Bravo Fleet Conservatorship

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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.


The Bravo Fleet Conservatorship is an oversight body of Bravo Fleet charged with safeguarding the organization's long term security. The body is established by Article III, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter.

Chartered Duties

  • Bravo Fleet Conservatorship are an oversight body of Bravo Fleet charged with safeguarding its long term security.
  • Bravo Fleet Conservatorship are exclusively made up of persons who have formerly held the position of Bravo Fleet Chairman (or its historical equivalent) and left in good standing.
  • Members of Bravo Fleet Conservatorship are specifically tasked with holding the real world assets of Bravo Fleet including, but not limited to: the domain(s), fleet and/or sim hosting, forum license, Discord ownership, etc.
  • No member of Bravo Fleet Conservatorship will hold more than one real-world asset at once, except in extreme circumstances or unanimous agreement
  • Members of Bravo Fleet Conservatorship who are appointed to the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council must temporarily vacate Bravo Fleet Conservatorship during their Bravo Fleet Administrative Council terms


Member Discord Asset Owned
Andrew (aka Aio) @aio#4579 Servers
Tom @Tom#5333 -
Paul (aka MJ) @MJ#8160 -
Darian @DCaplinger#6881 Domains
Ed Smith @Smythe#6213 -