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Deep Space 10
Grid D2, Alpha Quadrant
Star System:

Trivas System

Technical Details



Former TF47 Headquarters


Nor class


DS-10 (Formerly Empok Nor)




Deep Space 10 was the Headquarters of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 47. Located at the mouth of the Gavarian Corridor in the Trivas System, Deep Space 10 is a Nor class Starbase formally known as Empok Nor and one of the most important facilities in the Federation, an economic strong hold and vitally important strategic outpost. Situated on the border between the Federation, the Cardassian Union and Romulan Star Empire, Deep Space 10 is one of only three Nor Class Stations in service with Starfleet, the others being the equally important Deep Space 12 and the massively important Deep Space 9.

Following the disbanding of 47, DS10 was reassigned to Task Force 72. With the conclusion of the Cardassian-Romulan War, the station now serves as the last port-of-call before ships enter the corridor.

Tales from Empok Nor

Questionable Origins

Deep Space 10 orbiting Trivas II.

Very little is known of Empok Nor prior to the first Starfleet visit to the station in 2373 but it is estimated that the Station was abandoned at some point during 2372. Prior to being abandoned, the station served in much the same way as DS9 did above Bajor, serving as a mining facility.

When the time came to abandon the station in 2372, the Cardassians went about it in their usual way, placing booby traps around the station that would target non-Cardassian lifesigns in order to ensure that if the Cardassian’s weren’t running the station, no one else would be either.

But in the halls of the promenade the Station’s Infirmary was the site of a failed experiment, an experiment that utilized psychotropic drugs to enhance the natural xenophobia of the Cardassian people. Three members of the First Order, Third Battalion, were left on the station in stasis tubes, ready to awake at the first sign of a hostile takeover.

Hostile Reception

Little more than a year later in late 2373, a Starfleet salvage team from Deep Space 9 was sent to Empok Nor to gather spare parts for repairs; a spate of technical failures plaguing its sister station, DS9.

During the salvage mission, the two surviving soldiers in stasis were re-awakened and embarked on a murderous killing spree, killing three members of the Starfleet team before they were halted by one of their own – Elim Garak; a Cardassian in collusion with Starfleet.

Despite not being part of the experiment, Elim Garak was not immune to the psychotropic drug and succumbed to its affects, killing a fourth member of the Starfleet team before he was eventually neutralized by Chief Miles O'Brien.

With the Cardassian soldiers dead, the remaining members of the team were able to retrieve the parts they required before being rescued by personnel from Deep Space 9. It soon became common place for the crew of Deep Space 9 to raid Empok Nor for technology that could not be replicated.

Doomed Negotiations

During the Dominion War in 2374, Empok Nor was the site of a prisoner exchange between several Ferengi and the Dominion. Among the Ferengi present was Quark, owner of the main Bar aboard DS9. The Ferengi wished to trade their prisoner, Keevan (a Vorta formally a prisoner of the Federation) for the wife of Grand Negus Zek, Ishka (mother of Quark and Rom of DS9). Ishka had been taken prisoner some weeks before during a trip to Vulcan to have her ears raised.

Keevan was accidentally killed before the exchange was to take place and when it looked like the transaction was doomed, Quark and the others managed to bluff the opposing side long enough for Ishka to be returned to them.

The Ferengi departed the Station, headed to DS9 whilst Keevan's body was left aboard the station.

The Battle of the Gods

Empok Nor’s association with the forces of evil truly began in mid 2375 when the Station was once again occupied, this time by Gul Dukat and fifty members of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths, looking to establish a community on Empok Nor with Dukat as their master. With Colonel Kira Nerys kidnapped from Deep Space 9 in a vain effort to convert her from her belief in the Prophets, the Station was the battleground between good and evil.

Eventually good would overcome as Dukat fled the station; his control over his followers unravelling before his very eyes. The remaining Cult members decided to return to Bajor with Kira aboard the USS Defiant.

But this was not to be the last of the Station’s association with the forces of evil...

