C'hakilian Empire

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C'hakilian Empire
Basic information
Major Species:
  • C'hakilia (Primary Homeworld)
  • Le’khanjĕ
  • Androga
  • Zkh
  • Nayhne
  • Selanor


Warp Capable:


Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Constitutional Monarchy

  • Emperor
  • Parliament of Representatives
Military Branches:



The C'hakilian Empire is a regional Empire that borders the Raeyan Sector. The C’hakilian race went to the stars with warp-capable vessels in 2251. They began agenda of aggressive expansion in 2286, swiftly conquering neighboring powers including the Androgans, Oolanari, Nikashi, Khazi and Selanora and forming the C'hakilian Empire in 2296, comprised of the C'hakilian race and their five conquered species. It was at this time that their expansion slowed to facilitate internal development, and they did not make first contact with the Romulan Star Empire until 2371 and with the United Federation of Planets until 2375.

Political System

The C'hakilian Empire is ruled by an Emperor. In contrast to other Imperial governments, the C'hakilian Emperor is an elected official appointed by the Parliament of Representatives. However, while in the position, with the exception of dissolving the system or preventing impeachment, the Emperor possesses complete executive authority.

The Parliament of Representatives is comprised of three delegates from each recognized race within the Empire. The people of each race elect these delegates every decade, while, except in cases of impeachment, the Emperor is elected by the Parliament every twenty years. The mechanisms of this election require at least a three-fifths majority to pass. While there are six member races in the C'hakilian Empire, traditionally the Khazi do not vote given their subservient and less-evolved nature, leading to the requirement that three out of the five remaining member races approve the proposed ruler as Emperor.


Founding of the Empire

The C'hakilian race conducted their first warp tests in 2251. With technological advances, they quickly expanded, making first contact with the Androgans in 2286. The first sentient race with which the C'hakilians have ever encountered, they proved quite resilient to subjugation because of an advanced droid army. However, wave after wave of C'hakilian forces eventually wore down the Androgan military, unable to produce new drones quickly enough to replace losses, and, once the drone armies had been defeated, the C'hakilians quickly brought the Androgans under their rule. In the late 2280's and early 2290's, the C'hakilians then encountered and subjugated several other species.

The Oolanari were a people content with with vast scientific knowledge but little military to oppose C'hakilian advances. They subsequently accepted C'hakilian rule peacefully, and the integration of their warp technology allowed the C'hakilian expansionist armada to advance at a much more rapid rate.

Soon thereafter, the C'hakilians encountered the Selanora, a species that did not view the C'hakilians as a threat but rather as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and sphere of influence. Assimilation of the Selenora was swift and well accepted.

The C'hakilians then turned their attention to the Nikashi, a secretive people that prized themselves in the art of war. After several failed attempts at intelligence, covert operations and shock attacks, the C'hakilians took a different strategy with the Nikashi: rather than lording over them as masters, they accepted the Nikashi into their society as intellectual and militaristic peers, laying the seeds for the foundation of the Parliament of Representatives of a later era.

Shortly after subsuming the Nikashi, the C'hakilians encountered the Khazi, a pre-warp civilization with a homeworld rich in ore and a populace that was easily exploitable as low maintenance workers. Surprisingly, however, the Khazi put up quite a resistance, even with their lack of technology, due to a warrior mindset of throwing relentless wave after wave of mindless troops at their opposers. However, as with the Androgans, eventually the might of the C'hakilian war machine overcame them.

C’hakilian colony ship.
By the middle of 2296, the C’hakilian Empire was formally founded, its five subject races overseen by the C'hakilians for "the greater good of order" in the region. Shortly thereafter, the C'hakilians turned their attention toward the Krazzle, preparing to strike an outpost on the edge of their common border. However, the Krazzle manifested a massive fleet that gave the C'hakilians pause, and, assessing that their internal development was not at a point to sustain a long conflict if the force gathered was a foreshadowing of the war that would have to ensue, they chose instead to withdraw and focus on internal development.

For the next seventy years, the C'hakilian Empire remained inwardly focused, building out its infrastructure and military might, as well as forming various colonies and bases within its space. They especially fortified their border with the Krazzle and engaged in several border skirmishes, but neither side was willing to degenerate into all-out war in their current state. Consequently, a non-aggression pact was eventually signed.

