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Federation Faction






April 10th, 2350




USS Callisto


Alpha Division Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral
Played By:


Personality and Traits

Physical Attributes

Daniel has short brown hair and striking deep brown eyes. He is not the most athletic build person but his posture sure has authority. He has a small scar on the back of his left hand because of an small accident aboard the USS Excalibur during the Borg incursion of 2376. Daniel speaks with a slight Australian accent.

Psychological Profile


Daniel is known to have a mind of his own. Many Academy tutors know him for being the constant rebel. He always had to do things differently. Once he has set his mind on a goal, he will not allow anything to stand in the way to achieve his goal. In Command, Daniel tends to play a safe game instead of taking too many risks. He has a well developed analytical sense and uses this feature to come to a logical decision. Daniel however is not a "by the book" captain as he acts more on his own principles rather than protocol and guidelines. Daniel is not very socially skilled as he prefers to spend his off-duty time on his own. However, he has a great deal of respect for the few friends he has and he is willing to make a lot of sacrifices for them. Daniel respects the Chain of Command and honours it deeply. He dislikes officers and crewmen who do not respect his rank and authority.

The traumatic experience of loosing his trusted girlfriend and fellow cadet in his fourth academy year has been imprinted into his mind. This event will be with him for the rest life and he has great difficulties to overcome his loss. Therefore Daniel experienced great difficulties in intimate relationships and romance. He is afraid that his memories of Sarah will resurface. Although his feelings for Angeline are showing him once more that love is possible again!


  • Manually Piloting
  • Swimming
  • Pool / Darts / Poker
  • Cooking
  • Latin Dance


  • Analytical Insight
  • Emotionally Cool
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Pragmatist


  • Great Faith in the System
  • Disregards for rules and regulations
  • Easily influenced
  • Inexperienced


Previous to Starfleet

Daniel was born in the city of Sydney on April 10th 2353. As the son of a Starfleet Captain he spent the largest part of the first ten years of his time on his father’s ship, the USS Charybdis. He went to school on the ship and in his free time he spent most of his time trying to sneak a way to the bridge which was declared off-limits by his father. At the age of 9 his father put him on the Captain’s chair of his ship and since that moment Daniel wanted to become a Starfleet Captain too. Aged 11 his father was transferred to Starfleet headquarters monitoring ship movements which was followed with a promotion to the rank of Commodore. Daniel was sent to a private school in his birthtown where he graduated aged 18. On that school he developed a passion for science. To be able to realize his dream he attended Starfleet Academy the same year.

Starfleet Academy

Freshman Year

In the year 2371, Daniel attended the academy after passing the admittance tests with straight A’s. Because of his interest in science, Daniel enrolled in the Starfleet Science Academy. During the first weeks of his life as a cadet he meets several other cadets who, in time, turned out to be his best friends. Because of some "unorthodox" methods of conduct, the admiralty teaching at Starfleet soon got to know this "rebel".

Sophomore Year

In Daniel’s second year at the academy he continued to astonish his teachers with his advanced knowledge of Starfleet protocol and conduct. It seemed to him that having a Starfleet captain as you father for the largest part of you life was an advantage. Midway the second year, Daniel was introduced to the "art of flight control". After completing that subject, Daniel decided to transfer from the Science Academy to the Flight Control/Pilotting academy. His friends agreed that the red uniform suited him better.

Junior Year

During his third year, Daniel and his cadet friends had to face a test in which their competence, knowledge and team spirit was tested. Daniel and his team of friends were able to pass the test because of their remarkable combined knowledge and for maintaining the chain of command. Because of this major achievement, Daniel was granted a place in the Red Elite Squad of the academy, which in time proved to be an excellent opportunity to gain more experience in various fields, like: intelligence, tactical/security, strat OPS, fighter pilotting, and command. The first months in the squad proved to be very difficult for him but at the end of the third year, he managed to unmask a spy which made him more secure of himself and made him even more known with the Admiralty. As a reward he was granted permission to found his own squad with himself as squad-leader.

