Diogara Station

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

Diogara Station
Star System:

Diogara System


Round Table


Delta Quadrant

Technical Details



Maintenance and supply yard




Admiral Michael Drake




Diogara Station is a Starfleet Immense-Class station located in Diogara Commonwealth space.


Originally completed in early 2387, Diogara Station has served as Task Force 38's only major fixed assets in the Round Table since the Battle of the Round Table in June 2388. To this end, and on account of the task force's isolation from Starfleet ship maintenance facilities, Diogara Station now serves as the primary maintenance and supply yard for Task Force 38.

Diogara Commonweath


The Diogara Commonwealth is a union of three species, the Dio, Ga and Ra, who formed the Commonwealth after the Dio took to space and discovered that two neighboring planets in their system also possessed sentient life at near-equal technological levels. While the three species have vast anatomical differences, they have developed a shared cultural identity as the Diogara over hundreds of years, and they rarely distinguish between the three species except from a medical perspective.

For the past four hundred years, the Diogara Commonwealth has been a minor player in the Round Table, predominantly around commerce and trade. Beyond their home system, they only have a handful of other worlds within their Commonwealth.

Contact with the Federation

First contact was made with the Diogara Commonwealth by Starfleet's Task Force 38 in 2383 during initial exploration of the Round Table. Shortly after signing easement and trade agreements with the Federation, the Commonwealth's leaders began courting the Federation for membership. Because of the dramatic cultural differences between the Commonwealth and the Federation, they asked for ten years to make the progressive economic and social changes necessary to comply with the Federation's Charter and policies.

On account of good relations with the Commonwealth, when Starfleet sought to develop a second starbase in the Round Table, a region of space near the Diogara system was selected and the station was named Diogara Station.