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Federation Faction

Catherine in 2380 as Commanding Officer of the USS Toronto
Catherine Wolf





June 18th, 2344 (Age 45)




Starfleet Command

Rear Admiral
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Rear Admiral Catherine Wolf (born June 18, 2344) is the Director of Beta Quadrant Operations for Starfleet Command. Catherine is known for her tenure serving Task Force 93 as Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force Executive Officer, and overseeing the Canterra Sector Incident Regional Command. She has years of decorated tactical experience fighting in the Dominion War and defending the Federation's borders in the Beta Quadrant. While in office, Catherine served as a member of the Fourth Fleet Admiralty and assisted Starfleet Research and Development in implementing new technologies. She is currently married to Fleet Captain James Allen, the Starfleet Intelligence Bureau Chief overseeing operations in the Canterra Sector.


Catherine always understands her position and role in every situation, whether in regular conversation or serving as a Starfleet tactical officer. While engaging and easy to get along with, Catherine is always thinking several steps in advance, predicting behavior and outcome. She is righteous and follows Starfleet General Orders to the letter. Admittedly, her interpretations do not always align with those above her, but her moral compass has yet to fail. Her command style is, surprisingly, quite relaxed, often offering support and trust to those around her. She isn't afraid to delegate her work, but she sees it more as training to further their potential.

Off duty, she keeps herself healthy by jogging whenever she can. No matter where she is, on a starship or planet-side somewhere, she does her best to run once a day. During her time on the USS Venture and the USS Saratoga, she was known for her participating in sparring competitions with her fellow officers.


Early Life (2344 - 2632)

The Wolf family has quite the story to tell, with lineage tracing back to the 20th Century. Catherine's father, Peter Wolf, was also an officer in Starfleet, but his ambitions were focused more on family than career. When his wife, Anna Rhodes, was pregnant, they moved from the USS Sutherland back to Earth. Peter worked as a Command Adjunct for Starfleet Operations and Anna was a doctor for Starfleet Medical. Catherine has two younger brothers, Calvin and Jackson, with six and eight year differences.

Catherine was surrounded by Starfleet all of her childhood, and her parents expected her and her brothers to follow in their footsteps. Her parents spoke about their work at home, making sure their children knew about current events and how the universe works. They exposed Catherine to new and different ideas, and interacting with the different cultures visiting Earth further open her mind.

Starfleet Academy

After graduating high school, Catherine attended Starfleet Academy, following generations in both sides of her family. Like her father, she began her studies in Operations and Engineering. After about a year at the Academy, once she knew different instructors and divisions, she decided she wanted to become a Tactical Officer.

Once she had a clear path for her future, she took a minute to relax and enjoy life as a Cadet. She found that those around her shared her passion and drive, and she developed lasting friendships that have survived decades of service. As a tactical officer, she enjoyed time in the armory and the range, but for her it was more about the technology and ability rather than the weaponry itself.

Her interest in technology led her to piloting, where she spent time learning how to fly shuttles and starships. As a tactical officer, she felt she should know how every part of the ship operated, including their personnel. She studied the Academy's coursework, but she also studied her professors and peers. She took courses in every field, from Medical to Engineering, learning how Starfleet operates.

Service Chronology

Year Rank Position Assignment
2362 Y-C-1.png Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy
2363 Y-C-2.png Cadet 2nd Year
2364 Y-C-3.png Cadet 3rd Year
2365 Y-C-4.png Cadet 4th Year
2365 Y-O-1.png Tactical Officer USS Nimitz
2367 Y-O-2.png Tactical Officer
2369 Y-O-2.png Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Venture
2371 Y-O-3.png Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2373 Y-O-3.png Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2373 W-blank.png Prisoner of War Dominion
2374 Y-O-3.png Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Saratoga
2376 Y-O-4.png Second Officer
2378 R-O-5.png Executive Officer
2380 R-O-6.png Commanding Officer USS Toronto
2383 R-O-6.png Task Group Themis Commander
2386 R-A-1.png Task Force 93 Executive Officer The Fourth Fleet
2388 R-A-2.png Task Force 93 Commanding Officer
2388 R-A-2.png Canterra Incident Regional Command,
Providence Fleet Yards
2389 R-A-2.png Director of Beta Quadrant Operations Starfleet Command