Senior Year

During the summer holiday between the third and fourth year, Daniel developed feelings for one of his fellow-cadets who was part of his own squad, Sarah Kathlene Samuellson. At the beginning of the final Academy year they developed a relationship which continued during their time at the academy. When Final Examinations got very close, Daniel’s squad was to face their last challenge in order to receive the Elite Squad diploma. What had to be a relatively easy mission turned out to be a disaster when they find out that a group of rebel Nausicans are interfering with their plans. The squad had pay a price for their own safety. Sarah sacrificed here life to save the others. Daniel was devastated by her action and it took him years to recover from it and still nowadays he faces the consequences of her selfless act. In the end he managed to pass his Final Examinations and as an ensign he was granted an assignment aboard the USS Excalibur (Akira class) as Chief of Shuttlebays.

Starfleet Career

Assignment #1 - USS Excalibur

At the beginning of his first assignment as comissioned officer he had troubles adapting to his new environment. The fact that he had to say goodbye to his friend and the memories of his lost girl-friend were clouding his judgement and actions. His CO was not very pleased with his performance and after a long talk with him and the ship’s counselor the cause of his depression was visualised. From that point on Daniel slowly started to show progress considering his psychological condition. in the year 2376, the USS Excalibur was to face the Borg, who were trying to assimilate Earth for the third time in a short range of time (CD-ROM: Star Trek: Armada I). It was then that Daniel was able to show his true qualities as an officer. He managed to lead a group of other junior crewmembers to safety risking his own live. He even got the captain in safety after the Borg took over the bridge which got the XO killed. Because of his brave act the CO saw an excellent officer beneath his surface and he agreed to give him the position of assistant Chief Flight control officer. His new position gave Daniel the strenght and the ambition to pursue his dream again, the captain’s chair. He took as many nightshifts as possible to be able to taste what it feels like to command the ship. After another year Daniel applied for the position of Chief Flight Control officer aboard the Ben Nevis

Assignment #2 - USS Ben Nevis

Daniel got accepted and after the first mission the captain promoted him to Lieutenant and second officer of his ship. From that moment on Daniel knew that eventually he was going to make his dream come true. in the year 2380, he got another step closer as the commodore promoted him to Lt. Commander. Daniel continued to prove himself as Chief Flight Control Officer and especially as Second Officer. A year long Daniel had the opportunity to get relevant experience in the Command department. Although he had been offered his own command twice, he prefered to serve the Ben Nevis. After the XO was proven to be guilty of a serious case of illegal arms smuglary, Daniel got appointed as ship’s First Officer. Daniel however did not get the chance to adjust to his new role as he was promoted to Commanding Officer of the Ben Nevis quite soon. As young and relatively unexperienced as he is, he works hard to get a good reputation within the fleet. He continued to serve Starfleet as best as he could and during the next few months, he developed his attitude, experience and capabilities to those of an apt Commanding Officer. Still backed by his mentor Commodore Russell, he established a good reputation within his Taskforce and Bravofleet. In the end of the year 2381, Vice Admiral John Jefferson, Commanding Officer of Taskforce 72, promoted Daniel to the rank of Captain. Doing so his last endeavor has become a reality. For a year long, Daniel was able to increase his experience as the Commanding Officer of the Ben Nevis. The TFCO assigned him to a variety of missions which proved to be the best learning situations for him. In the end of 2382, the Ben Nevis got involved in a dispute between the Gorn and the Federation at the Cestus system. The Captain and his crew were able to prevent the Gorn to commit an act of war. Because of his action, the TFCO promoted Daniel within the staff giving him the position of Task Group Commander. With several ships assigned under him, he was instructed to maintain peace in the Cestus system along with the adjacent Xerix system.

