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The current Commander in Chief of Starfleet is Fleet Admiral Thani sh'Dastis.

The Commander in Chief (or CinC) is by law the highest ranking military officer overall in the Federation Armed Forces, and the principal military adviser to the Federation President. He oversees the operations of Starfleet, the Starfleet Marine Corps, the First Contact Office (FCO), and several other programs. The CinC outranks all respective heads of each service branch, and leads the meetings and coordinates the efforts of the Starfleet Chiefs of Staff (SCS), comprising the CinC, the Chief of Staff of Starfleet, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the Director of the First Contact Office. The CinC is essentially responsible for being, along with the chief military advisor to the Federation President, the person who is responsible for deciding what direction and policies Starfleet partakes.

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