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Romulan cloaking device from the 2260s

A cloaking device is a ship-based stealth device which renders a starship invisible both to the naked eye and to another starships sensor system. There are several powers in both the Alpha and Beta, most notably the Klingon and Romulan Empires, along with the Suliban Cabal. Studies of recovered examples of cloaking technology from these three powers has reviled that while there are some minimal design differences between them the devices operate in a similar manner.

The cloaking field acts to mask the effected vessel by the use of quantum teleportation. Matter and energy on the outside the field envelope to the other side of the envelope almost entirely unchanged and detectable only with the most sensitive sensor systems. Matter and energy produced inside the envelope is held within the envelope of the cloak are temporarily stored within the field before being allowed to pass through the cloaking field. The field is penetrated by approximately 0.003 percent of local space to allow for sublight navigation. An EM field is produced by the cloaked ship. In most vessels, this EM field was emitted from the ships Deflector array but the Klingon bird of prey had a copper colored emitter that was ran around the forward edge of the bridge. This EM field forms a complex spatial phase of most incoming radiation causing sort-range and almost instantaneous, quantum teleportation of radiation and particle through the cloak envelope and the ship itself.

Romulan cloaking device from the 2370s

There are some limitations to the known cloaking devise such as the appearance of a ripple effect around the outer edge of the cloaking field. The cloaked vessels have to drop the cloak before firing. Both the Klingons and Romulans have fielded vessels able to fire while cloaked but this tactical advantage was quickly overcome by the quick thinking of Starfleet officers. The Klingon bird of prey was destroyed by using a modified photon torpedo that traced the plasma exhaust back to the cloaked ship. In the example of the Romulan its ships location was determined by the use of rapid fire of the ships phaser arrays. To date there have been no examples of cloaking devises that can allow a ship to fire while cloaked have been recovered for analysis.

Part of a Klingon cloaking device
Command section of a Bird of Prey. Note the red cloaking field emitter running around the foreward perimeter of the bridge

To operate the cloaking device plasma is drawn from the ships EPS network via a plasma manifold. The plasma is then passed through a series of automatic gate valves to control the plasm flow into the frequency conditioner. Once in the conditioner the frequency of the energy is adjusted to the optical rage for the quantum teleporting subsystem. The plasma is then transferred to the teleport waveform accelerator. This is a series of hollow energy raceways to speed put discrete plasma streams and synchronize their wave forms for eventual release through the ships deflector array or a dedicated emitter.