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Black Nagus
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21st Century

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The Black Nagus can refer to both the notorious Ferengi criminal kingpin Lurk or the vast organization under his iron fist. Both the founding individual and his organization stand in stark opposition against the Ferengi Tower of Commerce and its interpretation of the Rules of Acquisition. This ideological conflict has driven the Black Nagus underground for almost 200 years where it operates from the shadows with virtual impunity.


Long before the Federation was born, the Ferengi Alliance connived and thrived its way into stellar trade. For 10,000 years, the Alliance wielded power and influence over the Ferengi people, executing crony justice through grift and bribery in the name of the Divine Treasury. The Grand Nagus, a position derived from the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities and far more notorious Rules of Acquisition, governed the Alliance from Ferenginar's Tower of Commerce with a latinum fist for millennia.

Sometime during the 21st century, while Earth was undergoing yet another war, there was a class struggle brewing on Ferenginar. An upstart Ferengi who had recently purchased the title of DaiMon challenged the Rules of Acquisition in a public forum. DaiMon Lurk, as he was recorded in the court proceedings of the Board of Liquidators, challenged Rule 18: "A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all."

Lurk argued that profit was only a placeholder for power, and so if a Ferengi surrendered his personal agency for the sake of profit, then he would have no influence with which to bribe the Registrar of the Divine Treasury. Vengeance, therefore, was often preferable to latinum, for with it one could dare to rob the Divine Treasury rather than bribe one's way into it.

Summarily branded a traitor and a heretic, Lurk was stripped of his title and status, and awaited state execution in a Ferengi gulag with no name. An unexpected groundswell of support led to a revolt and subsequent escape for Lurk, resulting in the birth of his criminal organization. His heretical status struck his name from the registry in the Tower of Commerce, along with everyone else blackballed by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

Rise to Power

The Black Nagus, as Lurk quickly styled himself, began to operate well outside of Ferengi territory. Rather than perform trade for profit, Lurk took to everything from piracy to terrorism in the acquisition of power, which his zealot associates came to value as true wealth above all currencies. As a result of the Ferengi Alliance's shunning, there was little the Board of Liquidators could do to stave the unchecked growth of the Black Nagus organization. Whenever one illegal operation was shut down, two more sprung up elsewhere, all the while drawing off of resources spanning both Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


For over two centuries, the Black Nagus conducted illegal trade and smuggling of contraband from the Inconnu Expanse, the Wastelands, the Gavarian Frontier, and beyond. While the Black Nagus trades in conventionally profitable goods and services, including armaments, rare and exotic materials, and other assorted merchandise, its true commodity is information. Brokering intelligence and information is the mainstay of the Black Nagus, as most of its holdings trade hands through proxy agents which are easily liquidated and divested. To put a fine point to it: the Black Nagus is everywhere and nowhere.

Most Black Nagus operatives are encountered through black market trade, but the organization’s leaders maintain a higher aim. Through corporate and political espionage, the Black Nagus bribes, barters, and blackmails powerful individuals in pursuit of their goals of acquiring power in the form of secret knowledge. Technological breakthroughs, state secrets, and other classified information are their highest priorities. It is known that Lurk has extended his lifespan through acquired biomedical advancements, and it is rumored that his most trusted followers benefit from it as well.

After some 200 years of building his ever-shifting shadow empire, Black Nagus Lurk remains in the background. Loyal Ferengi who earn DaiMon status, as opposed to purchasing it, are trusted to oversee the organization’s primary operations, leaving Lurk to scheme from his many palaces. It is believed that the organization was once headquartered somewhere in the Wastelands, but Starfleet Intelligence has difficulty pinpointing any of its current bases of operation.

Known and Suspected Actions

When the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, the Black Nagus wasted little time in advancing its interests. The rise of the Dosi Consortium led to a vicious underworld battle wherein the Black Nagus temporarily aligned its interests with the Federation to assist in the Consortium's downfall. Since that time, the Black Nagus has aggressively and relentlessly pursued hostile takeovers for the fragmented Consortium's splinter cells. Black Nagus interests in the Gamma Quadrant came to a head during the mutiny of the USS Chimaera, which was reported as instigated by the Black Nagus in an attempted takeover of a Consortium cell.

It is theorized that the Black Nagus has performed similar activities within the Delta Quadrant, but Starfleet's Intelligence apparatus is insufficient to determine anything for certain.

In December of 2388, the Bynar homeworld of Bynaus was attacked by the largest scale Black Nagus operation to date which experts have labeled the Bynar Information Crisis. Through a cleverly designed ruse involving a quantum-powered android and a Bynar severed from the master computer network, the Black Nagus inserted a virus into the Bynars’ network that destabilized it to the point of crashing. Once propagated, however, it would have stabilized into unfettered backdoor access that the Black Nagus would have used to subvert any and all Federation cybersecurity protocols based on Bynar source code. Memory Theta was credited with discovering and subsequently foiling the plot.

Following the Bynar Information Crisis, the Black Nagus severed ties with an unknown reiteration of Section 31, leading to the arrest of several Starfleet officers.

By early 2389, the collated network data throughout the Federation and Starfleet Intelligence's infiltrator reports indicated that the Black Nagus set its sights beyond the known galaxy into the Messier 4 globular cluster. Canopus Station remains on the lookout for Black Nagus activity.

As of June of 2389, Starfleet Intelligence categorized the Black Nagus as a potential sponsor and provocateur for the Freedom’s Legion movement.

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