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Robert Lee Martens





July 24, 2350


United Federation of Planets

Played By:

Bob Martens

Description of Appearance

Bob would never be mistaken for a super-athlete, but considering him a weakling would be a gross mistake by any being. He keeps his brown hair short and is a clean person. He keeps a classic goatee on his face as a reminder of his time away from Starfleet and in the civilian sector. Bob has a pair of brilliant green eyes which can pierce right to the soul of a person. They have made admirals cringe even while he was a civilian. He has a pair of reading glasses that he uses while working on paperwork. He is not muscular, but keeps himself quite fit and able to perform his duties with ease. Some might consider him handsome, but for the most part he enjoys being a rather plain-looking person.

Psychological Information

Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan

Interests: Classical Violin, Classical Music, Books, the Excalibur

Description of Personality

Bob is fiercely loyal to his friends, and completely unrelenting to his enemies. He is intelligent and quick thinking, with a unique ability to put the past behind him and move on. He has developed a short temper recently, but struggles as best he can to keep it in check. A master diplomat who has no use for politics, Bob prefers to stop conflicts before they can escalate, but has been known to cause a fair share of his own as well. He has a disregard for meddling in other people's business, but also has a tendency to make snap judgments on a person if the timing is correct.

Strengths and Weaknesses

A quick temper and a habit of yelling when his opinion is not getting across, Bob can seem a little harsh at times. He can be judgmental of people, and can also hold grudges on those people who have betrayed him. He also has a tendency to jump headlong into situations and has a severe distrust of the Starfleet Admiralty. However, he is a masterful commanding officer and a more than capable diplomat with a severe distaste for politics. Intelligent and quick-thinking, Bob does not go back on his decisions. Decisive and deliberate, you will find Bob confronting problems more often than running from them.

Biographical Information

Childhood [2350-2362]

Robert Lee Martens was born on July 24, 2350 at 4:26pm at the Leonard McCoy Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, Earth. His parents were Gene and Katherine Martens, independent farmers who live outside of San Francisco on their family owned and operated farm place. Bob was 3.5 kilograms when born and was 56 centimeters in length. He was their first child, and everything went smoothly for childbirth. He was taken home the following day to start his new life with his family.

Bob's early childhood was marked by a loving family who cared for him. He was a pleasant child for the most part, but also got into trouble for being a little too curious at times. One time he wanted to check to see what his dad was doing with a plasma torch. Picking it up and pointing it at the equipment his dad had been working on, he fired the torch and cut off a very valuable piece of equipment. It was through lessons like these that he eventually grew to understand when to take risks and when to listen.

He entered pre-school at the age of five and was immediately hailed as a precocious young child. Mainly, the teacher was just reflecting on his innate ability to get his classmate to follow him and do things that might not be considered the best course of action. No matter the circumstances, Bob was a natural-born leader and someone that could command a group, even at such a young age. In the early primary grades Bob was considered an intelligent student with no regard for "busy work" that so many teachers were fond of handing out. Because of this, he was ranked near the middle of his class and most teachers were apt to point out that Bob did not seem to be a true intellectual.

It was when Bob was 12 years old when he would spend much of his free time with his father at the local space port, talking with freighter captains and distributors. His father was a hands-on person who liked to deal directly with people, and Bob picked that up. He had never been off planet until one freighter captain offered to take him to the moon and back. That captain was his father's brother, Julian Martens. This was the turning point for the young man, as he finally found something he was interested in. Immediately he threw himself headlong into the history of spaceflight, and into history in general. It was decided that he would attend the Starfleet Academy as soon as he was done with high school.

Adolescence [2362-2368]

Bob could be considered a normal teenager by most people's standards. He had taken up the violin as a child and continued to study through high school. During his high school years was when he developed a passion for classical music from Earth. While most of his friends were listening to interstellar bands, Bob stayed closer to home and enjoyed such "old guys" as Bach, Brahms, and the rest. He also loved to sing, and was considered to be quite the singer at the time. However, it never crossed his mind to make either one of his musical enjoyments his permanent career, and he continued on his path to the Academy.

In high school Bob was considered a social-nothing by most people, but the closest of friends and a valued confidant by others. That polar opposite never changed. Some people love him and some people hate him. It was exemplified by his choice of activities. He was a part of any group he could be a part of (orchestra, choir, jazz band, small ensembles, quiz bowl, drama, debate team, intramural sports, etc.) that did not involve strictly organized sports. That made him unpopular with the main "popular" crowd, but well liked by those who were in positions of true authority and also his own peers that shared interests with him. He befriended many of his teachers quite easily and was one to stay after classes in order to talk with the teachers and debate ideas ad things that he had heard the day before.

