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Christopher Johnson





September 4th, 2338




Starbase Bravo


Director of Raeyan Sector Operations

Fleet Captain
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Personality & Traits

Chris comes from a well known hardliner family. Because of his family's background he respects authority and knows when to "shutup". However, if someone asks for his opinion he will have no trouble giving it candidly and to the best of his abilities. He is confident, respectable, and can handle any responsibility in the grimmest of situations. He goes by the book, but in times when he can’t go by the book he will use his fine tuned judgment to save his ship and crew. Johnson prides himself in believing in Captain Kirk’s philosophy: "I don’t believe in a no-win scenario"

Chris has many strengths, as do most people. His ability to empathize with crew members brings him down to their level when needed. In emotional situations, Chris is usually seen as a leader in using emotions to someone's advantage. He was never known as someone who hid their emotions, but he does believe in not letting the crew see him break down. A Captain should never let his or her crew see their leader uncoordinated or unprepared.

His weaknesses vary from time to time. However dealing with Romulans has never been an easy task. One of Chris's best friends died at their hands and he has never forgiven them for that. Due to his positions however, he has learned to deal with his dislike for the most part. Another obvious weakness is his lacking in the ability to say 'no'. Yes, at times it gets him into some sticky situations, but Chris likes to go with the flow and deal with the consequences later.

Hobbies & Interests

Chris enjoys a number of activities which include: 3D Chess, Holodeck activities, Golf, and strangely enough competitive eating. Chris holds 2 trophies for most Delovian Souffle eaten and 2 trophies for winning a Golf Tournament on Utopia Planitia. A little known fact about Chris is that he can play the Piano very well. He doesn't practice often and would shy away from playing publicly, but, it is something of a guilty pleasure. Chris also enjoys reading old Earth newspapers from his hometown, New York City.


Father: Joe

Joesph J. Johnson, or 3J as his friends and family would call him, began his climb into the upper echelons of society as a civilian engineer. He worked on many starfleet projects where they needed extra help because of his expertise in holotechnology. When he graduated college he decided to be bold and go into a field that was relatively new and very risky. Thankfully holotech caught on and he soon became a sought out engineer when it came to installing holodecks and using holotechnology for other purposes. During the Dominion War he was commissioned by starfleet to go around with his Engineering company and help keep the holodecks running at Starbases along the front lines so the crews of the ships in battle would always have somewhere to get away from the horrors of the war.

He is now retired.

Mother: Linda

Linda M. Hay Johnson worked as a school teacher after graduating college. She taught in secondary schools in New York City, which is where 3J met her. He came into her school one day to install a new state of the art holodeck, free of charge, for use by the students in helping to bring their studies 'alive'. It was part of a new pilot program that Joe Johnson was pushing to help out the education system. Linda was so impressed with Joe's work and enthusiasm, they went out for coffee that day and the rest is history.

Brother: John

Johnny Johnson is Chris's younger sibling. Currently he is in Starfleet Academy studying to become a Science officer.

Sister: Katie

Katie joined the Marines during the Dominion War. She was stationed aboard the Enterprise and recently was married. Chris attended the ceremony while the Devestator-C was still in drydock.

Spouse: None

For the moment, Chris has no plans to settle down and start a family. Though, he does want to someday.

Family Background

Chris's family have had military and corporate ties, with 12 generations of military service before his own; his Father served during the Dominion Wars. Chris is one of 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl (John, Katie)). Katie is serving on the USS Enterprise-E in the Marines. John is finishing his time in Starfleet Academy, majoring in Science. Growing up in a strict family made Chris respect authority and to EXPECT it to be respected. He quickly learned trust, tradition, and protocol from not only his father, but his uncles and friends as well. Growing up on legends of past family glory in wars from Earth's World War II through recent engagements in space Chris also learned to value trustworthiness above all else.

When Chris told his parents he wanted to enter the academy, they were very against it. His father didn't want his son going out and risking his life. However, soon they understood that Chris was an outspoken individual and they needed to let him find his own road. Chris's ultimate goal was to command a starship, he knew that if he became an engineer like his father, it would be difficult to reach that goal. So he opted to go into tactics and strategy.

Chris has always been pressured to measure up to his past family members' perfection - although this doesn't interfere with those under his command as he knows that everyone has different work ethics and standards. Such lack of pressure on subordinates can and often has created friendship and respect for Chris. He knows to respect family history and culture. His unique understanding of the importance of tradition allows him to be intone with the diplomatic needs of his post when dealing with other cultures.

Service Record

Chris entered Starfleet Academy in the year 2359, majoring in tactical studies and minoring in starship operations. Chris achieved high marks and graduated into the service 4 years later at the end of his academy period. He graduated Cum Laude and was awarded the honor of being on the Dean's List. He was posted to the USS Baxter, fast-tracked to the rank of Lt. Junior Grade, serving as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. After 2 years service in this posting Chris was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. In 2369 Lieutenant Christopher Johnson was given the senior staff posting aboard the Baxter, filling the vacated Chief of Strategic Operations role. In the year 2372 Chris was again promoted, due to exceptional standards of work, to the rank of Lt. Commander. In the year 2375 Chris applied for command training and posting. Chris became Executive Officer of the USS Polaris during the Dominion War. During that stint as Executive Officer, his CO was killed in battle. Chris had to take command and bring the crew of the Nebula Class home. Out of a crew of 600, 347 came back alive from the Battle for Cardassia. The ship was so badly damaged it was scrapped and Chris went back to Starfleet Academy. There he taught Strategic Operations. In 2380 he was approached by Starfleet to take command of a newly commissioned ship, the USS Devestator. She would be one of the last Nebula's built and they felt that Chris deserved his chance to command. He was given the Command of the USS Devestator-C and has held that post since.