Assignment #3 - USS Callisto

In early 2383, the Ben Nevis was confronted with another incursion of the Borg. The Collective invaded the Beta Quadrant on a massive scale. They were able to assimilate entire starbase 676 in the Geonak system where a weapons and tactics conference was organized. It was most likely that the Borg intended to assimilate the weapon experts in order to assimilate their experience into the Collective. Daniel was forced to sacrifice the Ben Nevis in order to purify the Borg infestation in the system. A permanent Borg presence so near to Federation space was a threat and unacceptible. With the self-destruct, he destroyed the ship from within the station, causing the station itself to destroy itself as well. A month later his decision was being questioned by Starfleet. A Court Martial took place in which Daniel's command decision to sacrifice the ship was just. After a long trial, it was decided that the decision was just. Daniel was offered a new command, the USS Callisto. This new Insignia class starship awaiting the final stages of construction waited for him at Xavier Fleetyards.

Fourth Fleet Command Division - 2382 - Pres.

After the destruction of the USS Ben Nevis, Daniel requested for a intermediate period of leave for a few reasons. First of all, he and his fiancee, Lt. Commander Angeline Nayru, joined in holy matrimony during two separate ceremonies. A traditional Earth ceremony near his home in Sydney with the traditional wedding gown, cake and the party afterwards and a traditional Betazoid ceremony in the backyard of her father's mansion, without the gown and the rest of the clothing. In a separate ceremony prior to the launch of his new ship, the USS Callisto, his actions during the Borg incursion were honoured as an old friend of him, General Louise T'rannus offered him the Flag rank of Commodore. Ranked Commodore Daniel has occupied several key positions within the fourth fleet. At the position of Chief of Staff in Task Force 86 Daniel has been able to learn the game of being in command of a Task Group and Task Force, something which came in handy when he was offered the position of Task Force Executive Officer of SENTINEL, TF72. During the following months he was able to prove his worth in the eyes of the BFA and a short while later he was offered command of the Fourth Fleet's Ninth Task Force. An offer he could not refuse. He then got a transfer to Task Force 9 as the new Task Force 9 Commanding Officer With the Rank of Rear Admiral

Service Record

  • 2353-2371 - Civilian Child
  • 2371-2372 - Academy 1st year (Science)
  • 2372-2373 - Academy 2nd year (Science/Flight Control)
  • 2373-2374 - Academy 3rd year (Flight Contr. & Elite Unit)
  • 2374-2375 - Academy 4th year (Flight Contr. & Elite Unit)
  • 2375-2376 - Ens. - CoS / USS Excalibur
  • 2376-2378 - Ens. - ACFCO / USS Excalibur
  • 2378-2379 - Lt. JG. - ACFCO / USS Excalibur
  • 2379-2379 - Lt. JG. - CFCO/ USS Ben Nevis
  • 2379-2380 - Lt. FG. - CFCO & 2XO / USS Ben Nevis
  • 2380-2381 - Lt. Cmdr. - CFCO & 2XO / USS Ben Nevis
  • 2381-2381 - Lt. Cmdr. - XO / USS Ben Nevis
  • 2381-2381 - Cmdr. - CO / USS Ben Nevis
  • 2381-2382 - Capt. - CO / USS Ben Nevis
  • 2382-2382 - Capt - CO / USS Ben Nevis / TF72’s Task Group Gamma CO / TF72’s Recruitment Director
  • 2383-2383 - Capt - CO / USS Callisto / TF72’s Task Group Gamma CO / TF72’s Recruitment *Director
  • 2383-2383 - Cmdre - CO / USS Callisto / TF72's Task Group Alpha CO / TF72 Chief of Staff
  • 2383-2383 - Cmdre - CO / USS Callisto / TF86 Chief of Staff / CO Task Group Sentinels
  • 2383-2383 - Cmdre - CO / USS Callisto / TF72 Executive Officer
  • 2383-2384 - RAdm - CO / USS Callisto / TF9 Commanding Officer / Bravofleet Admiralty
  • 2384-2386 - RAdm - CO / Iconia COlony
  • 2386-pres - RAdm - CO / Rivendell Station / Chozo Expedition Commanding Officer