Cestus III

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Cestus III is joint-occupied and ruled
Cestus III
Basic information
Star System:

Cestus System


Cestus Sector

Planetary Class:

Class M (Leaning toward Arid)




United Federation of Planets, Gorn Hegemony

Political Information

8.3 Million UFP ; 184,000 Gorn (estimated)


Pike City (UFP); C'sstus (Gorn)

At a Glance

Cestus III is a triumph of Federation diplomatic skills with a deeply alien, often-incompatible culture. Once a flashpoint for a potential war and one of the most disastrous First Contacts in history, Cestus III is now a stable place of peace. Cestus III is jointly-governed by the United Federation of Planets and the Gorn Hegemony. The planet, which is roughly cut into thirds as political zones, is governed as a separate entity by the two powers.

Despite the success here, the Gorn and the Federation colonists almost never intermingle and when they do, its at neutral border sites intended for such meetings. The Gorn remain as territorial a species as ever. However, Cestus III is the interface of trade between the two powers, and the primary point of diplomatic exchange.

Astrometric Data


Cestus III is Class M with a warm, arid climate. Most of Cestus is sandy or rocky deserts and savannah, with ocean coast climates similar to the Persian Gulf, Turkey's Bosphorus or the western African coast. Cestus is mountainous and very geologically active, with almost ten percent more tectonic activity than Earth. Canyonlands and chains of mountains commonly break up otherwise large tracts of grassland or other arid terrains. The soils of Cestus III are generally poor except where volcanic activity was common.


Federation Settlements

Pike City

Gorn Settlements

Female Settlements

Male Hunting Camps