Since Chris's taking command of the Dev he has been Promoted to Commander, Captain, and finally Commodore, taking an important spot in the 4th Fleet's Task Force 58 as it's Task Force Executive Officer.

Due to his successful performance as Task Force 58 Executive Officer, when Ta'pez was promoted to Alpha Division CO, Johnson was chosen to lead Task Force 58. After being promoted to Rear Admiral it was decided, after recent dangerous missions, that he should be stationed planet-side for risk of losing him in battle. He took over command of Hawkeye Island on Raeya 3. Though historically a marine base, there would be a Starfleet Command base built adjacent to the marine sector. He was posted there to oversee construction and command the Task Force.

At the age of 47, Johnson was becoming more experienced and obtaining more seniority. Bravo Fleet's CO tapped him to lead an entire division. Beta Division would be his new command. At the opening ceremony for the major groundbreaking at Hawkeye he was promoted to Vice Admiral by Admiral Clarissa McRoberts. In a short amount of time Johnson found himself in the position of Executive Officer to the Fourth Fleet. Due to massive staff changes and retirements Johnson only served in that position for just under three months. He became the Commanding Officer of Task Force 86 for a period of time before being moved back to Task Force 58 to take up the position (again) of Task Force Commanding Officer.

Running Task Force 58 has became a full time job for an admiral in the Fourth Fleet. No longer was the admiral in charge able to fly about the cosmos looking for a fight. When Chris took command of the Task Force the first time he established the Task Force 58 Command and Control Headquarters on Hawkeye Island. In addition staff positions were added to the Admiral's Office to ensure the smooth running of the Task Force. It was time for the admiralty to be rooted in specific spot that could be protected at all times. The Raeyan Sector is not exactly Sector 001, far from it in fact. Daily, the Office of the Admiral receives threats which are taken seriously no matter what. To that end, the Admiral-in-Charge was given a beefed up security detail to match that of the scale of a Secretary in the Federation President's Cabinet. This detail continued into the new position of Director of Raeyan Sector Operations.

Eventually the Fourth Fleet Command Staff decided to dissolve Task Force 58. Ships were moved out of the sector and reassigned elsewhere. However, the Federation still wanted to maintain a presence in the sector. The Directorate of Reayan Sector Operations was created and Johnson was tasked with running the office. The Federation believed that this volatile area of space still deserved some attention, even if Starfleet didn't.

Commander Leo McGinty

Leo has been a friend of Chris since Starfleet Academy. Though they grew up on opposite sides of the continent they met at the academy in a Strategic Operations class. After serving in Starfleet for several years Leo put his commission on hold while he worked on the campaign for former Federation President Nan Bacco. After the successful election he returned to Starfleet and achieved the rank of Commander. When Chris was promoted to the Fourth Fleet's position of Beta Division Commanding Officer he asked Leo to join his staff as his Chief of Staff.

Commander Robert Daniels

Robert has been a career officer in the Strategic Operations Department of Starfleet for over twenty-five years. Serving in different posts throughout the Raeyan Sector over his career he has developed a keen understanding of the security situation in the sector. Johnson tapped him to become his Tactical Security Advisor when he was first in command of Task Force 58. He has rejoined his staff to continue serving the Raeyan Sector and Starfleet.

Director Security Detail

The Director of Raeyan Sector Operations is one of a number of other undisclosed Starfleet officers who receive special protection from Starfleet Security. This detail is usually small, it only increases when the Admiral leaves base and especially when the Admiral is off-planet. The detail includes anywhere from 5-12 Special Security Agents armed with the weapons that the Special Agent-in-Charge deems necessary for the protection of the principal based on the environment. All Special Agents are outfitted with modified Starfleet uniforms that can withstand the highest stun setting of a phaser and somewhere up to 2 kill setting shots depending on suit damage.

Billet Information

Preceded by:
Kraz Naul Gordon‎
Task Force 58 Commanding Officer
2386 - Oct 2386
Succeeded by:
Edward Mercer
Preceded by:
Ethan Baker
Task Force 86 Commanding Officer
2386 - 2386
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Michael Harrison
Preceded by:
Barak Aubrey
Bravo Fleet Executive Officer
2385 - 2386
Succeeded by:
Admiral Teylas Ramar
Preceded by:
Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff
2385 - 2385
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite
Preceded by:
Beta Division Commanding Officer
2384 - 2385
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Task Force 58 Commanding Officer
2384 - 2384
Succeeded by:
Michael McConnell
Preceded by:
Task Force 58 Executive Officer
2383 - 2384
Succeeded by:
Michael McConnell