Bob also acquired a distaste for romance. At Cochrane High School, there were some 150 girls in his class. Out of that 150 girls there was one girl that Bob was especially fond of and was very close with. He asked the girl on a "date" during his junior year and originally things went well. However, Bob was always one to be responsible, and after a while the two drifted as she wanted him to give up on his dream of becoming a Starfleet officer and go to tech school with her. That was near the end of Bob's junior year. He could not accept that and the two split up, with Bob's name being dragged through the "mud" -- saying that he verbally abused her. There was an investigation by the school, and the girl later confessed to her crime. However, Bob did nothing else with the matter and went ahead with his studies the rest of his high school career.

In the academic realm, Bob was a mixed bag. He excelled in history and music, was more than capable in science and mathematics, but really fell out of favor in literature and grammar. That is not to say that he was terrible in those subjects, but that he hated them with an unholy passion. Well, maybe a better way of putting it would be: he hated how finicky literature and grammar usually were. Because he was an avid student of history, Bob read all the time. However, he HATED how, in literature, things never seemed to have the same meaning or a meaning at all. Clocks were people, toads were the upper class -- and so on. He hated it. In contrast, he loved the expression of music and the endless speculation of history. He was an odd person.

Because of his hatred of literature and grammar, Bob did not graduate at the top of his class. However, he was asked to speak at the commencement and received a warm applause afterward. His speech focused on the lessons that history can teach even in a relatively "Utopian" age. It was his crowning achievement at the school and propelled him forward into the Academy.

Academy Days [2368-2372]

So the times at the Academy were altogether uneventful for the most part. It was made up of many late nights of studying and training, along with no breaks between semesters while he took extra classes to try and make it through his courses in-time. During this time, he did take weekend trips back home to spend time with his family. His younger brother, John, enrolled at the Academy when Bob was a junior and decided to enter in the engineering area. John was far more technical than Bob ever had been, and it served him well as he progressed along. Those who were still left at the farm (both parents, Karen, and the youngest Steve) were quite proud to hear accolades about both of the boys from within the Academy. Gene had many old friend within the Academy and it made him the proudest of all.

During final exams, Bob blew away his instructors by how he was able to apply himself and what he had learned. Every instructor he talked to felt vindicated on not giving up on him at some time during his career at the Academy. At the end, he graduated in the top quarter in both areas of influence, but he was on top of the exam scores in each as well. It seemed that all of his extra work paid off. However, close to graduation the news came through that relations with the Kilingons had gone bad, and that war was imminent. Thus, the graduation ceremony was more grim than it had seemed only a few months earlier.

USS Crazy Horse [2372-2374]

His first assignment was the USS Crazy Horse, and he was assigned as the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer on the ship. He was commissioned with the rank of lieutenant, junior grade, and went to work on the Excelsior Class vessel. The Crazy Horse was mainly a lead ship patrolling the Romulan border while the bulk of the fleet was being diverted to the Cardassian area to deal with Klingon and Cardassian relations. Times were very tense during that time. Mainly used to patrol for pirates using the Neutral Zone as a hiding place, Bob was able to prove his skills more than once by disabling a pirate vessel so that it might be commandeered and searched by security teams.

During one such incident, Bob led a group of security personnel aboard a pirate vessel where they were promptly attacked. During the course of the firefight, one of the Horse's men was wounded and stuck out of range of help. Using a darning plan of converging fire and moving as a unit, they were able to rescue their comrade and get off of the vessel. The ship was later destroyed as it launched a torpedo and tried to flee. Upon further inspection, it was found that the ship was actually a Dominion reconnaissance team probing the Neutral Zone for points of entry against the Romulan Star Empire.

Another event occurred when a Romulan scout wandered across the Neutral Zone. Because they would not answer to hails, the Crazy Horse was forced to disable the craft. Upon disabling the craft a larger problem approached. It was Bob's first encounter with a cloaked vessel, and also where he gained his extreme distaste of cloaking devices. A Romulan cruiser appeared shortly after the scout was disabled and took on the crewmen who were aboard the scout. Unknown at the time, but someone who would become Bob's longtime rival was aboard the scout, working for the Romulans. During the battle with the Romulan cruiser, the Chief Security/Tactical Officer was wounded and retired, and Bob was promoted and given the position. This was in early 2374.

