Deuterium Tanks

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Federation Faction


Deuterium is one of two fuels used on federation with the other being antideuterium, the antimatter equivalent to deuterium. Deuterium is a heavy hydrogen isotope. Deuterium is created by standard elector-centrifugal fractioning of variety of materials including seawater, outer planet satellite snows and ices and cometary nuclei and chilling down the fractionated liquid. The deuterium is stored at -259 degrees Celsius or 13.8 Kelvin. The deuterium supply can be replenished from the Bussard Ramscoop although the cost power wise makes a complete refueling of the ship with on board equipment less than optimal resulting in relying on refueling at star base or other such facilities. Refueling can also be done in the field from Deuterium tankers.

There are two types of deuterium tanks used on federation ships. The first is the primary storage tank and the other is the immediate use tanks. The immediate use tanks are smaller than the larger primary storage tank and are resupplied from the primary tank. Both the primary and immediate use tanks are constructed of forced-matrix 2378 cortanium and stainless steel with foamed vac-wisher silicon-copper -duranite insulation laid down in alternating parallel/biased layers and gamma-welded. Precision phaser cutters cut penetration ports into the tank for fill and vent ports along with sensors to monitor deuterium levels. The interior of the tanks compartmentalized to minimize loss should the tank suffer structural damage.

The primary tank is filled from the fill port integrated into the exterior of the ship’s hull. The fill ports incorporate purge and pressure relief fillings. There are multiple fuel feed manifolds supply deuterium to the matter reaction injector and the immediate use tanks for the impulse engines and RCS thrusters.