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Federation Faction

Bradley D.





May 17, 2352




USS Sizemore


Commanding Officer

Played By:


Bradley D. Huddle is a smooth and confident leader in Battle, to the point of blatant arrogance. Something of an accomplished tactician, he can at times display pure joy for mind games to an almost disturbing level. Always known as a sarcastic joker, with a fiery anger, he's held a reputation as much of a 'Ladies Man' throughout most of his Starfleet Career, until settling down with the love of his life, Samantha Huddle.


  • Assignment: USS Sizemore, Gateway Station
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Full Name: Brad Huddle
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Canada, Earth
  • Birth Year: 2352
  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 197
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown

Counsellor's Profile

  • Personality: Known for thick sarcasm, he's much of a joker who can at times be hard to take seriously. He's a very relaxed officer who expects a lot from his crew but prefers to oversee rather than micromanage. He has a quick fuse when others get close, or pear over his shoulders, preferring to do his own thing on his own time. Has shown some issues with orders, but comes around in the end. Lately he's become very emotionally detached from those around him, having been diagnosed with Acute Stress Disorder. Has seen heavy treatments, and coming back around, however he still has his moments.
  • Physical: A muscular build with a tall intimidating presence, a very fidgety figure who has issues with being still, and can slouch into a chair more often than not. He has a dark blue eye, and has a deep gaze that can hypnotize many a woman for his chiseled good looks. Moves with a slight hunch, usually staring into a PADD, and on his way to the next item on his 'to do' list.


  • Father: Brian Huddle- retired Starfleet Admiral
  • Mother: Nicole Huddle- retired Starfleet Captain
  • Wife: Samantha Huddle - Starfleet
  • Brothers: Brian J. Huddle, Stephen Huddle
  • Sister: Lauren Huddle, M.D.
  • Grandparents: Charlene and Steve Huddle (Steve is an active Starfleet Admiral in the service, Charlene is a retired Senator)
  • Aunts/Uncles: James Huddle, Jon Huddle


Holosuites, Klingon History, Starfleet History

Spoken Languages

Human, Romulan, Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran


Early Influence

Brad was born in Toronto, where he spent the first few years of his life, until School hit. His father was never around- and that left scars on Brad as a small boy, eventually into his adult life. Having no father around, Brad looked up to women more and more. However, Brad's father Brian was a Starfleet Captain, and a very respected one at that. Woman became important in Brad's life- but the prospect of Starfleet was too.


When Brad turned 6, his mother decided to move the family of Boys, Brad, Brian and Stephen to Kitchener. At this point in time, James and Jon, Uncles to the boys, yet at the same age, were living in Kitchener alone, with their servants. Their mother, Caroline Andolini was off on her romantic escapades, and Nicole thought it might be best to have the boys grow up together. All of them attended school at Silver Heights Public, and eventually Southwood Secondary. Brad grew close to a classmate, Marc Swanson during his stay. What he failed to mention to his friend Marc, was his tiny crush on Marc's Sister Samantha Swanson.


With High School out of the way, Brad immediately decided to apply for the Academy. At this point, with the history and success of his father, Brad was admitted instantly and was melded for Strategic Operations. Like his father, he had the mind of a War General. In his second year at the Academy, he met a woman named Amanda Hartrick. They spent 4 years dating until she died in a Dominion attack aboard the USS Dakota; she died in Brad's arms.

Early Starfleet

USS Dakota

Brad was first stationed on the USS Dakota after the Academy as an Ensign. He worked under Lt. Commander Ted Danson, as 3rd Shift Tactical Officer. He was never assigned Security Detail- his brain was much better used in Tactical. That year, the Dakota was positioned at the Battle of Betazed, and Brad was running the Strategic Panel, feeding all information to the Captain and to Commander Danson. His girlfriend, Ensign Hartrick was running Science Station Two. As a Dominion attack vessel closed in on the crippled Dakota as it fleed, it was hit hard in its rear shield, and Science Station 2 exploded into Amanda's face. Brad was able to rush to her side just as she died.

Brad found it hard to stay on, but with Lt. Hortimer's death during the Battle he was given a field promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant and given Assistant Chief of tactical Operations. The Dakota was present at the first Battle of Chin'toka- barely coming out alive. By this time Brad was trying to replace Amanda's memory. Alcohol and Sex seemed to fill that void. Within months the alcohol had vanished- but the women remained.

Two years after her death, Brad found himself at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. As the Battle rages on, the Dakota shows her teeth, still alive. The Soveriegn Class pulls through, but not without heavy casualties. Brad is once again found being promoted to full Lieutenant and left in charge of the whole Department. He is also present in the Federations victory at Cardassia Prime a few months later.

Brad spends the remainder of 2 and a half years on the Dakota still with the memory of Amanda on his mind. His first girlfriend lost to him.