USS Proxima [2374-2377]

By the middle of 2374, Bob accepted a reassignment to the USS Proxima, a Nebula Class vessel, as the USS Crazy Horse was being decommissioned. At this time, the Federation was in a full-scale war with the Dominion. The Proxima had just recently been refitted and resupplied and was rushed to the front lines. Lt. Robert Martens was the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, and his first taste of a full scale battle was the retaking of Deep Space 9.

As a part of the 600 ship battle group that was assigned the task of retaking Deep Space 9, the Proxima was squarely in the mix of the vessels that pushed ahead toward the station. The Proxima herself fought off a group of two Galor-class Cardassian vessels. It was Bob's instincts that initially allowed the Proxima to have such success. At one point, the Proxima was able to scare off a group of Dominion ships from intercepting the USS Defiant so that it might complete its mission.

Even though the ship was badly damaged, it was still able to break through the combined Dominion fleet and make its way to Deep Space 9. The Proxima was then put into service as a primary scout for the area in case of an attack by the Dominion again. The Proxima served this capacity for Deep Space 9 until the final assault on Cardassia Prime. After the battle Bob was promoted to Lt. Commander and also awarded the position of Second Executive Officer to go along with his department head status as well.

He served out the remainder of his time on the Proxima with distinction. After the Dominion War, the Proxima was charged with helping the recovery effort of the Klingons, and so they did just that. Mainly, the Proxima was tasked with escorting large convoys and patrolling borders to make sure that all supplies arrived safely at their destinations and that nothing illegal was being smuggled between systems after the terrible damage that was inflicted by a galactic war.

During one incident with a pirate, Bob was once again faced by a rival, namely -- Alexi Brahn. Unknown to Bob for the time being, they had gone to the Academy together and also served on the Crazy Horse for a short while. Now Brahn was working for a pirate syndicate, which he would later take over and rule himself. He also had loose connections with the some shady members of the Romulan Senate. The situation was much the same, a supposed Romulan scout went across into Klingon territory, Bob disabled it, and chaos ensued. In the tussle, the Executive Officer of the Proxima was killed and Bob ascended to that position. From 2376 on he was a full Commander and Executive Officer.

USS Excalibur-A (2377-2380)

Originally Bob moved to the USS Excalibur-A, an Akira Class vessel, during a crew transfer as the USS Proxima received a new commanding officer. There, Bob settled in for his longest stint of his career. It also proved to be both the longest stagnation of his career and then the quickest rise of his as well.

The Excalibur was attached to Task Force 93 and charged with patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone as well as protecting Deep Space 6, an aging base that served as a major post against Romulan aggression. Even after the Dominion War, relations with the Romulans were never great. During this assignment, Bob also began to finally come into his own as a commander of men. He began to relax in situations, and became a "watcher of people" to try and find out what they were good at and where they might be used more effectively.

Bob never sat still during his time as Executive Officer aboard the Excalibur, but was constantly walking around the ship and checking up on crewmembers to see if things were going alright. He always was available to talk, and really enjoyed doing it with almost anyone. During this time he also met up with an old flame of his from the Academy, a girl named Terra. The two hit it off once more, but she betrayed his trust when he found her with another crewmember. The two stayed friends as Bob is not normally one to hold a grudge, but, once more, his romantic interests were destroyed.

Having a security background (as well as tactical), Bob spent much of his time on away missions checking out abandoned bases and posts to check if they were being used for anything illegal. Many a time he was pinned down by fire only to be saved by some quick thinking or just dumb luck. He gained the respect of even the marines on the Excalibur through his bravery and courage.

Terra later underwent a court-martial for her supposed involvement with a smuggling ring. It was stated that she was providing information to a group of pirates so that they might be able to miss the Excalibur on her routine missions down the Neutral Zone. She was convicted, and discharged. She then headed back to Earth, rarely speaking with anyone from Starfleet again.

In 2378, the Excalibur was given the mission of rooting out a pirate group from a cluster of spatial bodies on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. They arrived to find a group of three light cruisers ready to intercept the Excalibur. This little piece of mis-information was handed out by one Rear Admiral Kelly from Starfleet Command. He was already causing problems for innocent commanders in the field.

