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Bravo Fleet Internet Office

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Internet Office

The Bravo Fleet Internet Office is an out-of-character department of Bravo Fleet administrated by the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer. It exists to manage Bravo Fleet’s online infrastructure and enable the community through technologies that foster storytelling and collaboration.


Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS)

The Internet Office's Software Team is responsible for maintaining and developing the Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS). BFMS is the Wordpress plugin created by Jon Matterson that supports our main website. The Software Team is responsible for fulfilling service requests, assisting players with accounts, and fixing bugs. They also build new features and designs into BFMS.

Nova Support

The Internet Office's Nova Specialists are responsible for supporting the fleet's Game Managers in installing and customizing Nova. This team maintains #nova-help and #nova-requests on Discord. They fulfill skin requests, help Game Manages with problems on their Nova sites, and create custom fleet-branded Nova skins.

Fleet Graphics

The Internet Office's Graphics Team, led by the Bravo Fleet Graphics Director, is responsible for creating graphics for the fleet. The team maintains #graphics-requests on Discord, fulfilling requests ranging from character avatars and forum signatures to dedication plaques and mission banners. The team also assists members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty in special projects, such as awards images, simulation banners, and much more.

Administration of Relay Station Bravo (RSB)

The Internet Office's Software Team is responsible for maintaining the fleet's forums, namely managing boards and provisioning user access at the discretion of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. It is also responsible for managing moderators who monitor content and enforce board rules.

Administration of the Bravo Fleet Infobase

Working in conjunction with the Lore Office, the Internet Office's Software Team is responsible for administrating the Infobase. This includes managing users, organizing content, and providing a smooth experience for users on the Wiki.

Exploring, Testing, and Implementing New Technologies

The Internet Office's Software Team explores potential software and technology for the fleet. They are responsible for ensuring the fleet has the newest and most user-friendly systems accessible by our users. The software team tests everything from Discord Bots and forum software to new fleet management systems.