Elizabeth Bassenthwaite

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Elizabeth Bassenthwaite





June 30th, 2327




United Federation of Planets


USS Nimitz


Former Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Vice Admiral
Played By:


Character Information

  • Name: Elizabeth Colthurst Bassenthwaite
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Position: Former Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 58

Physical Description

Bassenthwaite has shoulder length blond hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes. She is slightly taller than average and her physic reflects her absolute adherence to Starfleet fitness requirements. Well coiffured hair and eyebrows, along with high cheekbones, a defined jaw line and a ramrod straight posture all add an air of nobility to being in Bassenthwaite’s presence, further elucidated by her regal bearing and mannerism. Her gaze is penetrating and often conveys a brazen challenge to anyone that meets it, superior or subordinate. When not in uniform, she dons a variety of smart, custom tailored suits; she would never be seen in a dress or skirt. Notwithstanding modern medicine, which means 58 is hardly old, Bassenthwaite has aged especially well and takes a healthy measure of pride in her appearance, covering up the odd failing physical attribute with the tasteful application of beauty products.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ambitious, direct and strict, Bassenthwaite tolerates nonsense from no one and is reputed for her ruthless efficiency and tireless hard work. She is a strong and private woman. Any cracks that appear in her facade heal like bones; stronger than before. Some would say that she is the next Necheyev, on paper; where she differs, among other areas, is in her intimate relations. Bassenthwaite has had 3 marriages to date, all unsuccessful. In addition, she has left an undercurrent of disgruntled men in her wake as she has sailed, both majestically and insatiably, through Starfleet. Her brazen attitude towards superiors has burnt bridges and lead to a flagging career, despite exemplary service. She needs a clean break to pass the position bottleneck she has found herself in and make it to the highest echelons of Starfleet, as she dearly desires and deserves.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Bassenthwaite is a sharp thinker and, in spite of her insistence that others adhere strictly to approved Starfleet strategy and protocol, sometimes flaunts that protocol herself when it will get the job done, justifying it by simply asking who is in charge and subsequently asking her own name. Failing that, an instruction to heel usually shocks disgruntled subordinates into silence. Her hard work and discipline are also a source of strength and she has never shirked the grind when it comes to getting something done. Her ambition drives her to succeed and she never allows her desire for the next rung of the ladder to blind her to the task at hand.


Sometimes she forgets that compassion can be a strength. Long years of cynicism also means she has little time for optimists or what she would deem ‘lost causes,’ even if the optimism is justified, or the cause not entirely lost. She also has little patience for those that don’t wear a uniform, often criticising civilian red tape within the Federation for slowing her down and scorning the news service. Her brazen challenge to others, at once demanding the highest possible standards from subordinates and deriding superiors, can cause the former to burn out and the latter to dismiss Bassenthwaite as arrogant. While her ambition is a source of strength, sometimes it is a source of frustration to both her, as she is impatient to take on greater responsibility, and to others, who can see that she is not satisfied with what she has. Sometimes she also micromanages, diving into unecessary detail in an effort to get it done to a high standard.


If you want something done better, you should do it yourself. Bassenthwaite thinks she can do most things better, so her ambitions are only limited by the command structure of Starfleet. For now, she has taken a sideways move to Task Force Command from Starfleet Command in order to pursue advancement in a more ‘field’ based environment.

Hobbies & Interests

Bassenthwaite wouldn’t consider anything she does to be a hobby, but a pursuit with a well defined goal. Given that, she occupies what little recreational time she allocates to herself with either physical activity to keep her body in shape, or mental activities to keep her mind sharp. These include, running, 3D chess and - so called – ‘bedroom aerobics.’ One activity she does pursue purely for pleasure is music; she plays the piano beautifully.

  • Languages: Federation Standard


  • Father: Edward Colthurst Bassenthwaite.
  • Mother: Regina Colthurst Bassenthwaite.
  • Brother(s) None.
  • Sister(s) None.
  • Spouse: John Berkley (x), Adam Foster (x), Robert Blakeney (x).
  • Children: Gloria Colthurst Bassenthwaite (32), Janice Berkley (32).
  • Other Family: None.


Bassenthwaite was born on the North American Continent, Earth, Sol System. From early days she was a wilful child, exhibiting stubborn persistence, even in the face of potential chastisement.

