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Bravo Fleet Lore Office
Department Head:

Vice Admiral Pinna


Forum Section:

Lore Office

The Bravo Fleet Lore Office is responsible for developing canon for the Fleet. The office works with players, COs, and TFAs to create canon species, civilizations, and plots.

Lore Personnel

Day-to-day operations of Bravo Fleet's Lore Office are managed by the Command Adjutant of the Bravo Fleet Lore Office, under the direction of the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council and the Bravo Fleet Loremaster. If any issues arise, please use the chain of command:

You -> Simm Commanding Officer -> Task Force Senior Staff -> Command Adjutant, Lore Office -> Bravo Fleet Loremasterr

The current Lore Office staff:

Position BFMS Discord Wiki RSB Took Office
Bravo Fleet Loremaster Vice Admiral Pinna
Command Adjutant

Canon Committee

A player committee that works with the Lore Office to develop new species, civilizations, and plot for the Fleet. The committee is chaired by a player, who cannot be a member of the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council.

Position BFMS Discord Wiki RSB Took Office
Committee Chair
Committee Member Vacant - - - -