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Briar Patch
Grid E4, Beta Quadrant
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The Briar Patch, or Klach D'Kel Brakt, which is its original Klingon name, is a region in Sector 441 containing dangerous space matter including the remains of supernova, false vacuum fluctuations, metaphasic radiation and at least two habitable planets, one of which is a Ba'ku settlement. Ships in the vicinity must travel at less than one-third impulse power to avoid overheating the vessel's impulse manifolds. The colloquial "Briar Patch" name used in the Federation was first coined by criminal geneticist Arik Soong in the 22nd century, a reference to the Br'er Rabbit of the 1880s Uncle Remus stories written by Joel Chandler Harris of Earth.

The area known as the Briar Patch contains the stars SNC 461206 and UFC 8177. In the surrounding area, SNR 093120, UFC 9364, NGC 2812 and QSR 390021 are all visible on star charts of sector 441.

In 2271, the region was the site of the celebrated Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt, where Dahar Master Kor led the Klingon Empire in a glorious victory over the Romulan Star Empire. Nearly a century later, Kor was still fond of re-playing the battle in holosuites.

By the 24th century, the region was part of Federation space. In 2375, the Briar Patch was the scene of the Battle of the Briar Patch between the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E and Son'a ships, following the discovery of a plot to relocate the Ba'ku.