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Erszebet A. Virkov





10 May, 2331 (Age 56)


United Federation of Planets


Fourth Fleet


Task Force 86 CO (Ret.)


Rear Admiral

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Virkov has a frame typical of human females. She is of medium height, with a relatively slight build. She keeps her hair relatively short at all times, and usually tucked neatly behind her ears. Her face definitely shows her age. She has wrinkles at her mouth, and her eyes tend to look forward with a piercing gaze. Her posture is often very rigid.



Virkov’s style of command is much like the rest of her life. She is very “no nonsense,” and tends to operate in a very professional manner. She does have a very good sense of humor, and is often known to cut through the drama of intense situations by making a sarcastic remark to get at least a few snorts out of her bridge crew.

While on duty, she is of course the image of decorum and professionalism. She prefers to be called “Sir,” addresses her crew by their rank and last name, and doles out orders as expected. While off duty, she can frequently be found in the holodeck, immersing herself in the newest holo-novel.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Virkov’s strength is in her perseverance. She is loyal to her crew, to a fault, and demands the same unerring and unwavering loyalty to her in return. She has been a commanding officer in Starfleet for a very long time, and knows much about the rhetoric and red tape that the position requires. Having risen through the ranks in Operations, she knows how to effectively staff, operate, and command starships of various sizes with laser-scalpel like efficiency. She delegates effectively as necessary, but at times has been known to step up to the plate to fill in various roles when needed.

Her weakness however, is in that same loyalty. She sometimes will bend or flat out break the rules and regs if it means aiding one of her crewmen in a way that she sees is open to her. Due to the loss of her previous command, the Normandie, and her previous actions on the White Star, she has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has been ordered to undergo weekly psychological therapy with a trusted counselor. This has proved to be difficult for her, as she does not easily open up to strangers, feeling that to be somewhat unbecoming of a Starfleet Commanding Officer.

Virkov often laments and regrets that she did not raise a family, and chose instead to focus on her career. She also regrets the unnecessary loss of life when the Normandie was sabotaged, and dragging the crew of the White Star into her own personal hell during her brief command of that vessel.


Virkov has already achieved her greatest ambition: to command a Starfleet vessel.

Hobbies & Interests

Virkov has a deep love for Romantic Era Piano music, as well as Ragtime Piano. She is an avid reader, tending to devour novels of both standard and holographic type. After the recent changes in her career, she has been attempting to get to know people a bit more personally.


  • Federation Standard (English)
  • Vulcan


Virkov grew up the only child of two very loving parents in the city of Saint Petersburg. Her schooling years were relatively non-descript and non-eventful. She always earned good marks in her classes, and none of her teachers ever had anything unpleasant to report about her.

In Secondary Schooling, she drove herself harshly, often pushing herself to take on more responsibilities and more classes than many believed her work load would be able to handle. She was part of many extra-curricular clubs, and played the flute in the school’s orchestra, although she has long since fallen out of practice. Much of her severe drive was to prepare herself for the entrance examination to Starfleet Academy, which she passed on her first try.

Her years at the Academy garnered her a high amount of admiration and praise from her instructors, and several life long friends who have since gone on to command their own starships. She found she excelled in the department of Operations, having the required mental abilities to multi-task and monitor several critical situations simultaneously, while keeping track of non-emergent matters.

She spent her Midshipman’s Apprentice aboard the USS Laramie, a Miranda Class Starship. It was here that she learned most of the regular ins and outs of Starship Operations, as well as how to proceed up and down the chain of command appropriately. She garnered nothing but praise from the ship’s Chief of Operations, as well as the ship’s Boatswain, for her keen eye and micromanagement abilities.

Virkov graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy, and was immediately posted to the USS Ophiucus, a Constitution Refit, as a Junior Operations Officer. Virkov received praise from the Chief of Ops, as well as the First and Commanding Officers of the Ophiucus, for her inherent adaptability to circumstances as they arose. She earned the first of several CO Commendation Awards aboard the Ophiucus, for her quick actions during a skirmish with a Klingon ship. Quickly re-routing power and priority from several low level subsystems, she was able to briefly boost the output and efficiency of the phaser grid, in order to give the ship a stronger hand. While the skirmish eventually ended through peaceful means, and no lives were lost, her grace under fire was a definite asset to the ship.

When the opportunity for a promotion arose, Virkov jumped at it, and took a posting aboard the USS Haley, an Akyazi Class starship, as the Assistant Chief of Operations. Once again, she took to the posting with the fervor of a mad woman, and outshone many of her counterparts aboard the ship. She performed in an exemplary manner, reported frequently and efficiently, and delegated duties as necessary to those in her department below her. Her five year mission aboard the Haley was served mostly along the Klingon/Federation border, and during this time she learned much about the Empire, and about the Federations dealings with it. It was at this time her eyes opened a bit to much of the Admiralty’s method of operating. For the first time in her career (although certainly not the last) she found herself at odds with her situation. However, being the dutiful officer that she was, she simply performed her job duties as assigned, and did not make waves by voicing her opinions.