USS Fanning

The year is 2378, and Brad is transferred to the Fanning after the Dakota is refit and given to a new crew. Captain Gambit of the Dakota takes command of the Fanning, and requests his Senior Staff to be reassigned to him. Brad accepts and is moved to the Prometheus Class, Fanning. 3 years of his life are spent ont he Fanning patrolling the Breen and Cardassian borders, collecting Intel as they go. Brad gets impatient.

Starfleet Intelligence

Brad, upon his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, is transferred back to Earth. He is given a desk job in the Strategic Operations Department and given a desk job. 2 years were spent here, reading reports. Over the course of his time, Brad gets to spend time on random war vessels cruises, helping COs train for Battle. It rarely happened, but Brad enjoyed it when it came along. 2 years later, new orders came in.

USS Toronto

Late in 2383, Brad is placed an a runabout and taken to Utopia Fleetyards and placed in the Command of Lt. Commander William Jackson, as his First Officer aboard the Intrepid Class, USS Toronto. The two would grow to respect and care for eachother as friends in the first few weeks knowing eachother. A mutual respect is built. In the upcoming days, their patience is tested in a fight against the Gorn, a rogue Starfleet Admiral Christopher Legends, and Species 8472. They make it out alive... barely.

Olympia Station

The Toronto limps back to DS20. There it is reassigned to the USS Prometheus, the same one Voyager's EMH was found rescuing from Romulans. While on R&R, Brad meets a lovely young woman by the name of Samantha Swanson, he courts her, and the two fall in love over the next few days. She is to be escorted to SB 611 via the Prometheus. Having lost Amanda, Brad feels overly protective of her, Samantha being his first crush. While there, Brad takes part in the wedding of his cousin Celene Malay to the Prometheus's Second Officer, and Tactical Chief, Major Kiara Krezek. He escorts Celene down the aisle, as her family does not approve, and does not show up. Sam catches Celene's bouquet- even if Celene make sure it would happen.

USS Prometheus

As Brad gets settled on his new ship, he finds himself day dreaming of Sam, even while at work- it takes alot of practice to keep focused on his career while she's around. The Prometheus takes off early, en route to the Delta Quadrant, Sam is taken for the journey- as a Panicked Commander Jackson- doesn't allow them to stop at 611. He's in a hurry. Shorty after the Prometheus enters the Solaria Nebula, Commander Jackson falls ill and placed in stasis by Lieutenant Kyleen Thaelis, Brad's ex and the Prometheus' doctor. All command codes are transfered into Brad's hands. Two weeks later, Brad successfully manages to bring the crew to Morex, and begins initiating First Contact procedures.After Commander Jackson escapes stasis- he is captured by Admiral Legends and tested on- being injected. With the help of Lieutenant Stovan and Delenn, Jackson makes it back to the Prometheus as Legends attacks in his Sovereign Class, USS Triton. Capitol of Morex is invaded by ground troops, artillery, and bombing runs. Brad and Sam, find a Morexian- whom they nickname "Jim" and with his help come across a landed Delta Flyer. Brad takes out the lone pilot- and they are able to safely make it off the planet surface as the Capitol's Shield Tower crumbles into pieces. Using Jim's telepathic communication they are able to call help from the Morexian people and join in the battle above the city. The Triton crashes into the planet, and Brad reunites with the ship's crew in the Shuttlebay. As Jackson is unfit for duty- Brad is still left in command and given the rank of Commander.

Temporary Command

Brad takes temporary command and returns the Prometheus to Starbase 909. Prometheus is turned over to a new Staff, and Brad is granted a Leave from Service. His now fiance, Sam, arrives at Starbase 611 for her assignment to the USS Shadow.

Leave of Absence

During this time- Brad never fully receives a Leave of Absense. Over the next month, he is reviewed for permanent command ability. He is tested, and interviewed- before being granted shoreleave for his wedding. Sam and Brad are reunited and spend the next few months planning and getting ready. They are wed together, and both reassigned shortly after.


During his brief Leave of Absense, Brad is married to his childhood sweetheart, Samantha Swanson back on Earth. William Jackson, Toran Krezek, and Sam's brother held Brad's groomsmen position, while Celene Malay, Halaris Imorious and others were all part of Sam's elaborate Wedding Party. Rear Admiral Dan West presided over the ceremonies.

USS Sizemore-B

Search and Rescue

After tying the know, Sam and Brad spent the next few days at a Cottage in the Muskoka area of Ontario. They're plan is to then spend the next month going from place to place; Risa, Bajor, etc. However, things don't go according to plan and the couple is pulled into Service before they could complete their plan.

Sent en route to the M90 in a small shuttle, the couple is forced to find the Sizemore (as a distress call has been picked up on scans). When they arrive, Brad immediately assumes command and begins overseeing repair work. That is short lived when they learn of the imprisonment of James, Emma and Lisa- three Senior members of the Sizemore crew. Sam is sent alongside Lynn Sallmore to bargain for their lives- going against the Morales Brad has vowed to uphold.

