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Carnwennan Sector
Grid C4, Alpha Quadrant
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The Carnwennan Sector is one of two entry points used by the Federation into the Inconnu Expanse. It is home to Galen IV and Carnwennan Station.


The Carnwennan Sector first became a part of the United Federation of Planets in the 2340s after the Federation started a colony on Galen IV. From the very beginning, it was a source of major contention between the Federation and the Talarian Empire who believed the system was part of their territory. In the 2350s, the Talarians launched a sneak attack on the colony, killing almost everyone on the planet. The conflict, and those to follow, became known as the Galen border conflicts since most of the fighting took place around Galen system.

In the middle-2380s, the Carnwennan Sector became the opening of one of the two gateways to the Inconnu Expanse following the successful peace talks and establishment of a Federation / Tzenkethi / Talarian treaty allowing for an approximate 10 light year corridor between the Talarians and Tzenkethi to act as a buffer between the two warring factions. This territory was ceded by the Tzenkethi as they had no occupied planets in the transit zone, and were just as happy to have someone else deal with the Talarians as they were with the thought of going to war with them.

The strategic importance of this new corridor became explicitly known after Deep Space 7 was taken by the Ravager alliance, and the Inconnu Corridor separating the Ferengi and Breen from the Tzenkethi on the other side of the quadrant became too dangerous for Federation ships to attempt to navigate.

The Carnwennan Sector is also home to Starbase Two-Zero-Six (206), also known as Carnwennan Station located just inside the mouth of the Carnwennan Corridor. Of the two points of entry to the Inconnu Expanse, most factions found it harder to slip through the Carnwennan Corridor; however still chose to brave it rather than fall prey to the Ravagers and their coalition of scavengers.

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