Death Squad

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Death Squad
Basic information

Private Mercenary Company


"Never conquered, always feared"


Victoria Saracenti


None Identified



Major Species:
  • Variation
Participant Noun:
  • Skulls, Seven Sins
Known Members:
  • Fallen Angel
  • Phantom
  • Shadow
  • Skinner
  • Doc

Death Squad is a PMC in service for the highest bidder. They are known for various unwarranted attacks on Federation, Romulan Empire, Klingon Empire, and civilian assets. They are considered the most wanted by Starfleet Security and evidence show proof that they are formed in 2375 at the end of the Dominion War. Recent reports have shown that they are heavy involved in operations at Faltan III and now expending it to the Raeya Sector Block. They are considered highly dangerous and is adviced not to approach them on your own.

Their current contractor is unknown, as is their reasons behind the attack on people like Captain Refelian or Nevala thu'S'Terion Ko-Shasol'kor t'Cheleb-Khor. However, they do remain a thorn in Starfleet's side within the Raeya Sector Block, having caused a few dozen casualties.

General Information

  • Description: Private Mercenary Company
  • Member Noun: Skulls
  • Motto: Unknown
  • Slogan: "Never conquered, always feared"
  • Headquarters: None Identified
  • Leadership: Victoria Saracenti


  • Victoria Saracenti
  • Nataija Vlahović
  • Francisca Colombres
  • Rivka Käser
  • Phatchara Veerapol

To be filled

Known Actions

Late 2388 Successful When Captain Refelian and the governor of Faltan III meet in the government building to discuss the future relationship between the two parties, a shot was fired. Captain Refelian was beamed to sickbay and almost didn't make it. However, an open investigation was refused by the Faltan government as they wanted to do the investigation themselves. Starfleet Intelligence operatives find strong proof that Phantom, aka Nataija Vlahović was responsible for the shot.
Late 2388 Successful An attack was staged by anti-federation forces on Faltan at the yet-to-be-completed Romulan Embassy at Faltan. A couple of wounded and deaths were claimed at this attack, including the kidnapping of Nevala thu'S'Terion Ko-Shasol'kor t'Cheleb-Khor the wife of the Romulan ambassador. She was later released but has presented proof that she had a talk with Victoria Saracenti, the leader of Death Squad.
2389 Failed A combined force of citizen resistance and Starfleet intelligence operatives in Atuginia at Faltan III, made a friendly takeover at the Red Guards HQ. Death Squad member Rivka Käser aka Skinner was present at the attack as she was defeated by the invaders and made an escape from the scenery.