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The Chief Operations Officer is a senior staff position on most Starfleet orbital installations and starships in the 24th century. Like the uniform colors of an Engineering staff member the Operations department color is yellow.


Although Starfleet Command has always had an Operations Department to deal with the day to day functioning of line ships and installations in the mid-24th century due to the advancement of universal translator technology, the increasing sophistication of shipboard operations, and slow refit and repair of ships during the Cardassian Wars, Starfleet Command reviewed the possibility of establishing a new department on Federation starships to deal with the day to day technical aspects of shipboard operations. Initially, with the exception of Stafleet Command itself, an Operations department only existed on Starfleet orbital installations or colonies from the 23rd century onward to deal with certain administrative functions of those bases.

In the 2350's a trial program was instituted on select starships through the fleet. Some of the original duties of a starship's Communications Officer was consolidated into the Operations Officer's new role while the role of Communications Officer was changed to that of a more specialized Linguistics Officer who now wore the colors of the Science department. Noting the success of the trial program a full fledged Operations department was created on all Federation starships and over the decades the Operations Division has undergone periods of refinement which eventually led to the creation of the Chief Operations Officer position and it's junior officer subordinate positions.


As the head of the Operations department the Chief Operations Officer's duty station is located in the command center of most starbases or on a starship bridge.

The Chief Operations Officer's responsibilities include:

  • resource allocation (Ex: power distribution and database access)
  • fielding stored item requests (Ex: medical supply delivery to and from a cargo bay)
  • initiating internal or external communications (Ex: sending a message to another location inside or outside the base or ship)
  • rooming accommodations (Ex: assigning quarters for new officers or guests)
  • keeping an updated and efficient duty roster (Ex: knowing what officers are on what shifts and making personnel reassignments)
  • making adjustments to LCARS functionality (Ex: switching console controls to a different duty station)
  • assisting engineering in technological aspects of ship operations (Ex: repairs and replacement of base or ship parts)
  • informing all officers and selected guests of changes in ship operations (Ex: New procedures and features of newly installed technologies).
Note: Some of these aforementioned responsibilities may be reallocated to another department head or a junior officer within the Operations department.
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