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Daedalus USS Essex.jpg
Class Information
Role: Explorer


Date Entered Service:


Basic Stats


Cruising Speed:

Warp 2

Total Compliment:


Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:

8x Phase Cannons

Torpedo Launchers:

4 Launchers


Hull Polarization System


Class Information

Forward dorsal view

In 2072 the Warp three project, more commonly referred to as the Daedalus project was founded to develop an engine capable of achieving warp three. The Daedalus class grew out of this project and the first ship of this class the Daedalus was launched in 2098 and was by the end of 2104 another four ships of this class had been launched.

The Daedalus class was originally restricted to a top speed of Warp three the ship was seen an important development for the newly formed Star Fleet. While the ships of the Daedalus class where a dependable part of Star Fleet for fifty years the launch of the first NX class ship, the Enterprise NX-01, brought to light just how far the technology had progressed since the launch of the Daedalus in 2098. It was determined that the Daedalus class ships would be pulled from active service and mothballed in favor of the newer and more advanced ships.

Aft ventral view

With the Xindi attack Star Fleet looked for ways to increase the defensive capabilities of the fleet. Several plans where advanced and in 2154 a proposal to refit the mothballed Daedalus class ships as a stop gap measure was approved and in 2155 mere months before the start of the Earth / Romulan war the first refitted Daedalus class ship left repair dock with the refit completed on two more Daedalus class ships by the end of the year.

The refit Daedalus class ships were involved in several early confrontations with Romulan forces during the war and proved to be as effective as the NX class ships. With Star Fleet having to deal with the loss of ships to enemy action Star Fleet gave a second look at the Daedalus class. The simple hull design meant that the ship could be constructed quickly with two Daedalus class ships being constructed in the same amount of time as one NX Class ship and an order for five new Daedalus class ships was placed.

With the end of the war in 2160 the Daedalus class ships once more turned to missions of exploration. After the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161 and the creation of the Federation’s Starfleet the remaining Daedalus class were transferred to Federation control. By 2177 the Daedalus class ship was starting to show its age once again and it was determined to phase the ship class out of active service and by 2196 the last active Daedalus class ship was retired from active service.

Ship Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Explorer
  • Dimensions: 140 meters (L) x 65.43 meters (W) x 47.52 meters (H)
  • Decks: 15
  • Expected Duration: 20 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 year
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 5 years
Crew Compliment
  • Total Crew: 200
    • 50 Officers
    • 140 Enlisted
    • 10 MACOs Marines
  • Emergency Capacity: 450
  • Thrusters: RCS Thrusters
  • Sublight Speed: 0.25c
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 2
    • Maximum Warp: Warp 3
    • Emergency Warp: Warp 3.8 (for 8 hours)
Offensive Systems


  • 6x Phase Cannons


  • 2 Forward
  • 2 Aft


  • 100 Spatial Torpedoes
  • 400 Photonic Torpedoes
Defensive Systems
  • Shields: Hull Polarization System
Primary Systems

  • Transporters:
    • Personnel
    • Transporter Range: 1,000 meters
  • Sensor Range: 10 lightyears
  • Communications Range: 15 lightyears
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: 3
  • Workbees: 2

Other Notes


  • Mess Hall
  • Recreation / Gym Facility

Deck Listing

Deck Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Bridge
  • Upper sensor array
Deck 2
  • Captains ready room
  • Primary hull dorsal phase cannons (port and starboard)
Deck 3
  • Senior Officers quarters
  • Fresh water tanks
Deck 4
  • Officers quarters
  • Mess hall
  • Captains mess
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Ships galley
Deck 5
  • Main computer core upper level
  • Transporter room
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Ships laundry
Deck 6
  • Main computer core mid-level
  • Transporter machinery room
  • Primary hull docking ports (port and starboard)
Deck 7
  • Main computer core lower level
  • Chief Science officers’ office
  • Science labs
  • Primary hull life support systems
  • Primary hull waste management systems
Deck 8
  • Primary hull ventral phase cannons
  • Deuterium storage tanks upper level
  • Impulse engines upper level
  • Ships brig
  • Gymnasium
Deck 9
  • Forward torpedo launchers
  • Torpedo storage
  • Deuterium storage tanks lower level
  • Impulse engines lower level
  • Sick bay
  • Chief medical officer’s office
  • Medical labs
Deck 10
  • Deflector dish bay upper level
  • Main utility trunk
  • Secondary computer core upper level
  • Hanger bay upper level
  • Hanger bay observation gallery
  • Primary hull ventral phase cannons (port and starboard)
  • Engineering hull Aft phase cannons
Deck 11
  • Deflector dish bay mid-level
  • Secondary computer core mid-level
  • Main engineering upper level
  • Hanger bay mid-level
  • Hanger bay control room
  • Engineering hull docking ports (port and starboard)
Deck 12
  • Deflector dish bay lower level
  • Deflector control
  • Secondary computer core lower level
  • Main engineering lower level
  • Hanger bay main level
  • Engineering support labs
Deck 13
  • Lower sensor array
  • Cargo bays 1 through 3
  • Inorganic fabrication
  • Engineering hull life support systems
Deck 14
  • Cargo bays 4 through 6
  • Organic fabrication
  • Engineering hull waste management systems
Deck 15
  • Aft torpedo launchers
  • Torpedo storage
  • Antimatter storage pods
  • Engineering hull ventral phase cannons
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