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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

The Delta Advisory Council is a six-member governance body that oversees Federation operations in the Gradin Belt and the Round Table. Created out of necessity following the loss of a permanent connection with the Federation, it is intended to provide both civilian and military governance, filling the roles of both Federation Council and Starfleet Command, with a board comprised of both Starfleet and civilian members.

In the event that the Federation or Starfleet can not be contacted, this council has the authority to act independently as a micro body of governance. This allows them to do exactly what it needs to do to ensure the the best interests of the various Federation and Starfleet assets

Current Members

Position Name Primary Location
Task Force 38 Commanding Officer Admiral Paka Larem Kartelan Station
Task Force 38 Representative Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell Kartelan Station
Task Force 38 Representative Rear Admiral Ruth Ellsworth Kartelan Station
Persephone Colony Representative
  • Governor Andross Ord (*1)
    • Lt. Governor Tazhri th'Zoarhi
Persephone Colony
Helios Colony Representative
  • Governor Graylay Targon (*1)
    • Lt. Governor Annelle Jaenke
Helios Colony
Ourea Colony Representative
  • Governor Idrad Kaistri (*1)
    • Lt. Governor Morva Rian
Ourea Colony


  • *1 With Communication between the Gradin Belt and the Round table now regular, either the Governor or the Vice Governor remains on Ourea. This ensures there is always a representative present for any necessary Council business. Whoever is not on Ourea is on Demeter I to ensure that there is constant communication between both the Council and the Task Force Command.


The Delta Advisory Council was a creation of necessity. In the first couple months following the Battle of the Round Table, tensions began to mount between Starfleet leadership and the civilians of Helios, Persephone and mercantile operations in the quadrant. Starfleet had assumed command over all operations in the quadrant, but the civilians felt their needs were not being well-represented.

In August 2388, a compromise was reached: a governance council comprised equally of Starfleet officers and civilians who would act as both Federation Council and Starfleet Command for the activities of all Federation and Starfleet persons stranded in the Delta Quadrant. The council would also have direct oversight over Task Force 38.

Following the discovery of the Epatha Gateway, allowing limited communication with Starfleet Command, the council discussed if it was even needed. It was decided that while there was a potential way home, the council would remain in place for now, as the Epatha Gateway is still not completely understood and thus could not guarantee regulally contact.