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Canopus Class

United Federation of Planets





Propulsion Systems

Manuvering Thrusters


Canopus-class starbases are some of the most modern in Starfleet, and are most often seen as hubs of busy peripheral sectors not facing a significant strategic threat. With a design derived from the larger Spacedock class and its exceptional capacity and facilities for starship support, it is built along the same classic lines, seen as a strong symbol of a Starfleet presence. Its crew of several thousand officers and extensive facilities allows the Canopus to undertake operations of diplomacy, science, and commerce, and provide maintenance and relief for starships on similar missions.

Canopus-class stations In-Play

  • While not the mighty facilities of the Spacedock or Guardian Class starbases, Canopus-class stations are a comfortable size as hubs for busy but not central regions of the Federation. It can handle significant regional traffic and defend itself against local threats while supporting a variety of missions.
  • Supporting a crew of approximately five thousand, the Canopus has more of a feel of a town in space than the giant, floating cities or small, dedicated outposts of starbase classes outside its size category.