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Earth Starfleet

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Task Force 99




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Captain Edward Pearson


On June 2, 2156, the final NX-class starship was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Under the command of Captain Edward Pearson, Endeavour joined the war against the Romulans and immediately made an impact; defending the Altair System against a Romulan incursion.


A New Era To Endeavour

The construction of Endeavour, the last NX-class starship, is nearly complete.Despite recent victories over the Romulans at Andoria and Berengaria VII, the war is not going very well for Earth and its allies. With knowledge of what Endeavour's first mission will entail, Captain Edward Pearson must assemble a crew brave enough to take on the merciless wrath of the Romulan Star Empire.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Starfleet Intelligence has learned that the Romulans are planning to launch an attack on Altair VI in the coming weeks. As Natalia Korchova one of Starfleet's most prominent engineers is stationed there working on the warp seven project, it can only be assumed that the Romulans are trying to reach her either to question her, or to end her life. Maybe both. Endeavour has been asked to lead a Coalition task force into the Altair System to halt the Romulan advance before they lose their only advantage over their mysterious foe.

To Wallow In Glorious Mud

The extensive damage that Endeavour sustained during the Second Battle of Altair VI has sidelined the ship and its crew from the war. While the United Planets of Tellar have withdrawn their military forces from the conflict against the Romulans, they have taken in Captain Pearson and his crew on Ugliri II while repairs to the ship are under way at one of the shipyards in orbit. With the estimated time until the completion of the repairs being about four months, the crew have a chance to settle back and enjoy the Tellarite lifestyle at its fullest. Whether they can withstand the verbal abuse that's destined to come their way remains to be seen.

Even A God Bleeds

Earth is in dire need of allies. Having learned of a Xindi Colony only eighteen light-years away from the Ugliri System, Vice-Admiral Leonard has dispatched Endeavour to try and convince them to join the war in repayment for their attack on Earth three and a half years ago. Endeavour's arrival to Mu Herculis isn't received warmly by all Xindi and there's a reason why. A Guardian lives amongst them and now he has a chance to execute his revenge.

The Eye Of Sin

While en route for the Ophiucus System, Endeavour comes across a derelict probe of unknown origin. Curious about where it came from, Captain Pearson has the probe brought aboard the ship to be examined. When the casing to the probe is opened, the crew find the most beautiful-looking gem inside. Except that it isn’t wholly beautiful; for it can open the eyes of those who touch it to information they may not want to know.

Mirror Image

Data on the computer archive given to Commander Sherebrook by the Grand Duchess of Livia has revealed the location of a Romulan planetary base in a binary star system eighteen light-years away. Enterprise, commanded by Commodore Jonathan Archer, is scheduled to lead a small fleet of ships to search for a Vissian listening post in the Gamma Hydra System by the middle of February. It is rumored that the listening post may be under threat by the Romulans. But before Archer’s mission begins, Starfleet Command hopes that Endeavour might recover some valuable information about the Romulans that could aid the Commodore should his flotilla encounter their reclusive enemy.