Dominique Lucatz

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Federation Faction

Dominique Colette









Commanding Officer of Task Force 9 (Ret.)

Rear Admiral
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  • Father: John Lucatz, deceased
  • Mother: Francesca Lucatz, deceased


Flying small craft, both atmospheric and space, cooking, gymnastics, reading, wine making, tinkering with machinery. There hasn't been a lot of time lately for her to enjoy many of these, but she's hoping that things will settle down soon so she can get back to it.

Spoken Languages

English, broken Klingon, some Cardassian and Romulan


Ambitions She wants to make a place for herself in the world that she can call home. She'd been hoping to find it with Starfleet. So far, though it has been a good provider, Starfleet hasn't been home. She continues to hope that one day she'll be home.

Counsellor's Profile

Strong willed, forceful, yet loves a good joke. Slow to make friends, but once she does they are friends for life. Unfortunately the same can be said if you get on her bad side. It takes a *long* time for her to trust anyone who's gotten on her bad side. It's not one of the best traits to have for a command officer, and she recognizes that fact. There's just not a lot she can do about it except bury it in the back of her mind and not let it get in her way. Which doesn't always work.


Dominique was a precocious child raised in the countryside outside Paris. Her parents had a family winery where she spent many a day playing in the grape fields. During her formative years she absorbed all that she could about the art of wine making from her family. She also found that she had an aptitude for keeping the many machines and systems on the farm running well. She loved the work and fully intended to take over the family business one day.

That was not to be. While attending a sleepover at a friend's house for her sixteenth birthday a fierce lightning storm rolled through Paris. Upon returning home the next day she discovered that the main house had been destroyed by fire, killing both her parents.

The ordeal of identifying her parents' remains traumatized her for months. She would sit for hours late at night and just stare up at the stars. Finally one of the counselors that was working with her suggested she take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Not knowing anything else to do, as she had no other family, she took the exam, and passed. Selling the winery and what remained of the house she entered Starfleet. She hasn't looked back since.

Service History


  • 2368-2372: Major in Warp Specialist, Minor in Weapons Specialist, Specialty in Starship Construction


  • 2372: Assigned to USS Hera as Assistant Chief Engineer
  • 6/2373: Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to USS Hera as her Chief Engineer
  • 6/2375: Transferred to Starbase 120 as Executive Officer
  • 8/2378: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 3/2383: Transferred to Deep Space 14 as Executive Officer
  • 2/2384: Assigned command of DS14 after commanding officer is ruled incompetent. Promoted to Captain.
  • 9/2384: Assigned as CO of TG Fehk'Lr in the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 9.
  • 1/2385: Assigned as XO of Task Force 9. Promoted to Commodore.
  • 3/2386: Assigned as CO of Task Force 9. Promoted to Rear Admiral.
  • 11/2386: Stepped down as Task Force 9 CO.