During the battle that ensued between the Excalibur and its pirate attackers, the CO of the Excalibur was killed. Bob quickly took command of the situation and thrived like no one had ever expected. Through cunning and luck the Excalibur was spared destruction and the cruisers broke off their attack. It was later found out that the cruiser were expecting the transfer of a cloaking device at that spot, and the commander of the expedition was no one else than Alexi Brahn.

The Excalibur limped back to Earth in order to find out what the fate of the ship and the crew was.

While the Excalibur was undergoing repairs, Bob received word that he would be taking command of the USS Excalibur permanently. Word of his exploits had reached the ears of some in the Admiralty, and they wanted to see what he could do. He was obviously very excited, and in the very beginning of 2379, the USS Excalibur launched once more, this time with Commander Robert Martens as the commanding officer. He was 29 years old.

Once again the Excalibur took over its patrol around the Neutral Zone, and once again the crew excelled at its job. The Excalibur was an Akira Class starship, and just the mere presence of such a vessel usually was enough to deter most pirates. However, one was more persistent than the others. That specific pirate was Alexi Brahn. Alexi never forgot about the single person who had been hounding him from the beginning, and he even had his accomplice, then Vice Admiral Kelly, working on a plan to get Commander Martens removed from the equation.

However, it could not happen soon enough. Bob and the Excalibur crew was able to unearth a plan by Brahn's pirate group to consolidate their resources for a "land grab" of sorts, and they had to be taken care of. The stage was set for a large-scale assault against the stronghold of the pirate group, located in the Mira system. Prior to this, Bob had been promoted to Captain, then to Commodore where he took a position as a Task Group Commanding Officer in Task Force 93, and finally, while the buildup was taking place -- to Rear Admiral and Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93.

Now he had command of an entire Task Force to complete his mission of ridding the quadrant of a rather powerful pirate group, and one that had been steadily gaining power through the help of Kelly. A sizable force (think 10s of ships) massed for an assault on the base, and the plan was put into motion.

The Excalibur was to act as the flagship of the main attack group, which would force its way through the "front door" of the asteroid belt that encircled the planet. Meanwhile, a small group of cloak-capable ships (most notably, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey) would sneak through the asteroid belt and come in as a reserver from the rear. Everything seemed to be going well for the joint Federation-Klingon attack until the true force of Brahn's force was revealed.

Using ships that Kelly had been able to secure for them, the tide had begun to turn. However, once more, the leadership of Rear Admiral Robert Martens and the tactical advantage that trained Starfleet and Klingon officers had was to prove to be invaluable. The battle was dead even until the turning point came.

The USS Excalibur was severely damaged, and dead in the water. The bridge was destroyed and the ship was being run from Main Engineering. Bob had surrendered the Excalibur to Brahn in order to get the two face to face. With a severely fractured ankle, Bob laid a mighty blow right on Brahn's forehead with his makeshift "crutch" and waited for the Excalibur to self destruct.

However, through the timely arrival of then Executive Officer Jason Long and Engineer Sajida Kajada, Bob was saved from his own death and was forced to watch his own ship destroy itself, along with Brahn, from a distance. That was the end of the USS Excalibur-A.

USS Excalibur-B (2380)

After the destruction of the Excalibur-A, Bob had to answer for what happened to his ship -- back on Earth. He stood trial for what had happened to the Excalibur, and was almost immediately absolved of any wrong doing based on the situation that had occurred along with the results that had happened as well. However, the stage was set for a later tragedy that would almost ruin him for the rest of his life.

However, Bob did receive a new ship, the USS Excalibur-B, a brand new Explorer Class vessel. Modeled after the Excelsior Class (which it was intended to replace), the new Excalibur-B was a major leap forward in technology and amenities. Along with a new ship, Jason Long was reinstated within Starfleet and accepted his position as Executive Officer as well. He was promoted to Commander soon after and things were set for the Excalibur to return to action.

After a short shakedown cruise where all of the "kinks" were ironed out, the news came that the Gorn were planning a hostile expedition into Federation territory, backed by the remains of Brahn's pirates and former Vice Admiral Kelly as well. Kelly had been ratted out, and was now on the run to meet up with the Gorn fleet as well.

A battle plan was readied to combat the threat and a fleet amassed at Starbase 99. However, soon after the USS Excalibur arrived at Starbase 99, then Vice Admiral Robert Martens was recalled back to Earth to answer to new charges against him. He left Commander Jason Long in charge of the Excalibur and handed command of the fleet to General Brancer. Bob never got to battle the Gorn. That was the end of his command of the USS Excalibur.

