Cardassian-Romulan War of 2388

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Cardassian-Romulan War of 2388
Basic Information
Date: February 2, 2388 - January 17, 2389
First Battle: Order of 12 attacked a Romulan convoy.
Outcome: Gavarian Exploration Agreement
Cardassian Union Romulan Star Empire
80 Starships 80 Starships
40 Starships 37 Starships
The Cardassian-Romulan War of 2388 began on Stardate 65089.63 (February 2nd, 2388) and ended on Stardate 66045.1 (January 17th, 2389). The conflict was concentrated on the Gavarian Corridor.


Tensions Rising

A Romulan fleet engages Cardassian reinforcements at Senk Nor.

In early 2388, the Task Force operated under the command of Rear Admiral James Ryan, a decorated individual with recent experience of negotiating and working with the Cardassian government. The Admiral's tenure began in promising fashion, with both Cardassian and Romulan delegates arriving at Deep Space 10 to carry out negotiations over an amendment to the Gavarian Armistice Agreement that would have seen the Romulans become signatories as well. The promising peace did not last for long.

The process was undermined all along by the Order of 12 who had acquired a dozen or so Cardassian vessels. Posing as the 7th Order, the ships were dispatched to attack varying Romulan places of interest throughout the Corridor. Their goal was simple – to cause a conflict that would force the Cardassian government to take control of the Corridor and expel the Romulans and the Federation at last.

First Shot

On Stardate 65089.63 (February 2nd, 2388) the Order launched their last mission and attacked a Romulan convoy leaving the Quillian System.

Exasperated by the outrageous aggression of what they believed to be the Cardassian 7th Order, the new Romulan government authorised an attack against the Headquarters of the Order, the Starbase Senk Nor on Stardate 65106.02 (February 8th, 2388)). Led by Admiral S'Ten tr'Ravanok, thirty Romulan ships converged upon the base, among them the IRV Rovaran. With the base defended by only two Heideki patrol ships, it was believed they would achieve success swiftly. The facility put up enough of a fight for three Galor class warships to arrive and for them to get a message to the Cardassian government and the Federation.

Upon hearing of the attack on Senk Nor during a social gathering on Deep Space 10, Fleet Admiral Oliver Tidwell and Rear Admiral James Ryan ordered all Starfleet vessels to rendezvous at Senk Nor and provide assistance under the terms of the Armistice Agreement. By the time the first of the Cardassian and Starfleet reinforcements arrived, the attack was over; debris of the five Cardassian ships and an all but deserted Starbase was all that was left of the headquarters of the Seventh Order.

Cardassian forces bombard planets in the Calsaria system.

Days later, on Stardate 65113.55 (February 11th, 2388)), the Cardassians launched a twenty ship retaliatory strike against the Calsaria System of Romulan territory, bombarding the population centres and causing galactic condemnation, most notably from the Federation Council.

Within hours of the attack at Calsaria, war was officially declared between the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire and an ultimatum delivered to Starfleet and the Federation from both of the warring governments – if Starfleet or the Federation intervened or assisted either side against the interests of the other, it would be construed as an act of war. Unable to abide by the terms of the Gavarian Armistice Agreement, Rear Admiral Ryan (at the behest of Admiral Tidwell and the Federation Council) dissolved the Armistice and began to reinforce Deep Space 10. Starfleet Command, Starfleet Tactical and Starfleet Operations all began assigning new units to the Corridor and began bolstering the defences of key Starfleet assets.

War had begun… and Starfleet was caught in the middle.

Federation Withdrawal

Upon the outbreak of hostilities between the Cardassians and the Romulans, the Romulan government authorized a military blockade of the Aquorat system and ordered Starfleet to evacuate Olympus Base and hand control over to the Romulan vessels blockading the planet. The USS Venture arrived under orders from Rear Admiral James Ryan and proceeded to evacuate all Starfleet personnel from the base before handing over control of the facility to the Romulans. By March of 2388, the Federation presence in the corridor had all but disappeared. The Corridor was a war zone and Starfleet forces had faced ultimatums from both sides. Unable to render any assistance to anyone for fear of being accused of taking sides, Starfleet began to withdraw its forces and towards the end of March, Task Force 47 of the 4th Fleet had been merged with Task Force 93 under the command of Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson.

While the war had started, both parties warned the Federation not to intervene in this situation. If the Federation provided aid to either party, then the other would immediately declare war on the Federation. Starfleet has retreated all assets from the Gavarian Corridor and no ship may pass Deep Space 10.

Cease Fire

See also Gavarian Exploration Agreement

Following several months of armed conflict, neither the Cardassians or Romulans had obtained an edge over the other. Other conflicts on opposite borders demanded their attention. Sensing an opportunity, the Federation stepped in and put a quick end to hostilities. All three powers signed the Gavarian Exploration Agreement, which effectively restored peace to the corridor, satisfied new boundaries, and opened the door for the Federation to return to the Corridor.