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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.This article is an official Bravo Fleet department or division.

The Bravo Fleet Logistics Office is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating new canon in conjunction with Fleet/TF staff and COs
  • Keeping the wiki up to date with canon information and improving clarity
  • Wiki staff and policies
  • Managing the Hall of Honours
  • Managing the Graphics department
  • Managing the Fleet News service
  • Supporting users with using the Fleet’s internet services

Logistics Staff

Day-to-day operations of Bravo Fleet's Logistics Office are managed by the Command Adjutant of the Bravo Fleet Logistics Office, under the direction of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and the Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer. If any issues arise, please use the chain of command:

You -> Simm Commanding Officer -> Task Force Senior Staff -> Command Adjutant, Logistics Office -> Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer

The current Logistics Office staff:

Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer Vice Admiral Madar B'Ra'Bin
Logistics Office Adjuant Commodore Madar B’Ra’Bin
Infobase Lead Lieutenant Jessy Kendrick
Hall of Honour Administrator Captain Yuka Layton
Bravo Fleet News Service Editor-In-Chief OPEN


Our very own Infobase, this wiki, serves as a central source of information on Bravo Fleet Staff, as well as accepted Canon for our simming environments, and much more.

The following members of the LO have edit rights on the wiki and can be contacted for edits and other requests.

Infobase Lead BlackWolf Lieutenant Jessy Kendrick
Team Member JamesG Captain Claudia Ainscow
Team Member Shannon Commodore Madar B'Ra'Bin
Team Member Selocon Captain Devin Neely
Team Member JSlat
Team Member OPEN
Team Member OPEN
Team Member OPEN