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Raeya Uprising

Over the years, a fringe anti-Starfleet movement gained increased political power. Their unpopular efforts to remove Starfleet from the sector block fell on deaf ears at the Federation Council. As Starfleet continued their efforts to administer the space of the sector block with increased bases and starships, the fringe movement gained popularity and eventually became majority powers on several planets. Now, the Federation must contend with the Raeya Confederation Party (RCP), a movement that seeks to remove all Starfleet assets from the Sector Block due to the violence of history and the political aims of RCP.


The history of Raeya uprising has its roots in the tumultuous history the Federation had with the region. Essentially, the sentiment has simmered below the surface with various wings jockeying for power. Up til now, a peaceful wing has been able to stoke the extremists' elements of the dissidents, yet over time the extremists rise in power, uniting several dissident factions to combat Starfleet while maintaining Federation trade relations.

Raeya III

Main article: Raeya III

In 2372, the Raeyans, a Constitutional Monarchy, had first contact with space faring people other than their own, through the Federation's Fourth Fleet. A technological and cultural revolution took place, as the Raeyans were eager to accept Federation technology as a Protectorate world. Two major installations were built on and around the planet itself, first Starbase Bravo and then Hawkeye Island. Raeya III and the rest of the system became the center of activity for all Raeyan Sector Block activity as the Raeyans enjoyed the most peaceful and prosperous time of their existence. This only lasted a few years as the C'hakilian War ravaged through the region, conquering the sector block and occupying Raeya III. While the C'hakilians were eventually driven out of the sector blockand off the planet about a year after the war started, it was at the cost of millions of Raeyan lives, including the complete destruction of Raeya II.

Most scars are healed, but there is some resentment for the Federation not being able to protect Raeya III as well as originally thought. There has been some increased political resistance from some officials after the war, but most realize the vast benefits that Starfleet and the Federation has to offer. In 2386, when most of the Starfleet forces withdrew from the sector block, leaving only critical ships and installations to protect what interests were left. Starbase Bravo reduced operations and Avalon Fleet Yards were decommissioned, leaving only Hawkeye Island as the last Federation base in the Raeyan System. This caused some Raeyans to become very suspicious of the Federation's ability to protect the planet and its people, voiced chiefly by Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and even Pro-Federation Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti. However, after their untimely, and perhaps suspicious deaths, depending on who was asked, new leadership wished to strengthen the bonds with the Federation even more.

Hawkeye Island

In 2386 the majority of Starfleet forces left the Raeyan Sector Block and Eric Winters took over as the station’s commanding officer. Most of the starbases and fleet yards in the sector block were decommissioned leaving Hawkeye, Trinity Station, Starbase 911, Starbase 349, Starbase 440, and the few starships still assigned to the sector block to provide security to the protectorate colonies and other remaining Federation interests. A largely respected Raeyan genetic scientist by the name of Dr. Marius Benthom, approached Hawkeye with a secret he had been keeping. As a simple exercise in his abilities, Benthom modified a fairly common Raeyan plant so it's pollen held incredibly potent hallucinogenic properties. The sample, created years ago and kept in storage, was released during hurricane E'tal's assault on the Randa Islands when a powerful lightning strike damaged his personal lab. The plant had been spreading around the islands like a weed since the hurricane. The hallucinogenic plant had a serious effect on anyone who came in contact with it, causing an individual's deepest part of their psyche to emerge in their conscious mind.

Everyone had their own different visions. Some saw themselves somewhere else completely reliving past events, being a third party witness to some memory, or just a single person from their past talking to them years later. Crew members who experienced traumatic and/or violent events became unstable and resulted in some casualties. Counselors from all around were dispatched, but with almost no one spared from the plant's effects, that proved to be a difficult task. Even the Raeyans themselves were affected. During this ordeal, Eric Winters was contacted by a representative of both Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti to meet with the two most important Raeyans. On his way there, the ancient castle that Sharan and her family were waiting in with Fllacti, was destroyed. Eternal Light, a terrorist group, took responsibility, adding to their ever inconsistent methods and unknown reasoning. Later it was learned that the Queen and Prime Minister were going to submit an official request for the Federation to leave Raeya once and for all. A cure for the hallucination pollen was found and the plants were eradicated from the planet.

Union III

The Union system is home to nine planets and a G-type star. Many of the planets and moons in the system are notable for their high concentration of dilithium ore, and it was once home to an Iconian Gateway to the Delta Quadrant. Because of its strategic importance before this gateway was destroyed, it was the site of numerous conflicts including the Battle of Union. First Battle of Union, 2373

The First Battle of Union occurred in August 2373 between Starfleet's Task Force 38 and a Klingon Defense Force bird-of-prey, the I.K.S. Chor Tek'na. The minor skirmish did have interstellar consequences; however, it did reveal the existence of the Union Gateway, although this would not be realized until three years later.

Second Battle of Union, 2384

The Battle of Union was a conflict fought on 21 January 2384 between forces of the United Federation of Planets under Vice Admiral Walter Picardo Tenson, unofficial Klingon forces under General Long'ta, Pirate forces under Arch Captain Sam Trystin, and a single Borg Cube. The engagement was fought primarily in the space surrounding Union Gateway and F'hoca Gateway. Starfleet and Klingon forces fought to a draw before uniting to win a victory over the Borg and the pirates. As a result of the battle, F'hoca Gateway and Starbase 900 were destroyed, cutting off Task Force 38 from what would be known as the Old Theatre for the foreseeable future. However, Union Gateway was redirected to Solaria Gateway, opening The Round Table to exploration. It was the final engagement of the Omega Crisis of 2383.

Union III

The former location of an Iconian Gateway to the Delta Quadrant, Union III was once home to a thriving colony. However, with the destruction of the Union Gateway, interest in the system as diminished. Only a small mining and archaeology colony remains on Union III to exploit the dilithium-rich moons and explore Iconian ruins on the surface.

Faltan III

Main article: Faltan

With a population of workers growing to over fifty thousand, the lunar mining colony became crime-ridden, and their profit-focused techniques were considered dirty and wasteful by the Faltans. This tension came to a head by 2380, and Starfleet was brought into the region to mediate. In the outcome of this negotiation, it was decided that Starfleet would set up a small base on Faltan III to ensure that the lunar mining operations confirmed with both Faltan and Federation standards. This base was located in a mountainous region roughly forty miles from the desert valley where the Faltan colony was located.

At first, this arrangement seemed to have restored the peace. The Faltans co-existed well with the Federation, sharing many of their ideas, and the mining operation cleaned up its act. However, with the withdrawal Starfleet forces from the Raeyan Sector Block in early 2386, only a small administrative staff was left on the Faltan III base to maintain order. The mining colony continued to sprawl out for new digs, and they began reverting to some of their old ways, tension returning between the Faltans, the Federation and the mining cooperative. Following the Treaty of Nelvana in late 2387, Faltan III became a subject of interest again as Task Force 93 needed a base that could service the eastern side of the Raeyan Transit Corridor and the southern portion of the Raeyan Sector Block.


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