Command Academy Graduate

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This article is an official Bravo Fleet award.

Command Academy Graduate

OOC Awards


Tier 3


Awarded to any player who has successfully graduated from the fleets Command Academy and is certified fit to command a simulation in Bravo Fleet. Holders of this award are not required to resit the course upon returning to the fleet after a period of absence. Awarded by the Hall of Honour on behalf of the Academy Commandant.


The following is a list of recipients who have been granted this award and the date that it was awarded.

June 21, 2015

  • Lt. Colonel Leah Katana, Camp Kovar, Task Force 93
  • Captain Makayla Perin, Task Force 93, USS Venture, Task Force 93
  • Francis Pierce, aka JPSaylor,
  • Captain Robert Callahan, USS Osprey, Task Force 99
  • Captain Celia Rhodes, USS Carpathia, Task Force 99
  • Fleet Captain Catherine Wolf, USS Hyperion, Task Force 9
  • Commander Fane Enedrial, USS Thunderchild, Task Force 9
  • Vice Admiral Bradley Harrison, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
  • Vice Admiral Mitch Hanson, Task Force 93 Commanding Officer
  • Vice Admiral Patricia Morrison, Task Force 99 Commanding Officer
  • Rear Admiral Caymen Greener, Former Bravo Fleet Internet Officer
  • Captain Dale Lockwood, USS Lexington, Task Force 72
  • Captain Harvey Geisler, USS Black Hawk, Task Force 93
  • Captain Jelim Mar, USS Scorpio, Task Force 9
  • Lt. Commander Dagny Taggaet-Leis, The Reliquary, Task Force 9