Betrayal (The Exile) [2380-2383]

When Vice Admiral Robert Martens arrived back on Earth, he found that a tribunal had already been called to session, and the members of that tribunal were ready to hear his testimony. He was being charged with a number of different things, but the gist of it was that he was too dangerous to have in Starfleet any longer.

What was unknown to almost anyone was that Kelly had been behind this tribunal the whole time. He had made sure that three of his conspirators were sitting on it, and that there would be no chance that Bob would be able to get out of being discharged from Starfleet. Everything had gone to plan, except that Admiral Janeway had been sitting instead of one of Kelly's friends, who had been called away on other business.

However, this did now play into Bob's hand at all. Janeway had been vocal about her dislike of Bob and his command style, and Bob had been vocal in the same way about her. Even though all of the charges were circumstantial at best (and if other people had been there, he would have been allowed to go free), he was found guilty and it was up to Admiral Janeway to discharge him. She had other plans.

Janeway knew what kind of an uproar would occur if everyone found out that Bob had been discharged, so she falsified his records to state that he had retired and been released on his own free will. This was completely unknown to Bob, who had stormed into her office to hear the verdict and threw his pips across her office in disgust. Bob did not know at all that his record had been falsified, and he did not find out for two years.

Kelly had won the round. Bob was out of the picture and completely unable to do anything for himself anymore. He was so heartbroken for months afterward, and all he did was stay on the family farm and work where he could. It was not until an old friend, Terra from years back, showed up was he able to pick himself up and move on in the least way possible. When she arrived, it had been almost eight months to the day since he had been forced out of Starfleet.

That was the day that the two got together and purchased their freighter, the SS Tranquility. It was an old freighter that was in disrepair, but they were confident that they would be able to get it going and get to work. It took the better part of three months to find a crew and get the ship to work. Once they were actually off of the ground and working, things went relatively well. The contacts that both Bob and Terra had were invaluable while they tried to find work.

The two worked together for almost two years aboard the SS Tranquility, just trying to find work and make a living off of it. Through it all, though, Bob has felt betrayed by the Starfleet Admiralty, but also empty because he was not doing what he loved so much. He wanted to get back to commanding a starship and making difference. All he had to do was find a way to get back and do it.

Bob decided it was best to finally head back to Earth for the first time in almost two years. He did it without telling his crew, and using a "moonshine run" as a cover up to get back there. No one on the ship knew what was going on until after he had done it.

The first thing he did was visit his family, which was heartwarming and reaffirming. He had missed them greatly and it was great to see them all again. His brother, Steve, was there for the weekend. He was a teacher in San Francisco and was visiting for the weekend like he usually did. After staying the night, Bob headed back to the Starfleet Headquarters for the first time since that fateful day two years earlier.

After coercing his way into a meeting with Admiral Janeway, he went and confronted her with what she had been accomplice to. Since the tribunal, the two other admirals had been dismissed from Starfleet and prosecuted for treason -- and both had been found guilty. However, Janeway had never brought up Bob's case again after the fact. He confronted her, but knew it would be no good. The best he could hope to accomplish was to get to her core and shake her a little. After that, he headed back home to say goodbye and then back to the Tranquility in order to get back on his way.

His last hope was to talk with an old friend, Commodore Jason Long of Deep Space 6.

The Rebirth and Renewal [2383-2384]

Able to secure another Tribunal in order to look at the old ruling rendered two years back, Bob headed back to Earth in the hope that he would be able to find himself reinstated and back in command. He was lucky enough to have just that happen for him, even though the details as to why are sketchy at best.

He was reinstated as a commodore, receiving a demotion because of one charge which was not dropped. However, he did not immediately find out where or what he would be commanding, but he was able to gather together a small crew and prepared for their assignment. A short while later it was revealed that Bob and his crew were to be assigned aboard the USS Excalibur-B once again, with Bob back in his old command. It was a shock, and one which Bob did not quite know how to take.

They quickly traveled to Deep Space 6 in order to oversee the refit of the Excalibur due to damage it has sustained only a short while before. However, complications came up in many different forms. The most common one was a massive problem with staffing the vessel due to the reputation of Commodore Martens and some of his crew came to light. Because of that, many departments were running understaffed for a good portion of the refit.

