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|emergency=Warp 7
|emergency=Warp 7
|emergencyhours=12 Hours
|emergencyhours=12 Hours
|slipstream= No

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Federation Faction


Cardenas class
Class Information
Role: Exploration and Patrol Cruiser


Date Entered Service:


Fourth Fleet Ships in Service:

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Ship's Complement
Crew Complement:


Overall Dimensions


Warp Performance
Cruising Speed:

Warp 5

Energy Weapons:


Torpedo Launchers:



Graviton Shielding Systems

Auxiliary Craft

Class Information

USS Yeager just prior to the Battle of the Binary Stars

The Cardenas Class was in operation during the mid 23rd Century. This class was designed as a front line Patrol vessel and the original design submitted to Advanced Starship Design Bureau had limited research facilities. In keeping with the Starfleet preference for ship designs that could handle a wide variety of mission types the ASDB requested that the science capabilities of the ship be increased to allow the ship to undertake missions of exploration and research. Another two decks were added to the design to accommodate the science labs and the quarters for the crew needed to staff them. This changed design was resubmitted and approved by the ASDB.

The approved design was one of only a few ship classes that was equipped with four warp nacelles. These nacelles were located at the end of warp pylons that extended away from the engineering hull so that two of the nacelles were held above and the other two were held below the ships hull. The ships impulse engines were located at the aft end of the engineering hull and this hull extended aft from the primary hull. In an arrangement that would fall out of the Starfleet Design lexicon the ships bridge was located at the forward dorsal edge of the ship saucer shaped primary hull. The Cardenas Class was equipped with two shuttle bays that flanked the bridge.

A total of ten dual emitter phaser banks were spread around the surface of the ships hull with five mounted to the dorsal surface and the other five mounted to the ventral surface of the hull giving Cardenas Class ships 360 degrees of phaser coverage. There were two forward and one aft facing torpedo launchers and a total load out of 300 torpedoes. The ship was protected from enemy weapons or other such hazards by a graviton shielding system.

The Cardenas Class is also equipped with a full suite of Science, Medical, and Engineering labs giving these ships the abilte to house multiple long term research missions.

In the 2236 Construction was started on the USS Cardenas and in the early part of 2244 the Cardenas was launched and after a quick shake down cruise was officially commissioned in a short ceremony in Earth orbit.

Ships of the Cardenas Class operated in all sectors of Federation Space patrolling Federation territory near the borders and carrying out scientific research missions. In their capacity as patrol ships the Cardenas quickly proved to be capable of carrying out combat activities near Orion space protecting ships and colonies from Orion raiders. The Cardenas Class also proved to be able to handle long term scientific research missions that saw them lingering in newly discovered systems to study and catalog the flora and fauna of new planets and map the entirety of these systems.

The Orions were not the only opponents that faced off against Cardenas class vessels. Cardenas class ships saw prolonged combat duties during the war between the Federation and Klingon Empires with at least one ship of this class, namely the USS Yeager, was present at the battle of the Binary Stars that started the conflict in 2256. After this the Cardenas class ships were redirected to the front lines were they were directed to hold the line against the attacking Klingon forces. Under normal conditions a Cardenas class ship would be more than a match for a Klingon bird of prey and would be on equal footing with a D-7 class cruise but with the introduction of the Klingons new cloaking technology the Cardenas class vessels like all other ships in the fleet were overwhelmed by Klingon ships appearing out of nowhere to attack before the Starfleet vessels could react to the sudden appearance of the Klingon ships.

Several ships of this class survived the war and new ones were built to replace war time losses. In this period of new peace the ships of the Cardenas class continued to serve with distinction. Eventually with the continued advancement of technology and new techniques in ship building the Cardenas class fell behind newer designs in capabilities and effectiveness. In 2261 the last new built Cardenas class vessel was launched and in 2315 the process of decommissioning the class was begun with the final active Cardenas class vessel decommissioned in 2355.