She knew from a young age exactly what she wanted to do. Juxtaposing tales of space exploration to a more mundane life on Earth, Bassenthwaite found the latter wanting and aimed at Starfleet from childhood.

Throughout the academy she was never top of the class and keeping in the top 15 percent consistently was something she had to work hard at. It wasn’t that she lacked brains – she had and has those in abundance – but the academy was highly competitive and Bassenthwaite is no natural genius, like Blakeney.

Her first assignment, as a young Ensign of 22, was to the USS Orion, an old Constellation class ship. Bassenthwaite’s superb work ethic and multitasking capacity made her ideally suited to operations work, which is wide ranging and demanding.

Two years of diligent service in the operations department got Bassenthwaite a glowing recommendation from a kindly Captain Horatio Johnson, who knew she wouldn’t get noticed on the, often mundane, assignments of the USS Orion. Captain Johnson, 76 and in the twilight of his career at the time, was a fatherly figure to Bassenthwaite and she thinks of him fondly nearly four decades later; he was the one to initially teach her the piano.

As a result of the recommendation, Bassenthwaite was transferred to an Ambassador Class – the USS Amicable – as Assistant Chief of Operations. There she met the man who would become her first husband, Lieutenant Commander John Berkley.

After bearing female fraternal twins in early 2353, Berkley wanted Bassenthwaite to raise the children on Earth, but Bassenthwaite wanted to pursue her career and keep the children with her. In the end, the two split after only two years, with Bassenthwaite taking the role of Chief Operations Officer of the Amicable and a promotion to Lieutenant.

Initially, one of the children, Gloria, stayed with Bassenthwaite on the Amicable to emulate her, while Berkley took the other, Janice, to Earth to be raised there. The decision to split the twins was a contentious one, but in the end it was the only solution they could agree upon.

However, six years later, Bassenthwaite was offered the role of Executive Officer of the Amicable, which would come with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Her ambition would not allow her to say no to the promotion, and, in light of that, she begrudgingly agreed that Gloria would be best off with Berkley on Earth, especially now that she was to enter infant education. The change would also allow the twins to be together for a time; the split was a move Bassenthwaite regretted, even if she stuck by it.

Bassenthwaite served as executive officer of the Amicable for three years before being offered the same role on board a galaxy class cruiser with a promotion to full commander. At the time, there were only a handful of galaxy class vessels in the Starfleet, so Bassenthwaite leapt at the opportunity, which her Captain on the Amicable did not begrudge.

As executive officer of the Challenger, Bassenthwaite enjoyed a certain degree of glamour that came with serving on board such a prestigious class. Unfortunately, that spotlight brought more attention onto her brazen ambition and relentless expectations of subordinates than it did her tireless hard work and devotion.

As a result of that attention, and the prestige of her existing position, an offer to Captain a vessel did not come until a further six years as an Executive Officer. However, when the offer came, her long experience in that role, on board a large vessel, warranted a promotion to Captain and assignment to an Akira Class, the USS Resilient.

While serving on the Resilient, Bassenthwiate met Lieutenant Adam Foster, a young intelligence operative fourteen years her junior. They became intimately involved and married. Neither of them were interested in trying for children.

Bassenthwaite commanded the Resilient for a decade and survived any number of wars and engagements, most notably the Dominian War. During her time as a captain, she picked up an implacable image. Other officers were in awe of her, unsure when summoned to her ready room whether to expect summary demotion or the career opportunity of a lifetime. Her stubborn refusal to lose and relative seniority as a captain earned her command of a small Task Group of vessels which came to be unofficially known as the Bassenthwaite Bloodhounds; an image Bassenthwaite implicitly encouraged to keep morale high.

Soon after the Dominion War began, Foster was assigned a covert mission into Dominion/Cardassian space which, to all intents and purposes, was suicide. He asked Bassenthwaite to intervene, but she refused, questioning his bravery. One thing lead to another and they ended up breaking up after three years. Foster attempted to resign from Starfleet and went AWOL when they refused to take the resignation. Bassenthwaite broke of all contact.

