Driaan System

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Driaan System
Grid E4, Beta Quadrant

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The Driaan System is composed of 7 planets, most of which are inhabitable. Its affiliation is mixed based upon the worlds it contains.


Driaan I

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The planetary body closest to the systems star was much alike Sol's Mercury - Volcanic, no atmosphere and under severe gravimetric strain. The small planetoid is tidal locked and the only use it has served is of the mining of heavy and dense ore on the darker side of the planet which is stuck in a non rotational axis with one side facing the sun at all times during its orbit.

Driaan II

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The second planet of the Driaan System is a class F world rich in hydrogen compounds within the atmosphere, it is also volcanically active. There are several mining stations built to withstand the uninhabitable surface conditions for the purpose of mining various materials. All but two of the mining stations are owned by private investors, a common thread in the Driaan System - the other two are owned by the Driaan Government.

Driaan III

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The third planet of the Driaan System is a dry, harsh yet habitable world. On a resources stand-point it seems the moon orbiting it holds more valuable ore than the sunburnt surface of the planet itself. However it has not stopped the colonisation over time of the world with several dozen scattered settlements of unaligned folk. Driaan authorities have little sway or interest in the happenings of Driaan III and the population is mostly forced to fend for their own. Such has caused less than savoury types to move in and create their own criminal or rogue paradise. Many who wish to hide or be forgotten frequent the harsh conditions of Driaan III.

Driaan IV

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The fourth planet of the Driaan system is one of the more interesting planets within the system; for it has non-sentient life-forms from over a dozen systems...yet they have existed on the planet for an estimated 10000 years or more. It was assumed that the planet was once a hunting ground for one of the long forgotten fallen Empires of the Orion civilisation. Mostly a dense jungle world with high humidity, one third of the world mostly remains unexplored whilst the other is segmented into various ownerships with over a dozen settlements and only two large population centres. The Driaan Government only lays claim to the largest of its cities whereas the rest of the world much follows the rogue nature of Driaan III. Botanical research outposts are scattered throughout the jungles as are many forgotten and overgrown former mansions and estates of long forgotten owners or Syndicate Lords.

Driaan V

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In the year 2388, under Prime Minister Anastasia Lashmore, Driaan V was accepted within the United Federation of Planets.

Driaan VI

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The sixth planet of the Driaan system is an oceanic world with less than 15% landmass. Whilst rich in aquatic life and vegetation there is overall very little resource considered of high value. There is research and military bases upon the singular continent of the planet's surface mostly conducting marine research. The two moons however each house a Driaan Government military base and mining facilities owned by the Driaan Government.

Driaan VII

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The final planet of the Driaan System, Driaan VII, is an icy world much akin to Pluto with a frozen Atmosphere hugging the planetary surface. There is no life upon the planet surface bar small teams who mine what little resource of value they can from domed facilities.