Sam takes matters into her own hands, diverting to violence to rescue their crew members. As they flee the Kro'Tak compound, a Divine Hope Class shows up, blocking their escape. Brad is forced to launch the Sizemore before all system checks are completed in order to save the trapped shuttle. The Hope Class flees upon site of the Sizemore- an unlikely scenario. The Sizemore returns home to Gateway Station

End of an Era

After being refit and repaired at Gateway, Brad ventures out with the Wildcat, now as her Captain. Along with the USS Drake, they are ordered to investigate what appears to be a small race known as the Menai, living on the Divine border.

As they arrive at the Menai Homeworld, and are greated; it is learned that the Menai are engaged in a bloody civil war, and Brad offers his services to help end the campaign. The Senate accepts and delegates are brought on board the Sizemore to begin peace talks on neutral ground.

Unaware to most as the talks go on, one of the delegates has brought aboard explosives. In an attempt to blow up the Sizemore, hoping that such an event would strike war between the Federation and the Menai; the attempts fail when Lt. Jason Hawk discovers them on subspace logs.

It is too little too late as many of them blow up, causing Brad to begin the evacuation of the Sizemore-B. After the order is given, he is mysteriously transported aboard a Divine cruiser that has showed up. It's revealed that the Delegate was a Divine supporter and his hopes were to get the Menai and Federation in a battle so the Divine could pick up the pieces. Brad is able to blow up the Divine ship from the inside, and is transported off before it goes boom.

USS Sizemore-C

The Sizemore is once again rebuilt, this time as an Excalibur class cruiser. It's crew, along with it's commander, Brad, take their tools to the Gamma Quadrant briefly to oversee the border wars. In his brief time, Brad oversees the rebuild of Iconia Colony and Starfleet's presence on the planet.

Shortly after, Brad is assigned to take the Sizemore back to the M90 to begin the shutdown process of the IGOR Project, before he is to reopen the Neutral Zone Project, entitled Task Force 93.

Deep Space 6

The Fourth Fleet reopens the Task Force 93 project along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Starfleet wishes to open the talks to enter the Neutral Zone for study and exploration. Brad opens talks with Romulan advisories, briefly, before they break down.

Exhausted mentally from the stress of the past few months, Brad resigns his command and returns home to Earth. Within months he is reassigned back to a desk job at Starfleet HQ.

Starfleet Intelligence

After grueling months patrolling the front lines, and helping to oversee some of the most advanced missions, the ware and tear of space is all but evident on Bradley's face. Diagnosed with Acute Stress Disorder, Starfleet's Golden Boy is reassigned back to San Francisco to the newly created Border Negotiations Division. As part of his transfer, he's commissioned back to 'Captain', and ordered to undergo 9 months of psychological therapy through the fleet.

Nine months later, noted improvement in his mental health is noted in his psychological profile. Having spent his time recouping, Dr. Lee Oswald gives Starfleet the go-ahead to return Brad Huddle to the normal work environment of a Starfleet Captain.

An excerpt from the log: "Bradley is a work-in-process. Still notably showing a cold exterior when pushed, he has shown remarkable progress in his relationship with his wife and those around him. In the past three months he has even opened up to myself and the other doctors with witty sarcasm and joking behavior. We recommend he be watched for signs of relapse, however we are fully confident in his abilities to return to his work on a full-time basis."

Qualor III - New Carpathos Island

Service History


  • 2370-2374: Specialization in Command and Tactical Operations


  • 2374: Assigned to USS Dakota as Tactical Officer
  • 2374: Given promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard USS Dakota, also given Assistant Chief of Tactical Department
  • 2375: Department head killed- Given promotion to full Lieutenant and Tactical Department Head
  • 2378: Transfered to USS Fanning as Chief of Tactical Operations and 2nd Officer
  • 2381: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, transferred to Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2383: Transfered to USS Toronto as Executive Officer
  • 2384: Crew of Intrepid Class, USS Toronto, transfer to USS Prometheus
  • 6/2384: Temporary Command of the USS Prometheus. William Jackson in stasis.
  • 7-8/2384: Leave of Absence from Active Duty.
  • 9/2384: Promoted to rank of Captain- Given command of USS Sizemore- named Field Commander for Project: IGOR.
  • 2/2385: Promoted to Commodore; Assigned as Task Force 17 Joint Chief of Staff
  • 7/2385: Assigned as Task Force 9 Executive Officer; Reassigned to Starbase 109, Starbase Gamma
  • 8/2385: Promoted to Rear Admiral; Assigned as Task Force CO to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 9
  • 1/2386: Transferred to Iconia Colony following the events of the Wormhole closing
  • 5/2386: Reassigned to Task Force 17 as it's new Commanding Officer; Reassigned to Gateway Station
  • 8/2386: Reassigned to Task Force 93 as Commanding Officer; Reassigned to Deep Space Six.
  • 9/2386: Resigns Command - transferred to Starfleet Intelligence as Captain.
  • 7/2387: Assigned to New Carpathos Island, Qualor III as Captain.