Dendrian Order

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Dendrian Order
Basic information
Major Species:




Warp Capable:

~2000 A.D.

Political Information
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Small but influential governmental body that forms a thin band around the territory of the Tynusian Empire in the Pre-Warp Cradle. Due to their position, the Dendrians facilitate most contact between the Cradle and the outside world, working chiefly from their commercial and diplomatic hub on Ruined Station. Though their fleet is neither large nor heavily armed, they have the technology they need to hold their own against any reasonably advanced power

Physiologically, the Dendrians are reptilian, but, in stark contrast to reptilian races of the Alpha Quadrant, the Dendrians are culturally warm and hospitable. They're even vegetarian, noted locally for their ability to make algae taste pretty good.

Most recently, the Dendrians have been caught around the edges of the ongoing Tynusian Wars. After holding back an assault on Ruined Station itself, at great cost to the rebel forces, their stability, peace, and commerce have been repeatedly threatened by the revolutionary forces because of light Dendrian military support of the Tynusian Empire.

Contact History

  • The Dendrian Order was the first race encountered by the crew of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga upon that ship's entry into the Pre-Warp Cradle. Greeted and escorted to Ruined Station on 30 January 2384, Commander Nikolai Carrigan made peaceful first contact. The Ticonderoga would later assist the Dendrians in the defense of Ruined Station against the rebels, killing rebel leader and Federation fugitive George Orwell during the battle.