First Contact Encounters

In mid 2371, a lone Romulan D'deridex warbird encountered a C’hakilian corvette. The corvette was no match for the warbird, but the Romulans cloak rather than engage the corvette. No official words were exchanged between the two interstellar powers, but the Romulans did commit several ships to monitor the C'hakilians, who they deemed a potential long-term threat. The Klingons soon thereafter sent a raiding party into C'hakilian space. In the ensuing battle with a C'hakilian warship, two Birds of Prey were destroyed before the task group overcame the C'hakilians. While the Empire had some interest in the C'hakilian Empire, they concluded that more glory was to be had engaging the Dominion as the Dominion War heated up.

The Federation first encountered the C'hakilians shortly after the Dominion War while on a survey mission in the Raeyan Sector. A lone Intrepid class vessel was ambushed by a C'hakilian warship and destroyed. The next encounter with the C'hakilians was eleven months later, in late 2376, when a wing of C'hakilian corvettes attacked a diplomatic shuttle over Risa, far from C'hakilian territory. A Starfleet task group supporting the diplomatic mission quickly responded, driving the C'hakilians back. This was the first official face-to-face contact between the Federation and the C'hakilians, made between Captain William Coast and Jejkiln Hilianu.

War with the Federation

C’hakilian fleet massing during the war.
Hostilities swiftly followed by the C'hakilian Empire and operational elements of the Fourth Fleet in the Raeyan Sector. The C'hakilians captured and destroyed several vessels, and, in 2378, they successfully managed to capture Avalon Fleet Yards, the Raeyan System and a number of other outposts in the Raeyan Sector. This forced a bivouac of Federation personnel to Klach d'Kel Brakt at the invitation of the Klingon Empire. Klach d'Kel Bracht quickly became a busy staging location for a Starfleet-Klingon armada of nearly five hundred vessels to retake the Raeya sector. Seeking to disrupt supply lines, the Fourth Fleet's intelligence wing, Task Force 21, was deployed behind enemy lines to damage supply lines, successfully weakening the hastily-erected C'hakilian infrastructure in the Raeyan Sector and allowing the larger Fleet to eventually retake Avalon Fleet Yards, while simultaneously fending off a counterattack against Klach d'Kel Brakt.

During this conflict, Starfleet Intelligence became aware of the possibility of a silent alliance between the Romulan Star Empire and the C'hakilian Empire. However, with the C'hakilian invasion repulsed, there were no further indications of Romulan involvement, suggesting that the Romulans had retracted their quiet alliance.

Six months later, towards the end of 2378, the C'hakilian Armistice Treaty was signed between the Federation-Klingon alliance and C’hakilian Empire, firmly defining the border between the Raeyan Sector and the C'hakilian Empire.

C’hakilian forces during the Armistice Crisis.
Two years later, a rogue element of the C'hakilian military attempted to again assault the Federation's presence in the Raeyan Sector. With secret support from the Romulan Tal'Shiar, these ships were provided with stealth technology to help evade long range scans. The first attack occured against Starbase 611, and it swiftly led to what has become known as the Armistice Crisis. Task Force 21 quickly responded and launched a counter operation to secure Starbase 611, and two months later, a larger force was assembled at Kovar, striking at a C'hakilian fleet yard and engaging the bulk of the rogue C'hakilian fleet in the Lantra system. Without support from the Emperor, the rogue fleet crumbled.

An uneasy calm settled in along the C'hakilian border, one that made the Federation wary because it was almost too quiet. It was only a year later when the Federation discovered why: while colonizing several worlds along their border with the Federation, the C'hakilians had come in contact with a virus that quickly melded to the C'hakilian genome and spread throughout their populace. This had forced the C'hakilians to turn inward, attempting to discover a cure, and led to a crisis of identity, the C'hakilian Emperor going so far as to formally apologize to the Federation and its allies for the recent conflict. The C'hakilians then tightened up their border and closed off their space to outsiders, entering a period of isolation.

Although reports are highly sporadic, recent intelligence suggests that the virus is still afflicting the C'hakilian race, having claimed several million lives to date. This has caused a political shift within the government as other races have sought to establish a more equal voice within the struggling Empire.


C'hakilian technology is borne from a synthesis of their constituent members. The scientific prowess of the Oolanari has been forged with the automation expertise of the Androgans, the war science of the Nikashi, and the manufacturing capabilities of the Khazi.