Deal with the Devil

Over a decade later, and with Empok Nor in tatters, Starfleet had begun exploration operations of the Gavarian Corridor. With a massive Starfleet presence assembling in the region and only one facility, Kepler Station, capable of servicing their ships, the Federation began to make plans for a new facility in the Corridor.

They were faced with the daunting prospect of a build that could take years and they required a facility much sooner, one that could help the growing needs of Starship Commanders in the area. It was then that Starfleet Command and the United Federation of Planets were approached by the Cardassian Union.

In no state to re-establish a base of their own in the area, the Cardassian’s proposed that Starfleet take control of the abandoned Station Empok Nor. The station would be under Starfleet jurisdiction and they would do the work that promised to get it active. The only catch would be that Cardassian vessels could use it as a home port when in the Corridor.

After much debate, the deal was done. Empok Nor was handed over to the Federation and preparations began to get her operational again. All that remained was to give the station a new, Starfleet designation.

Thus, Deep Space 10 was born.

Tragedy Strikes

Cardassian Galor Class making use of their new agreement.

With Deep Space 10 under Starfleet administration and the Corps of Engineer’s beginning work to get the Station operational, Starfleet Command began the process of appointing a new commanding officer for the Station.

Located on the far edge of the theatre of operations assigned to Task Force 47 of the 4th Fleet, it was decided that the Station should be commanded by someone from that particular unit.

As luck would have it, the former TF47 Commanding Officer, Elizabeth Bassenthwaite, had recently been promoted to the upper echelons of Bravo Fleet. It was decided that whoever she appointed as her successor would be assigned to Deep Space 10.

This immediately ruled out the favourite for the post, Commodore Gregory Blake. He already had command of Kepler Station and would not trade one station for another. That left only one other viable person. During a gathering of the Task Force’s commanding officers, Bassenthwaite informed Commodore Garen Tal of the USS Patriot that he was her choice to succeed her as Commanding Officer of TF47. With it came a promotion to Rear Admiral and the daunting prospect of commanding Deep Space 10.

Sadly, Admiral Tal would never make it Deep Space 10. Just months later, while en-route to the station aboard the Patriot, Admiral Tal was killed during a terrorist attack on the Nebula Class Starship. When the remains of the Patriot and the convoy it had been travelling with eventually arrived at Deep Space 10, the station still had no designated Commanding Officer.


With the crew of Deep Space 10 struggling on after the death of Admiral Garen Tal, his replacement and the new Commanding Officer of Task Force 47 eventually arrived. Rear Admiral Thalek th’Zorati, an Andorian with years of experience at Starfleet Tactical assumed command of the Station and immediately implemented his own strict regime upon the crew; a stark contrast to the laid back style of their deceased former commander.

Almost fifteen months since the station went operational, the crew of Deep Space 10 have seen many ships, many crew mates and many commanding officers come and go but her importance to Starfleet and Task Force 47 has never changed and she continues to be an integral part of the Gavarian Frontier. Now under the command of Captain Nathan Hunter, the Station is a hive of activity once again. Under the command of Captain Nathan Hunter, the station plays host to many strategic assets that significantly enhance the stations importance to Task Force 47 and operations in the Gavarian Corridor. Deep Space 10 is home to the Regional J.A.G. Office, a specialist Covert Intelligence Unit and also two permanently assigned support ships, the USS Mikhail Kalashnikov and the USS Ushiro.

The War

In early 2388, Deep Space 10 saw a massive influx of starships and personnel as Starfleet quickly evacuated the Gavarian Corridor. It took months to reassign all of the ships and crew, not to mention handling the operational shifts from being transferred from 47 into Task Force 72. By June 2388, DS10, under new management, began to quietly watch the Corridor, dispatching Intelligence officers and small relief teams when it could afford to.

By January 2389, the station had observed more than twenty battles between the Romulans and Cardassians. Its steadfastness and strategic location made the station the perfect venue for negotiations between the two warring factions, and the Federation, to complete and sign the Gavarian Exploration Agreement. Almost instantly, Deep Space 10 transformed from a quiet, remote location into a regional hub once more as Starfleet was once again able to reopen the doors of the Corridor for exploration.

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