Deep Space 29

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Federation FactionThis article is official Task Force 9 canon.

Deep Space 29
Star System:

Gamma Mercia system


Gamma Mercia V


Gamma Quadrant

Technical Details

United Federation of Planets


Regulus class


940 (planned)


Deep Space 29 is a Federation Regulus-class starbase which is currently under construction in orbit of Nova Mercia, the prime planet of the Gamma Mercia system in the Gamma Quadrant.

Once completed, it will serve as the flagbase for Task Force 9 Executive Officer Commodore David Hutchinson, who is currently based at Deep Space 11 in orbit of New Bajor.


Deep Space 29 was approved for construction in orbit of Nova Mercia following the Federation's surprisingly swift decision to colonise the planet so soon after its discovery. Construction of the starbase started in October 2388, with completion of the main structure scheduled for early March 2389. Full operations at Deep Space 29 are expected to commence in October 2389 after completion of interior fit out, at which point it will take over operation of the planet's orbital defence platforms.