Battle Cruiser Class

A C'hakilian Battle Cruiser prototype in service, 2379

The Battle Cruiser Class is the C’hakilian Empire’s premier class of ship to enter service. However, the sheer effort required in construction has limited development to only a handful of such vessels, all of which participated in the Armistice Crisis and were all destroyed by Federation forces by the end of 2380. This class is not believed to have re-entered production due to the lack of resources and the fact the class suffered heavy engine failure during its active service.

Warship Class

A C'hakilian Warship in 2379‎

The Warship Class is roughly four fifths the size of a Defiant Class starship, but is much more heavily armed. The Warship is a good match for a Prometheus Class vessel in a pitched battle. Four heavy pulse phasers mounted in the front of the ship pack a punch that is comparable to the phasers on a Defiant. Two aft torpedo launchers can provide good cover for retreat and the forward launch tube fires anti-matter warheads much like the photon torpedo. However, the tipping point on the tactical scale for this vessel is the protomatter stream projector (PSP). See Below

Corvette Class

A C'hakilian Corvette, 2377

The Corvette Class has two heavy pulse phasers which are mounted on a rotating turret. One is on the top; the other is on the belly of the ship. The Corvette has a sleek design, and can manoeuvre well in atmosphere. Its main duty is to act as an anti-fighter weapon platform using a point-defence system. The anti-fighter weapon is a tractor/repulse beam that rips at a fighter's structure. This weapon is nearly useless against large ships that have more powerful structural integrity fields. Many of these weapons line the hull of the Corvette. The Corvette is roughly half the size of the Warship class.

Fighter Class

A flight of C'hakilian Fighters, 2379‎

C’hakilian fighters do not have pilots. The C'hakilians have developed a complex computer system able to match abilities with a good Federation pilot. The computer, however, will use mostly the same tactics throughout a battle, making it easy to guess its next move. Because of this, partial memory wipes are needed after a few battles; memory wipes cause a fighter to lose its experience and some of its fighting ability, but do not allow for the computer to obtain bad habits. The fighters work in much the same way as the orbital weapon platforms used by Cardassians during the Dominion War, but they have their own internal power source. The Fighters are smaller than the old Razor Class fighters employed by the Federation.

Space Structures

Space Stations

A C'hakilian Space Station

The C'hakilian Space Station is a huge complex armed with two PSP's, a point-defence system, and sixty disruptors that are the C'hakilian equivalent of Type-X Phasers. On average,five squadrons of droid fighters (sixty fighters), a garrison of six hundred troops and three attack ships are stationed on the platform.

Weapon Technology

Protomatter Stream Projector (PSP)

The PSP fires a stream of unstable substance protomatter and charged photons. The protomatter is not particularly effective against shields, but 50% of the energy it carries may pierce shields when at full strength. The other element of the PSP is unknown, but it causes the protomatter to react with a ship's armour and cut away at it. This same element of the PSP reacts with shielding systems to open holes in a ship's shields, allowing more protomatter to come in contact with the armour. The unknown substance is believed by some to be Borg technology.


The C'hakilian Empire uses a disruptor type weapon on all their crafts had have relied on this technology for a long time. The current type of disruptor is similar in power to the Federation's Type-X Phaser array.

Pulse Phasers

Pulse phasers are a new technology to the C'hakilians, as the physics behind phasers are not as well researched by the C'hakilian scientists as they are by Federation scientists. The weapon in the Warship Class is the same size and is just a powerful, but the recharge time is half again as long as the Type-XII pulse phaser used on Defiant Class ships.


A hand-held weapon used by C'hakilians the same way the Federation uses phasers. It is based on electrical technology. There are four settings:

  • Temporary Stop Person hit loses use of his/her muscles. He/she will recover full use of functions in a matter of minutes.
  • Disable Same thing as "Temporary Stop" but with brief unconsciousness added. Recovery after a few hours.
  • Shock Person is knocked unconscious and mental shock occurs. This can lead to death if no medical attention is administered.
  • Kill Brainwaves stop and all electrical activity ceases within a body. Some parts of the body may melt (e.g. hair and skin directly hit).

The Lalachan can cut through rock and metal by melting the substance. The Lalachan can be narrowed to be used only on certain parts of the body as a form of torture.

Defence Technology


C'hakilian shield configurations usually rely on a number of emitters placed even for medium size vessels. The use of multiple generators keeps shields tight to the vessel, making it a smaller target, and they also prevent disabling the shields through a single shot against an emitter. However, when compared to modern Federation models, C'hakilian shields are only seventy percent as effective.

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