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This article is an official Bravo Fleet department or division.

This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy. This page is marked as needing general attention (see Talk)


The Bravo Fleet Graphics Team was created to fill out requests in the Graphics Department Forum Category in an official capacity. The team may also manage and contribute officially to any and all conversation in the previously mentioned category. The Bravo Fleet Graphics Team is responsible for maintaining and creating any and all official graphical items distributed by Bravo Fleet: i.e. simulation banners, official logos, and others.

The team is an Out of Character team within Bravo Fleet that has no In Character counterpart. All the members of this team are volunteers who are not given an in character rank or position equivalent to their team position.

The Bravo Fleet Graphics Team maintains the following locations for requests, Fleet resources, and communication.


Day-to-day operations of Bravo Fleet's Graphic's Department is managed by the Bravo Fleet Graphics Director, under the direction of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. If any issues arise, feel free to contact the Bravo Fleet Graphics Director directly by one of the Communication methods below.

The following members of the Graphic's Team are listed as such on the forums and also manage all graphics requests in which they are assigned. The members here are listed by RSB username, then their position within the team.

  • Greenfelt22
    Bravo Fleet Graphics Director & Avatar Manipulator
  • Jelim Mar
    Plaque & Mission Banner Designer
  • Harrison
    Nova Skinner Mission Banner Designer