Along with that, a group inside of Starfleet actively undertook terrorist operations against the Excalibur and her crew. While the exact members of the group and the extent to which it ascended the ladder of the Chain of Command is unknown, those attacks have since then been ceased. Kidnappings, booby traps, and defective supplies were common tactics used to try and discourage or stop the crew from continuing and completing the refit on time. There is currently an ongoing investigation within the upper levels of Starfleet Command into the incidents.

Currently, the USS Excalibur-B is on a mission to explore what is beyond the aperture of a gateway found by the members of Deep Space 6. The ship was destroyed on her first mission through the gateway as the vessel was self-destructed in order to both keep the aperture open long enough for the crew to escape, but collapse it as to keep the enemy on the other side. As this was his second ship to be destroyed, it brought about another long period of time where the status of then-Admiral Martens was not known.

Condemnation [2384-2385]

Knowing he had many enemies within the higher ranks of Starfleet, the court martial did not surprise him one bit. Bob was charged again with gross negligence and dereliction of duty in his response to the aperture and the destruction of the second Excalibur. While perhaps a bit unfair, the trial was relatively quick for a high-ranking official like himself with the ruling being handed down in early 2385. It was as to be expected.

He was stripped of his rank and his command, the new Excalibur to be handed off to another some time in the future. He was not given an assignment right away, but was to serve a probationary period of six months as his record was reviewed within Fleet Command before he was to be completely reinstated and reactivated. Those were hard moths.

He spent most of his time on Earth working what contacts he had to find new assignments for his crew. He didn't know if it would ultimately do any good, but he wanted to make sure that if judgement was going to be on him, that he would keep the names of those served as clean as possible.

Reinstatement and "Retirement" [2385-2388]

He was to be reinstated at the rank of Captain and put into semi-retirement, mainly as a way to keep him busy enough as to not cause trouble but active enough to be of some good. He would stay on Earth and act as an advisor for the Admiralty, even though he would spend more time in the outermost colonies and outposts taking a look at the facilities Starfleet had forgotten long ago. It wasn't glamorous work, but it was needed work and he was able to at least travel beyond Sol.

Of course, it was his nature to be a thorn in the side of those he deemed incompetent and the area commanders in those backwater areas were none to pleased to have a former admiral poking his nose at their facilities. Enough complaining can get a person in trouble and Bob found himself again receiving complaints both through official, and non-official, channels.

Exile to the Delta Quadrant [2388-Present]

They had to do something with Captain Martens and he hadn't done anything wrong to deserve to be kicked out of Starfleet, which was disappointing to many. However, as it often happens, an opportunity presented itself in the form of changes in the connection between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, making the lives of those in Task Force 38 much more difficult. Seeing as the commanders there were already swamped, a helping hand could do them much good.

As such, new orders to written and Captain Robert Martens was to transfer to Starbase 900 as the Station Commander, reporting directly to Vice Admiral Robert Dowd. He knew nothing of this Admiral Dowd, but getting out of the Admiralty's eye and back into a permanent assignment made some sense.

However, Bob knew what this assignment was really supposed to be ... exile.

Starfleet Service Record

  • Graduate From Starfleet Academy (2372)
  • USS Crazy Horse - Asst. Chief Sec/Tac Officer - Lt. JG (2372)
    • Promoted to Chief Sec/Tac Officer - Lieutenant (2374)
  • USS Proxima - Chief Sec/Tac Officer - Lieutenant (2374)
    • Promoted to Second Executive Officer - Lt. Commander (2375)
    • Promoted to Executive Officer - Commander (2376)
  • USS Excalibur-A - Executive Officer - Commander (2377)
    • Promoted to Commanding Officer - Commander (2379)
    • Promoted to TGCO in Task Force 93 - Captain (2379)
    • Promoted to TF2XO of Task Force 93 - Commodore (2379)
    • Promoted to TFCO of Task Force 93 - Rear Admiral (2379)
    • Promoted to Vice Admiral (2379)
  • USS Excalibur-B - Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral (2380)
  • Discharged Upon Request (2380)
  • Reinstated Upon Request - Commodore (2383)
  • USS Excalibur-B - Commanding Officer - Commodore (2383)
    • Promoted to TFCO of TF9 - Rear Admiral (2383)
    • Promoted to Alpha Division Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral (2383)
    • Pormoted to Bravo Fleet Executive Officer - Admiral (2384)
  • Court Martial and Demotion - Captain (2384-2385)
    • Probation - Captain (2385)
  • Advisor to Admiralty - Captain (2385-2388)
  • Starbase 900 - Station Commander - Captain (2388-Present)