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Federation FactionBREENicon.pngThis article is official Task Force 72 canon.

When describing the core reasons for the conflict between the Federation and the Breen Confederacy, the most honest response is to refer to the natures of the two powers. It is, quite frankly, impossible for the two - one a culture built on the idea that all living things have a right to dignity and self-determination, the other a culture of slavers with little concept that others might hold territorial claims - to coexist forever.

The two powers were able to maintain an equilibrium for many decades due to a perceived imbalance between their levels of power - the Breen believed that to challenge the Federation directly would lead to a one-sided conflict ending in the destruction of their culture, while the Federation saw the Breen as being just significant enough that a concerted effort at ending their activities in the space of other powers would take resources that might be needed against other, more pressing threats - first the Romulans, then the Cardassians, Borg, and Dominion.


Many things changed during the Breen raid on San Francisco. With little support from their Jem'hadar and Cardassian allies, and without revealing their energy dampening weapon, the Breen struck the very core of the Federation - Earth itself - and did enormous damage to both the infrastructure and morale of Starfleet. This action proved to both the Breen leadership and the Federation that the imbalance was not as great as was initially believed. The Second Battle of Chin'toka further emboldened the Breen, leading to them taking a main role in the Dominion forces.

When the war ended, the Federation's more militant allies strongly desired retribution against those who had done so much harm to their people and worlds. However, the Cardassians had changed sides to join the allies, and the Cardassian colonies and homeworld had been stripped clean of resources by the Dominion, while the Dominion itself retreated through the wormhole, and still had the bulk of its forces intact and fresh. Thus, it was the Breen upon whom vengeance was taken. The Treaty of Bajor was particularly punishing to the Breen, demanding that a large region of their space be transferred to Federation control and taking a large portion of their production as war reparations to rebuild Cardassia and the colonies of the Federation's allies. The treaty also severely limited the military power that the Breen government could maintain. Both the war reparations and the limits on military power lasted for seven years, from 2375 until 2382.

The Treaty of Bajor also defined new borders amongst the major powers. While most of this was normalizing borders already in place or grants by the Dominion of space in the Gamma Quadrant for colonies, the Federation was granted a large amount of formerly Breen-controlled space. The Breen were required to abandon a number of outposts and two colonies. However, the true flash point of the conflict was an astronomic phenomenon that occured in 2385.

Current Crisis

A portion of the border between the Breen Confederacy and the United Federation of Planets is defined by the Valoris Nebula, a class 4 nebula. While the nebula was considered stable at the time that the Treaty of Bajor was signed, a subspace singularity in mid-2385 caused it to rotate with relation to the surrounding stars. This moved several inhabited systems across the border in both directions, placing Federation colonies into Breen space and worlds raided by the Breen for slaves into Federation space. Both governments, in an effort to protect their own interests, laid claim to the entire contested region, thus laying the immediate groundwork for the current crisis.

Battle of Garen Epok

Main Article: Battle of Garen Epok
The Battle of Garen Epok was an encounter between Starfleet and the Breen Confederacy in late 2386 in orbit of the deep space asteroid Garen Epok, the home of Roosevelt Station, part of a series of events along the Area Of Operations of Task Force 72 that are part of a much larger Breen Crisis situation. During late 2386, a small fleet of Breen ship tried to gain control of the small asteroid Garen Epok and the Federation base on it, Roosevelt Station. What ensued has become known as the Battle of Garen Epok, which resulted in a temporary Federation victory. One of the few open engagement between the two powers, the battle had certainly the result of heightening the tensions along all the rest of the border.

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