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Deep Space 7

Inconnu Expanse


Alpha Quadrant

Technical Details



Federation Base


Immense Class






2388; Destroyed


Deep Space 7 was the central hub for all Federation operations in the Inconnu Expanse. In 2388, the station was destroyed by The Ravagers.


Following the USS Merrimack's safe return from its discovery of the Inconnu Expanse, the Fourth Fleet announced that Task Force 72’s mandate would be expanded to include exploratory, science and diplomatic operations within the Inconnu Expanse. It would remain responsible for the borderlands from the edge of Cardassian territory to the edge of Talarian space, but with the Breen Crisis subsiding, it was felt that Task Force 72 would be capable of the undertaking. To answer that mandate, Starfleet was authorized to construct an Immense Class starbase in the middle of the expanse to serve as a base of operations for the Task Force.


On October 8, 2388, Starfleet learned the Breen, Ferengi, and several other powers close to the Expanse had been able to once more gain a foothold over the Inconnu Corridor. Already facing certain peril against the Ravagers in the region, Starfleet ordered all of its forces in the Corridor and Expanse itself to Red Alert and to abandon their missions and retreat to the safety of the main Federation space. Those in the surrounding inside of Federation space where shifted to Yellow Alert, and ordered to standby to assist in the evacuation of other Federation resources as needed. Starfleet also began to notice listening posts in the Expanse and along the Breen border had gone dark. As a result, Starfleet gave the order to pull all resources from the Inconnu Sector.


One of the first Breen envoys was sent to the Ravagers ruling caste, the Khrelans. At first they wanted little to do with the Breen. The Ravager species being made up of different castes had varied opinions on this. Of the two largest castes, the Khrelans was for a potential alliance with the Breen. The Erganites did not think they needed to be allied with the Breen. Though the Erganites was the smaller of the two, they had long ago agree to abide by any rulings of the Khrelans, and had to follow along on this.

In order to make the Erganites more amenable to the idea of an alliance, the Breen offered the Khrelans some Breen Cruisers, of a slightly older design, but fully functioning. Given that the Ravagers often built their ships from from scavenged parts, the Erganites saw this would only give them more strength, and make them more powerful.

One of the conditions of receiving the ships was that they had to help remove the Starfleet presence from the Inconnu Expanse. The Breen didn't want to start a shooting war with the Federation as the experience gained since the Dominion War and the Breen Crisis all but confirmed that they would lose. However, a Federation presence in the Expanse could no longer be tolerated, especially since it would serve to divide the Breen from the Tzenkethi and Talarians. The Khrelans suggested removing the local Starfleet base, Deep Space Seven. The Breen didn't want it destroyed, they wanted it damaged enough that Starfleet would be forced to withdraw. Destroying it would lead to deaths that the Breen frankly didn't want so getting the Ravagers to take the blame for the evacuation would keep the Federation from declaring war on the Breen.

Deep Space Seven was an Immense class station. While not as large as a Spacedock class, it was easily as formidable. Being around half the height meant that with the same amount of shield generators, the shield strength was almost double that of a Spacedock. An assault by any Ravager forces would have resulted in little, to no, damage to the station. But, the Breen had an idea.

They would send a ship towards the station, containing Breen refugees, allegedly displaced from one of the colonies taken by the Cardassians. In actuality, the ship would contain several Ravager assault squads. Their goal was to fight as far into the station as they could.

When originally approached to attack Deep Space Seven, the Ravagers were hesitant. It took a large amount of Ravager Vessels, however, the Breen were willing to give them some of their ships as compensation. Given that most Ravager Ships were usually made from cannibalising many other ships, giving them whole ships was a good offer, according to the Erganites.


The initial stages of the assault went exactly how they had been planned. The station allowed the Ravager ship to dock in one of its docking bays. Once on board, the assault squads took out both the security teams that had been waiting for them, as well as the medical teams. They breached the docking bay and and began moving further into the station, destroying equipment and power systems as they moved along. They split up into much smaller groups, using armor which they had fused with kelbonite which masked their biosigns. This meant that they could not be detected by the stations internal sensors.

Each team had its own set of targets. These were systems, or subsystems, that needed to be disabled to ensure the evacuation of the station. Once they reached their targets, they held Starfleet off, as long as they could, as they all knew this was a one way mission. At the last possible moment,, the last team detonated the ship they arrived on, which caused major damage to the internal superstructure. This caused feedback throughout the EPS system which led to 2 of the 10 fusion generators to explode. They were careful not to damage systems that would cause more reactors to explode, otherwise the station would be destroyed.

The Khrelans, however, had other plans. Once the superstructure was damaged, they targeted weak points and destroyed the station before any evacuation could be completed. There was still plenty of material, but almost all of the working equipment was damaged when the station’s 3 antimatter generators and the remaining fusion generators exploded under the constant fire of the Khrelan ships. With the station gone, the Ravagers withdrew back to their bases of operations, leaving one Ravager ship from the Azulren, their scientific caste to make sure that no one knew precisely what had happened here, by further damaging some of the computer components of the station.

The Breen were upset the station was destroyed. If it ever came out that it was indirectly the Breen who orchestrated the attack, the Federation would surely retaliate. However, they were satisfied that it would take many years for anyone in the Federation to find out what really happened to Deep Space Seven.


On October 9, 2388, Starfleet acknowledged that contact had been lost with three starships and Deep Space 7. Several teams, including representatives from the Intelligence Department and the Corps of Engineers, were sent to investigate, only to find that Deep Space 7 had been destroyed. The station's computer and "black box" were later recovered by Starfleet Corps of Engineers Team #14 (the Valkyries) in hopes to uncover what truly happened. Unfortunately, the data recorders were damaged beyond repair, leaving Starfleet in the dark as to what truly happened.

Due to the sudden destruction of the station, the gravimetric properties in the areas of space surrounding the station had intensified. Smaller vessels were able to navigate the distortions, however larger starships, like the USS Magellan, saw their warp fields disrupted, resulting in the sudden loss of warp power. The Magellan was forced to make emergency repairs on-site, alter its warp field geometry, and then resume its course.

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