Driaan IV

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Driaan IV
Grid E4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:



Beta Quadrant


Class M


1 Gaseous Moon

Discovery Date:


Political Information

Mixed / Federation


1.2 million


Driaan IV, the fourth planet in the Driaan System, is one of the more interesting planets within the system; for it has non-sentient life-forms from over a dozen systems...yet they have existed on the planet for an estimated 10000 years or more. It was assumed that the planet was once a hunting ground for one of the long forgotten fallen Empires of the Orion civilisation. Mostly a dense jungle world with high humidity, one third of the world mostly remains unexplored whilst the other is segmented into various ownerships with over a dozen settlements and only two large population centres. The Driaan Government only lays claim to the largest of its cities whereas the rest of the world much follows the rogue nature of Driaan III. Botanical research outposts are scattered throughout the jungles as are many forgotten and overgrown former mansions and estates of long forgotten owners or Syndicate Lords.

Hunting is a popular past time within the system and is a common tourist attraction.


Driaan itself was an idea in formation before the Federation had signed its charters in 2161 - an Australian colony vessel to settle the stars, utilising cryogenics and a Noah's Ark design philosophy. Horses, live-stock, hundreds of entire families with resources to build again coaxed into a one large colony vessel for its time and sent forth...

The colony vessel did not make it to its intended target nor did the crew wake when intended and drifted further towards Orion space. There, decades overdue to an incorrect destination they settled the Driaan System.

The fifth planet was M-class and thus first settled, however it was found that the system in all its bodies was rich in natural resources; rare and beautiful diamonds from the Fifth Planets extinct moon - exotic gases from the gas giant, abundant metals from asteroid belts. The colony thrived over the next century.