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This category will serve primarily as a conduit towards all Task Force 93 intelligence operatives and their respective Commanding Officers. The intelligence contained within is based on reports handed over by the starships, starbases, outpost or colonies that are located within the Beta Quadrant. These reports are set up by either the Intelligence Department or by the Command Team themselves. Do keep this page in regular check as situations change quite regularly and therefore could benefit your progress when dealing with the named situations, forces or targets that are named below.

Task Force 93 Personnel
Personnel Location Intel
Rear Admiral Anin USS Thoth None
Commodore David Hawkes USS Fenris None
Commander Aki Shagdac USS Tornado-C Lt(JG) Erickson
Captain Batai Dhej USS Sirona None
Lieutenant Hunter Berrin USS Ajax None
Captain Jack Lashmore USS Southern Cross LtCmdr Night
Captain Makayla Perin USS Venture LtCmdr Thannis
Captain Richard Sharpe Deep Space 14 None
Captain Anthony Richardson USS Excalibur Ensign Michael Dooley
Captain Wyatt Hickerson Curtiss Outpost None
Captain Axon Vendrest USS Odyssey None
Lieutenant Commander John Dodge USS Explorer None
Commander Leonora Wollf S.F.I. Delphi None
Captain Jack Colburn USS Kumari Lieutenant T'Rhe
Fleet Captain Marc Davis USS Redguard None

Diplomatic Status

Goverment Status Assigned Diplomat
C'hakilian Empire Neutral/Observe Secretary Temple
Gorn Hegemony Hostile Rear Admiral Anin
Klingon Empire Friendly Rear Admiral Anin
Krazzle Republic Neutral Rear Admiral Anin
Romulan Star Empire Neutral/Observe Rear Admiral Anin
Sovereignty of Kahless Hostile Rear Admiral Anin
Trigati Republic Neutral Rear Admiral Anin

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