When the XO of the Haley was given his own command (The USS Apollo, Excelsior Class,) Virkov was one of the officers he recruited to transfer with him. This earned her a promotion not only in rank, but position as well. Her short term of service aboard the Apollo earned her a lifelong friend in Tamarak Shilvas, a Tellarite man who was the Apollo’s Boatswain. Her term of service was only three years aboard the Apollo, as the opportunity to serve as Chief of Operations as well as Second Officer aboard one of the Fleet’s newest vessels arose, and she once again jumped at the opportunity to climb the chain of command. The CO of the Apollo recommended her for the position personally, stating that he was sad to see her leave so soon, but was well aware of her ambition for command. He very plainly stated in his Commendation (Virkov’s 3rd CO commendation by this point,) that she was the prime example of what a Chief of Operations should aspire to be.

Virkov’s four years aboard the Redemption, an Olympic Class starship, were rife with personnel issues, staffing issues, and her own inner turmoil. Two years into her term, she had an outright verbal assault with the Commanding Officer while standing on the Bridge. This garnered her several weeks of mandatory medical leave (she had not once taken shore leave since joining Starfleet at the age of 17,) to put her priorities straight. She sought help from a Starfleet Counselor (the only time in her career until recently that she would ever do so) in coming to terms with her own feelings of inadequacy. At the age of 36 she felt she had stagnated a bit, and didn’t understand why she didn’t have her own command at this point. She was declared fit to return to the Redemption after a total of 6 months of leave, filing a formal apology to her Commanding Officer for her previous behavior.

She was to serve aboard the Redemption for 10 years total, doing her best to avoid any contact with the patients the ship took on, and devoting herself solely to her duties as Chief of Operations/Second Officer for the first four years of the tour, and her duties as Executive Officer for the latter 6 years of the tour. Deep down, Virkov never felt that the Redemption was a good match for her abilities or her strengths. While the ship was large, and had many primary, secondary, and tertiary systems to oversee, it was at heart a Medical vessel and Virkov had no medical training whatsoever. Shortly after her promotion to Executive Officer, Virkov began to interact with her crew on a much more personal level than she ever had in the past, and found that despite her maintaining a somewhat detached and impersonal demeanor while on duty, she thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about those who served with or under her. She was present at the birth of the Commanding Officer’s first child, as well as the marriage of many of her crew members.

In 2375, at 44 years of age, Virkov was given her first command, the U.S.S. Normandie, a Nebula Class. During her 11 year tour as the CO of the Normandie, Virkov garnered much respect from her Task Force Commanding Officer, and a commendation from him as well. Sitting center seat on such a large starship was what she had always desired, and it showed. She grew very close to her senior staff, and many of the other junior officers aboard as well. She found she had a great love for fresh new minds aboard the Normandie, and frequently recruited crew fresh out of the Academy or Basic Training for the more junior positions. The younger crew were fascinating to her, and she frequently spent much of her off time in the Ship’s Lounge, talking to the junior officers. She was known aboard the Normandie as a very approachable commanding officer, with an open door policy. No matter seemed to be too trivial for her, although if she was pressed for time, she would certainly delegate to her First Officer. Virkov shone aboard the Normandie, and many of the Admiralty who knew her firmly believed that she was the happiest they had ever seen her.

Unfortunately, the Normandie was lost due to sabotage. This was one of the events that lead to her cascading emotional breakdown over the year of 2386. The loss of a ship (as well as some of what she considered to be her closest friends on the crew) shook her to the core, and she had a very difficult time coping with the loss of her ship, her home, and her compatriots. She underwent a formal Inquiry to ascertain the cause of the Normandie’s loss, and place the blame. While she was found to have no fault for the destruction, she was ordered to take a month off of duty to cope with it. She was advised to seek grief counseling, but this was advice she did not take, as she didn’t see it necessary. She had dealt with the situation as it had occurred, and didn’t feel anything further needed to be said about the matter.

After her month of mandatory leave had been completed, she received orders to take command of the USS White Star, a Nova Class starship. Assigned to an area of Operations with which she was entirely unfamiliar and unprepared, she nonetheless plowed ahead, keeping a stiff upper lip and commanding nothing but the highest level of professionalism and decorum from her crew. She exceeded all expectations, and upon the end of diplomatic relations in that area of operations, she was given a chance to to command a ship of the line again.

In 2386, Virkov was given what would end up being a short command run of the Insignia Class USS Normandie. Assigned to a routine area within the Alpha Quadrant, this was the perfect exercise for her to stretch her wings again, and to show to the Admiralty that she was indeed fit for command. After 7 months of service commanding the Normandie, Commodore Virkov was promoted to Rear Admiral, and assigned as a diplomatic attache to Bolarus.

With the recent Hobus Incident, Admiral Virkov has been re-assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 86, and assigned to the Klingon/Gorn Border.

Service Record

Y-C-1.png | 2348-2352| Starfleet Academy: Major in Starship Operations, minor in Theoretical Astrophysics
Y-C-4.png | 2352-2352| Midshipman's Apprentice on USS Laramie
Y-O-1.png | 2352-2357| Operations Officer on USS Ophiucus
Y-O-3.png | 2357-2362| Assistant Chief Operations Officer on USS Haley
Y-O-3.png | 2362-2365| Chief Operations Officer on USS Apollo
Y-O-4.png | 2365-2369| Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer on USS Redemption
R-O-5.png | 2357-2362| First Officer on USS Redemption
R-O-6.png | 2375-2386| Commanding Officer on USS Normandie (Nebula Class)
R-O-6.png | 2386-2386| Commanding Officer on USS White Star
R-A-1.png | 2386-2387| Commanding Officer on USS Normandie (Insignia Class)
R-A-2.png | 2387| TF86 Commanding Officer on Providence Fleet Yards