Operating Base Anchorage, or as it is more commonly called, ‘The Rock’ is located inside a small planetoid, roughly the size of the Martian moon Deimos.  This planetoid is masked in a maze of interconnecting asteroid belt and debris field.  Anchorage embodies the Task Force’s cutting edge science, defense and stealth technology.  It functions as a secondary Task Force Base of Operations as well as a communications relay station and intermediate level repair facility for all ships in the sector.  Anchorage is fully equipped with a fighter launch bay, a docking/repair bay with the circumference to house a Sovereign class vessel, a specialized clocking network, and lodging for nearly eight-hundred personnel.

Equipped with a tachyon cloaking relay net that is installed on several orbiting asteroids, the base is hidden from prying eyes.

Anchorage’s construction was ordered by Vice Admiral Richard Reynolds, Deputy Director of Starfleet Intelligence and Vice Admiral John Rickards, the Director of Starfleet Tactical in 2384.  Anchorage's primitive purpose is to secure Starfleet and Task Force 38’s stake in the often volatile Delta Quadrant.  These men realized that a secret and secure Forward Operating Base was needed in the event of a catastrophic attack on the Task Force resulting in the collapse of the Transwarp hub, and if all of the existing Chain of Command and operational capabilities within the Area of Operations were to be completely obliterated or crippled. So construction began covertly under the guise of a research program. The base was completed in late 2386 and sealed off, only to be used in the event that certain emergency protocols were activated.

Anchorage functions as the secondary Task Force Base of Operations and as a communications relay, intermediate repair facility, and staging base for operations near the Epatha Gateway.

Department Listing/Manning Levels

  • Command → CO, XO, Command Master Chief/Command Sergeant Major (Depending on choice of rank), Command Adjutant (Yeoman), 2XO(Combined with another position).
  • Operations/Communications → Chief Ops Officer, Assistant Chief Ops Officer, Operations Officer, Communications Specialist, Operations Specialist, Leading (Chief) Petty Officer.
  • Engineering → Chief Engineering Officer, Asst. Chief Engineer, Engineering Officer, Aerospace Engineering Officer, Engineering Specialist (Power), Damage Control Specialist.
  • Security/Tactical → Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Security Officer, Master-At-Arms.
  • Science → Chief Science Officer, Assistant Chief Science Officer, Department Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Lab Technician.
  • Medical → Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Department NCOIC, Health Services Technician.
  • Carrier Air Wing 11 → Wing Commander, Deputy Wing Commander, Squadron Commander (2), Element Leader (6), Pilot, Tactical Systems Operator.
  • G Company, 8th Battalion, 4th Marines → Company Commander, Company XO, First Sergeant, Platoon Leader (6), Squad Leader (12), Marine.

Assigned Starships

  • USS Hopper
  • USS Zumwalt