During the war, fleets involved in major offensives tended to be comprised of elements from many fleets. Bassenthwaite made sure she was always in one of them, sure she could destroy three Dominion ships to everyone else’s one; often she succeeded, her strategy and the Akira class’ many torpedo tubes working in concert. As a result, she was highly decorated, but Bassenthwaite didn’t bother to hide the fact that she thought she could manage the war better and that very arrogance kept her from being given a greater role.

Even so, a long and successful tenure as a Task Group Commanding Officer and Resilient Commanding Officer eventually lead to an offer to join the flag ranks of Starfleet. Bassenthwiate was given a promotion to commodore and worked in various roles in Starfleet Intelligence for three years. In intelligence, results tended to matter so much more than attitude, so a further promotion to Rear Admiral, with a role in managing the Strategic Operations of Starfleet, came in a timely manner.

In that role, Bassenthwaite contributed to decision making on major fleet redeployments and analysis of enemy fleet movements. If covert scans detected an increased Romulan interest in the Detara Sector, Bassenthwaite would ask a fleet commander to park a Task Group of ships in the nearby Motalia Nebula. If negotiations with Klingons over disputed territory broke down, the 3rd fleet would conduct ‘training exercises’ in a nearby sector. If the Breen so much as gathered for tea, Bassenthwaite would have a detailed report on the desks of the relevant fleet commanders the next morning.

In short, she did invaluable work, but burnt quite a few bridges at Starfleet Command by informing a number of senior admirals exactly what she thought of their work – not least of all her boss in Strategic Operations, Vice Admiral Thomas Branigan. As a result, Bassenthwaite has received the modern day equivalent of a ‘black mark’ against her name, preventing her from further advancement at Starfleet Command. After four years in the same role, Bassenthwaite has sensed stagnancy in her career and accepted the offer of a friend, Admiral Barak Aubrey, of the 4th fleet, to become a Task Force Commanding Officer.

Even though it is a lateral move, the more field based position would give Bassenthwaite the chance to put her hard work into direct practice and she hopes that the change represents a clean break which will allow her to continue her career unbarred by the collective bruised ego of superiors.

It was during her time in Starfleet Intelligence that Bassenthwaite met the man who would become her third failed, and very brief, husband, Robert Blakeney. She had known he was a smooth operator the moment they had met, yet something deeper had kept her interest. Somehow he had persuaded her to take a leave to Risa where they both became inebriated – an entirely new experience for Bassenthwaite and one she intended never to repeat – and during the night’s festivities they had inadvertently become man and wife. Needless to say, they had the whole thing annulled within a week, during which Bassenthwaite decided Blakeney was an insufferable cad who substituted hard work for friends in high places. Neither of them considered it to be a proper marriage, or even a relationship, so they never mention it to others.

Service Record

  • 2327(0): Born on the North American Continent, Earth.
  • 2345(18): Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
  • 2349(22): Graduation, PROMOTED Ensign, ASSIGNED Operations Officer, USS Orion, Constellation Class.
  • 2351(24): PROMOTED Lieutenant J.G., ASSIGNED Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Amicable, Ambassador Class.
  • 2353(26): PROMOTED Lieutenant, ASSIGNED Chief Operations Officer, USS Amicable, Ambassador Class.
  • 2359(32): PROMOTED Lieutenant Commander, ASSIGNED Executive Officer, USS Amicable, Ambassador Class.
  • 2362(35): PROMOTED Commander, ASSIGNED Executive Officer, USS Challenger, Galaxy Class.
  • 2368(41): PROMOTED Captain, ASSIGNED Commanding Officer, USS Resilient, Akira Class.
  • 2378(51): PROMOTED Commodore, ASSIGNED Starfleet Intelligence.
  • 2381(54): PROMOTED Rear Admiral, ASSIGNED Starfleet Strategic Operations.
  • 2385(58): ASSIGNED Task Force 38 Commanding Officer, flag STATIONED on the USS Lakota.
  • 2386(59): ASSIGNED Task Force 47 Commanding Officer, flag STATIONED on Kepler Station.
    • ASSIGNED Bravo Fleet Chief Of Staff.
Preceded by:
Vice Admiral Christopher Johnson
Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff
2386 – 2387
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Task Force 47 Commanding Officer
Succeeded by:
Commodore Gregory Blake