C'hakilian Armistice Treaty

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The C'hakilian Armistice Treaty refers to an agreement signed in 2378 between the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the C'hakilian Empire that brought about an end to the C'hakilian War.



Terms of the Armistice Between the United Federation of Planets and it's Allied Forces (UFP/AF) and the C'hakilian Imperial Government (CIG) on Starbase 57138.4.

Article 1

The UFP/AF and CIG agree in principle that further hostilities between our millitary forces serves no advantage to either, and the Supreme Command of both the UFP/AF and the CIG call for such hostilities to cease.

All armed forces of both sides are hereby ordered to cease hostile activities. All armed forces of both sides are ordered to withdraw from within pre-war boundaries of their adversary's regions.

Article II

The CIG relinquishes all immediate claims to territory in sectors beyond the previous boundary of the C'hakilian Empire prior to the outbreak of hostilities. Both the CIG and UFP/AF agree to respect the previously established boundaries of the other side.

Any warships, or ships with hostile intent, which violate the established boundaries without prior notice will be considered in abrogation of this Armistice. All ships flagged to one of the parties of this agreement must request permission before entering the legitimately claimed territory of the opposing side.

Article III

The UFP/AF recognizes that the boundary of the CIG may legitimately be described as "in dispute" between the UFP/AF and the CIG in sectors 606,607, 608, and 611.

Both parties to this agreement commit to NOT establishing new colonies, outposts, or any other permanent installations within 2 light years of either side of these disputed areas until such time as negotiations on a permanent boundary are settled. Both parties agree to treat this 4 light year boundary as a demilitarized neutral zone. Entry of hostile forces by either party will be viewed as an agression against the territory of the other party. Sector 611 is shall be the exception to this agreement. The aforementioned neutral zone shall be limited to 1 light year.

Article IV

The UFP/AF and the CIG commit themselves to negotiated settlements of these boundaries, on a timetable to be determined by future negotiations.

Both parties commit to beginning these talks at a time and place appropriate to do so within 1 Terran month of the signing of this Armistice. Failure of these talks to commence, or disruption of said talks, will in no way relieve either side of their other obligations under this document.

Article V

Both sides commit themselves to avoid conflict whenever possible, but also reserve the right to the use of force to defend their own legitimate interests where the other party is guilty of egregious violation of this agreement.

Article VI

Both the UFP/AF and the CIG commit to the immediate exchange of Prisoners of War (POWs) and, to their fullest ability, provide an accounting of all those either Killed or Missing in Action (KIA/MIA).

Article VII

This Agreement of Armistice is in immediate effect, and will be the defining document regarding conduct of the UFP/AF and CIG forces, pending passage of future Treaties and Agreements