Basic Information
  • Role: Exploration and Patrol Cruiser
  • Dimensions: 336 meters (L) x 168 meters (W) x 96 meters (H)
  • Decks: 12
  • Expected Duration: 80 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 year
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 5 years
Crew Complement
  • Total Crew: 200
    • 50 Officers
    • 150 Enlisted

  • Emergency Capacity: 550
  • Thrusters: RCS Thruster Packs
  • Sublight Speed: 1/2 the speed of light
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 5
    • Maximum Warp: Warp 6
    • Emergency Warp: Warp 7 (for 12 Hours)
  • Slipstream Capable?: No
Offensive Systems

ENERGY WEAPONS 10 dual emitter phaser banks

  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank dorsally mounted on the forward port quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank dorsally mounted on the aft port quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank dorsally mounted on the forward starboard quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank dorsally mounted on the aft starboard quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank dorsally mounted on the aft end of the engineering hull
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank ventrally mounted on the forward port quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank ventrally mounted on the aft port quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank ventrally mounted on the forward starboard quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank ventrally mounted of the aft starboard quarter of the saucer section
  • 1 dual emitter phaser bank ventrally mounted on the aft end of the engineering hull


  • 2 forward torpedoes launchers
  • 1 aft torpedo launcher

PAYLOAD 300 Photon Torpedoes

Defensive Systems
  • Shields: Graviton Shielding Systems
Primary Systems
  • Computer Systems:

Deuteronic Computer Systems

  • Transporters:
  • 4 six-person transporters
  • 2 cargo transporters
    • Transporter Range: 45,000 meters
  • Sensor Range: 10 Light years
  • Communications Range: 10 Light years
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: 4
  • Workbees: 2

Other Notes


  • Captains ready room
  • Primary Conference lounge
  • Mess Hall
  • Recreation Facility


  • The Cardenas Class is one of the few ship classes with four warp nacelles.
  • The ships bridge is located at the forward most point of deck 2 giving the main view ports that dominate the forward bulkhead of the bridge an unobstructed view.

Deck Listing

Deck Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Uppers sensor Dome
  • Sensor systems monitoring room
  • VIP Quarters
Deck 2
  • Main Bridge
  • Captains ready room
  • Primary conference lounge
  • Senior officer’s quarters
  • Shuttle bay one (port) and two (starboard) upper level
  • Shuttle bays one (port) and two (starboard) control rooms
  • Transporter rooms 1 and 2, Aft torpedo launcher
  • Torpedo storage
  • Dorsal phaser bank emplacements
  • Phaser monitoring rooms
  • Impulse engines 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) upper levels
Deck 3
  • Guest quarters
  • Officers quarters
  • Officers mess
  • Main galley
  • Shuttle bays one (port) and two (starboard) main level
  • Transporter machinery rooms 1 and 2
  • Officers lounge
  • Impulse engines 1 (port) and 2 (Starboard) mid-level
  • Impulse engine monitoring room
Deck 4
  • Shuttle storage and maintenance
  • Cargo Bays 1 through 4
  • Cargo transporter 1
  • Main sick bay
  • Chief Medical Officer’s office
  • Medical labs
  • Deuterium storage tanks upper
  • Crew recreation facilities
  • Forward torpedo launchers 1 (port) and 2 (Starboard)
  • Torpedo storage
  • Impulse engines 1 (port) and 2 (Starboard) lower level
Deck 5
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Enlisted mess
  • Secondary galley
  • Chief Engineer’s Office
  • Main Engineering
  • Engineering support labs
  • Enlisted lounge
  • Reaction control thrusters
Deck 6
  • Transporter rooms 3 and 4
  • Chief Science officer’s
  • Science labs
  • Aft torpedo launcher
  • Torpedo storage
Deck 7
  • Deflector dish bay upper level
  • Upper long range sensor emplacements
  • Transporter machinery rooms 3 and 4
  • Ventral phaser bank emplacements
  • Ventral phaser bank monitoring rooms
Deck 8
  • Deflector dish bay mid-level
  • Deflector systems monitoring room
  • Enlisted quarters
  • Ships fabrication facilities
  • Computer cores 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) upper level
Deck 9
  • Deflector dish bay lower level
  • Lower long range sensor emplacements
  • Life support systems
  • Gymnasium
  • Computer cores 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) mid-level 1
Deck 10
  • Chief Security/Tactical officer’s office
  • Brig
  • Armory
  • Security training facilities
  • Phaser practice ranges 1 through 4
  • Cargo transporter machinery rooms 1
  • Computer cores 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) mid-level 2
Deck 11
  • Cargo bays 5 through 8
  • Cargo transporter 2
  • Waste reclamation facilities
  • Computer cores 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) lower level
Deck 12
  • Antimatter storage pods
  • Antimatter pod ejection hatch
  • Lower sensor emplacements
  • Sensor systems monitoring room
  • Cargo transporter machinery room 2

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