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| [[Bravo Fleet Lore Office]]

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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.

This article contains all the unique Bravo Fleet Departments, Divisions, and Teams and a brief explanation of their function. The canon Branches of Starfleet are still used for IC purposes. To view a full list of our staff, please see Bravo Fleet Staff.

Official Departments

Logo Department Leadership Description
Bf-logo.png Bravo Fleet Admiralty The governing body of Bravo Fleet, comprised of officers, department heads, and Task Force representatives.
Comms.png Bravo Fleet Communications Office The Communications Office manages social media, community outreach, recruitment, and other communications mediums for the fleet.
BFIO-Logo.png Bravo Fleet Internet Office The Internet Office manages the fleet's online infrastructure and services, including hosting, BFMS, RSB, Discord, graphics, and more.
Bf-logo.png Office of the Chief of Staff The office of the Chief of Staff manages awards, competitions, and the fleet's roster.
Lore.png Bravo Fleet Lore Office The Lore Office works with players, COs, and TFCOs to develop canon throughout the fleet.
Magistrate.png Bravo Fleet Magistrate Office The Magistrate Office investigates player complaints to ensure a healthy simming environment.

Task Forces

A Task Force is the primary organizational unit of Bravo Fleet. All simulations in Bravo Fleet are housed in one of the Task Forces. Each Task Force is supported by a Task Force Senior Staff, who oversee the operations of the Task Force. In the case of the Task Force Commanding Officer, they represent the interests of that Task Force on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.

Logo Task Force Leadership Description
Tf9-logo.png Task Force 9
  • ()
  • ()
Guardians of the Gate - Gamma Quadrant
38-logo.png Task Force 38 Delta Exploration Initiative - Delta Quadrant
TF64Logo.png Task Force 64 ENT, DIS, TOS, TMP, pre-TNG, Kelvin timeline
Tf72-logo.png Task Force 72 S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. - Alpha Quadrant
TF93.png Task Force 93 S.E.A.R.C.H. - Beta Quadrant
TF99.png Task Force 99 Distant Shores - Alternate Timelines and Eras

Support Teams & Committees

Logo Team or Committee Department Leadership Description
Hohlogosmall.png Bravo Fleet Hall of Honour Office of the Chief of Staff A group dedicated to rewarding members of the fleet (both IC and OOC) with ribbons, medals, and citations. Also responsible for player competitions and Fleet events.
Lore.png Canon Team Bravo Fleet Lore Office A player committee responsible for developing technology and specifications for the Fleet.
Lore.png Specs Team Bravo Fleet Lore Office A player committee dedicated to developing canon with players, COs, and TFCOs.
Comms.png Fleet News Service Bravo Fleet Communications Office A team of journalists reporting news for the Fleet and its Task Forces.
Graphics.png Bravo Fleet Graphics Team Bravo Fleet Internet Office Doing all kinds of graphics work for the fleet, including signatures, banners, badges, and more!
BFIO-Logo.png Software Development Team Bravo Fleet Internet Office A team of specialists that maintain and expand the Fleet's online infrastructure. They assist in the maintenance and administration of the Fleet's services.
BFIO-Logo.png Nova Specialists Bravo Fleet Internet Office A team of specialists that provide Game Managers support with installing, customizing, and theming their Nova websites.
Bf-logo.png Bravo Fleet Conservatorship Bravo Fleet Conservatorship Bravo Fleet Conservatorship are an oversight body of Bravo Fleet charged with safeguarding its long term security.

Former Entities

Closed Task Forces

Former Affiliates

These affiliate groupings were once a part of Bravo Fleet and are now either separated from us or have merged into current Task Forces above, as is the case with the NX Division/NEO into TF99.

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