Canterra Sector Invasion

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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

On July 2, 2388, a series of automated listening posts along the Federation's border with the Gorn Hegemony went dark. A few hours later, massive Gorn fleets dropped out of warp in the Canterra and Cestus systems, laying waste to Starfleet ships and orbital facilities and bombarding the colonies below. Simultaneously, Xavier Fleet Yards and several other assets nearby were mercilessly attacked in a series of hit-and-run raids, crippling Starfleet's infrastructure in the region.

Reeling from its losses throughout the sector, Starfleet was unable to organize an immediate response. By the time such an option was on the table, it was too late. The Gorn had fortified their positions within the occupied territories, and the Federation Council bade Starfleet to move cautiously, the Gorn Crisis of 2379 still fresh in the minds of many.


Following the Gorn annexation of Cestus and Canterra, Task Force 93 deployed into the Canterra Sector to enforce a border along the occupied territories and defend against further incursions. To support these duties, new assets were assigned to Task Force 93 including new staff, additional starships, a freshly assembled Marine Expeditionary Force, a Diplomatic Corps mission and a Corps of Engineers detachment.


Klingon Involvement

Listening posts along the Gorn border were destroyed. Later, while the Gorn attacked the Cestus and Canterra systems, there were a series of hit-and-run attacks far deeper in Federation space to cripple the Starfleet's ability to respond. In neither case was an assailant identified.

An investigation after the attacks found that the disruptor patterns and sensor ghosts were consistent with Klingon warships. Starfleet submitted a formal inquiry to the High Command, which denied involvement, and reluctantly agreed to help investigate. It was discovered that a faction of Klingon Houses was covertly involved with the attack, though the High Command has chosen to not take any action within its borders, fearing that doing so would acknowledge weakness and a lack of unity in the Empire.

The Rise of the Ekdikos

The Ekdikos is a loosely defined collective of borderlands colonists and sympathizers that believe the Federation hasn't done enough following the Gorn invasion. Rather than waiting for Starfleet to act, they've taken matters into their own hands. Some members work through political, social and economic channels, while others fight within the occupied territories, smuggling out intelligence and committing acts of terror against their oppressors.

Officially, Starfleet considers the Ekdikos a resistance organization, although some in Starfleet believed their actions could destroy the possibility of a peaceful diplomatic solution, especially early in the war. Since Starfleet mobilized assets to the Gorn Theater, though, nothing has been heard of the Ekdikos Resistance.

Mounting Tensions

Originally, the Klingon High Council has denied any Klingon involvement with the invasion. Intelligence has already proven that a Klingon faction is indeed operating alongside the Gorn, and that the Council does know about it, even though they didn't approve it. As the House's involvement becomes more publicly known, sentiment within the Empire will turn in favor of the rogue faction. It is believed that the Council shall become more supportive of the faction before too much longer.

Starfleet believes that the Empire will soon change its tone and support the rogue faction. Both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Forces will have to building up their forces on both sides of the border.