Bio-neural gel pack

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Gel pack support frame

Bio-neural gel packs and bio-neural circuitry they contain were developed in the late 2360’s and included into the design of the computer systems of the Intrepid class in the early 2370’s. The gel packs took the place of or worked in tandem with the isolinear circuitry based subprocessors used by standard computer systems.

The inclusion of organic components to the computer systems has resulted in an increase of efficiency of the system. The neural bundles that make up the circuitry with the gel pack is capable of making billions of connections that generate computing architecture that is complex and responsive due to the gel packs process information in the same fashion as a living organism.

Support frame with gel pack installed

While the gel packs have increased efficiency, it has also introduced weaknesses into Star Fleet computer systems that had not been there before. Namely the gel packs are vulnerable to the same viruses and other infectious agents that can affect an organism. This has led to gel packs controlling key systems such as life support being backed up by isolinear subprocessors that can take over control of data processing for those systems in the event the gel packs become compromised by infection.

Completed assembly installed and activated

The gel pack consists of the neural pack. The pack is a translucent polymer envelope. The envelope is lit by blue light when attached to the support frame. This allows the engineer servicing the pack to quickly ascertain the condition of the neural fibers and the fiber support gel. At the top and bottom are the support frame connection points. These points contain the links to the ODN network along with input ports for nutrient inputs to ensure the continued health of the neural circuitry.