Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant

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The Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant (BFAC) was a voting member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty (BFA) who is the leader of Bravo Fleet's OOC Academy for players and Game Managers (GMs). The Academy Commandant is a member of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff (BFSS).

The office of Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant was reestablished and appointed to the BFA as part of a series of reforms to the BFA and fleet services in July 2012. Its first occupant was Anatole Lazarus who was appointed in October 2012. The Academy Commandant was subsequently elevated to the BFSS in January 2013 with the disestablishment of the office of Bravo Fleet Operations Officer. The Academy Commandant ranks second in the order of succession, following the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer.

This position has been replaced by the Bravo Fleet Academy Officer.

Former BFACs

Admiral Hars Darax

Vice Admiral Anatole Lazarus