BlackWolf/Sandbox/Task Force 93 Canon Update

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As Director of Communications within Task Force 93, I am the leading figure to update all information that is related to this task force. Below you will see a list of information that is being worked on. It is a pretty straightforward list. But even I need some help, seeing that the TF is large and piles of reports come in that add new information, I can't foresee everything that needs to be added to a certain page. Thus I want to ask people to use the following form to give updates that I might have overseen. Note! The form is meant for the completed pages! The other pages are being worked on.

Phase I - Overview
Status Article Effort
Complete Task Force 93 Major
Complete Task Force 93 Command History Minor
In Progress Task Force 93 Timeline Major
Complete Template:TF93 Footer Minor
Phase II - Regional Overview
Status Article Effort
In Progress Raeyan Transit Corridor Major
Complete Hobus Major
In Progress Triangle Region Major
Complete Raeya Sector Block Major
Pending Beta Quadrant Major
In Progress Gavarian Corridor Consolidate Task Force 72
Pending Typhon Expanse Minor
Pending Romulan Neutral Zone Minor
Phase III - Regional Specifics
Status Article Effort
Pending Canterra Major
Pending Cestus Major
In Progress Qo'nos Minor
Pending Tholian Assembly Minor
Pending Ratarian Republic Consolidate Task Force 72
Complete C'hakilian Empire Minor
In Progress Gorn Hegemony Minor
Complete Klingon Empire Minor
Complete Krazzle Republic Minor
In Progress Romulan Star Empire Minor
In Progress Sovereignty of Kahless Minor
Complete Trigati Republic Minor
Complete United Federation of Planets Minor
Pending Otha Sector Minor
Pending Category:Beta Quadrant Major Players Consolidate (Category: Lifeforms & Category: ... Powers)
Pending Category:Beta Quadrant Minor Players Consolidate (Category: Lifeforms & Category: ... Powers)
In Progress Category:Beta Quadrant Astrometrics Database Consolidate (Category: Lifeforms & Category: ... Powers)
Phase IV - Background Information
Status Article Effort
Pending Romulan Star Navy subpage Minor
Pending Romulan Star Navy page Minor
Complete Treaty of Algeron Minor
Complete Tripartite Treaty Minor
Complete Treaty of Union Minor
Complete Treaty of Nelvana Minor
Complete Ge'Ovan Charter Minor
Complete Curtiss Outpost Minor
Complete Deep Space 6 Minor
Complete Deep Space 14 Minor
Complete Deep Space 19 Minor
Complete Faltan Station Minor
Pending badlands Minor
Pending Outpost 93 Minor
In Progress Providence Fleet Yards Minor
Complete Hawkeye Island Minor
Complete S.F.I. Delphi Minor
Complete Starbase Bravo Minor
Complete Starbase 400 Minor
In Progress Starbase 611 Minor
Pending Surplus Depot Z15 Minor
Complete Starbase 440 Minor
In Progress Xavier Fleet Yards Minor
In Progress Avalon Fleet Yards Minor
Pending Echelon Station Minor
In Progress Hailston Station Minor
Complete Mannheim Temporal Research Facility Minor
Pending Trinity Station Minor
Complete Starbase 99 Minor
Pending Starbase 565 Minor
Pending Starbase 911 Minor
Complete Raeya III Minor
Complete Faltan III Minor
In Progress Canopus VII Minor
In Progress Karr Minor
Pending Niveq Minor
Complete Rumlla Minor
In Progress Sinela IV Minor
In Progress Union III Minor
In Progress Karr Colony Minor
In Progress Kovar Colony Minor
Complete New Victoria Minor
Complete Trinity IV Minor
In Progress Klingon Civil War Minor
In Progress Raeya Rebellion Minor
In Progress Gorn War Minor
In Progress Romulan Conflict Minor